Would I be able to rent a house if I own one?

My husband and I have decided to separate. I don’t live near any family or support system, but I want to stay in the same city to see his dad often. I make enough money on my own to be able to rent my own place. My question is, my husband and I own a house together. Would landlords or rental agencies turn me down because I am “co” owning a house already? Would the house need to be 100% turned over to my husband in divorce court first? ( I know I’m not using great phrases, I’m new to this) Side note I have good credit…anyone else been in a situation like this before?

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They dont care what you own as long as you have good credit and pay the rent.


When I split with my ex-husband I was able to rent an apartment even though I was on the mortgage and deed to the house. I am in PA not sure if that matters. Best of luck to you

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He needs to buy you out of the mortgage. That is your house too.


I believe as long as you have decent credit and can provide proof of income several times the amount of the rent, then you shouldn’t have much trouble being approved


As long as your income meets their requirements and credit is good I don’t see the problem

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Depends on the requirements of the landlord. Some don’t do very thorough background checks and as long as you make enough to pay the rent or qualify to their satisfaction, your home ownership wouldn’t matter. Some would ask you to list all of your liabilities (that would include the mortgage if it’s in your name as well) and would want you meet their requirements with that factored in as well. Good luck!

Yes I did. He didn’t refinance until he was forced 7 years later. I had rented a few diff places in that time before I bought again.

You should be able to go rent right now. They won’t care about your mortgage

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Have him rent a place u stay at the house


My husband is military and rented out his house and we lived in an apartment together. They will contact previous landlords/ leasing companies that you’ve used but they don’t care about what you own.

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I am in your situation and have rented 2 different places.

Be careful about moving out. I know in some states, if you move out you ‘abandon’ the marriage and possibly the house. She should have to buy your half/ portion out


Do not sign over anything untill you have been financially reimbursed/paid out .
Yes you can rent and own many people do .

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Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you can pay the rent.

No landlord is going to care if you are going through a divorce as long as you got good credit and stable employment.

You can rent a house but you will not get a housing commission government house

No they wouldn’t turn you down yes you can rent

Don’t sign the house over! I’m not even sure why you’re the one moving out, but that’s your prerogative.
You do own that house just as much as he does and should AT LEAST be entitled to your equity as a pay out before signing off.
Let your lawyers hash that one out.
Don’t get steamrollered out of things that belong to you.
And to answer your question, yes, of course you can rent while simultaneously owning a home.
Landlords usually want you to make at least 4 times more than your rent per month.
But as long as you have good credit. You’re golden. You’ll be able to find a good place.
I wish you the best <3
Please! Lawyer up ASAP.
Something about all of this is unsettling, and I’m worried you might have people with malice intent whispering nonsense into your ear…


Why does he get the house? You are entitled to half of that house. He either needs to pay you for half, or you both sell it and split the money.

You can rent and own a house. They don’t care as long as you make the payments.