Would it be okay if I left my baby with my mom for a week?

Is it wrong to leave my nine-month-old for a week with my mother? So I have a baby boy who’s nine-month-old; he is mommy’s boy always with me; he can’t stop kissing and hugging me; even when others are around, he will always choose to stick with me. My mom really loves him and takes good care of him whenever he’s at her house; I can tell he loves his grandma too! I currently live in Canada, and I have really bad teeth; it’s really expensive here, so I’ve wanted to travel to get them done in Turkey. In Canada, it would make a fortune if you live in Canada, you know !! I know if I won’t get them done, I’ll lose all my teeth very soon, I’m constantly hurting, can’t even eat normally … I really want to go, but at the same time, just the thought of not seeing him for a week makes me stressed , I feel guilty for wanting to leave him for a week ! I’m scared he will get separation anxiety if I leave him for a week please help me out I really don’t know what to do , is he too little ?


If your mom doesn’t mind watching him, I say go for it

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It’s hard to leave your baby behind but it’s not like you’re going on vacation you’re going to a dental procedure and it’s better you do it now while you have someone who’s willing to help. Take it while you can and healthy teeth are important for overall health. You’re not doing anything wrong.


Gotta take care of yourself so you can be the mom you want to be. A mom hurting and in pain from teeth isn’t someone you want to be. Go for it. Healthy mom is great for baby.


Don’t feel guilty! If you think he’s safe there and well cared for, you most certainly deserve a trip for your health.


Go for it! It’s for your own health. Don’t feel bad about it.


It’s gonna be hard but do it girl! He will be well taken care of. U need to take care of u so u can take care of him!


You can’t take care of your baby if you don’t take care of yourself, go for it


Go. He will be fine. Your mom gets to bond with her grandchild and you get your teeth taking care of


It would actually be 3 weeks. 1 week travel, and 2 weeks quarantine.


If you know he’ll be in good hands, go and take care yourself!

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I see nothing wrong with it. Get yourself better

You have to take care of yourself to be the best mom you can be! You aren’t leaving him for a vacation. Your dental health is very important for your overall health. I would definitely go and get it done! He is young and he won’t even remember you’re gone! Good luck


Even if it was for a vacation you have to take care of yourself as well! I always cried when dropping my kids off for more than a couple days but thats just part of it. DO IT!

He’ll be fine and you’ll get better

I would go. I also live in Canada and am looking at flying out to get dental work done.

He’ll be fine! Us Momaws LOVE spending time with our babies for any reason. You need to take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of him.


If you don’t get your teeth done, you’ll end up not being able to even care for your son. He will adapt more easily than you think. Go get your teeth done now!!


Its for health reason not to go party …absolutely go and get it done!

Don’t feel guilty, just keep in mind during a pandemic, it will cost you thousands extra to come home… and its risky.