Would it be weird if I proposed to my boyfriend?

So question I’m 22 my bf is 22 we have been together for six years we have two handsome boys a three-month-old and a two-month-old we live on our own n we love another deeply… he says he doesn’t wanna get married until we have our own house. Which I completely understand. So my question is engagement, would it be weird if I ask him to marry me? He didn’t say we couldn’t get engaged lol. He told me tho if I ask him he would say know he told me that almost a year ago. Should I play it safe n not ask him or go for it TIA


I just want to know how you have a 2 month old and a 3 month old😕


okay, dumb question two handsome boys are they dogs?


Don’t propose or get married that young if he’s not taking action dont clearly he’s not ready


Ask him and if he says no, then what?? Y’all already live together and have children together so why can’t he make that commitment? Wtf is a " house " gonna do, Make him love you more?? That’s an excuse because he doesn’t want to MARRY you.


So he had no problem having babies before you’re married , but is adamant you have a house first ?! He’s got his priorities mixed up.


Don’t ask…

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Ok one more thing how is it possible to have a 2 month old and a 3 month old… Answer please???


Won’t anyone else ask about the 2 month old and 3 month old? :sweat_smile:


If that’s what you want to do. If you choose to do so, I’d make it clear that it’s just an engagement not about getting married right now. But keep in mind, even tho he is 22, men do not mature as fast as women. My husband is just now ready to get married and he’s 31 I’m 28, 4 kids and been together almost 9 years. Not everyone is the same.

He said he would say no… Clearly it’s not a great idea…


There’s an awful lot of “he says” In all of that.


I would not even bother. It sounds like he is really immature because 6 years of dating? He has no reason to marry you. I would move on with my life because are you willing to go 6 more years unmarried and have two more children? You aren’t even concerned with being a single parent at this point but you should be! I would leave the manchild and work on myself. Clearly you have self esteem issues that you need to heal from.

Take what you want if he truly love your he will be much happier than you

Go back to school, get an education… kind of judgey but obviously you don’t know grammar and worry about your children, he is not going to say yes.


Make sure he understands that an engagement has NO TIME LIMIT! Some men think they have to be married asap which is not the case.

I guess he just wants to do everything backwards. Baby then house then marriage lol… In all reality though, it sounds like he just doesn’t think you’re the one. There’s nothing stopping y’all from getting married, having a house first sounds like stalling bs to me. He was okay having a baby before y’all have a house, what’s the big deal about having a house before marrying you? It would be different if y’all hadn’t already procreated, then if see him wanting to be responsible and able to care for you and a future family. Now it’s too little too late for all that nobility.


I wouldn’t bother to get married at all :scream::poop::joy:


I wouldn’t do it hun. Just wait. You still have alot of life ahead of you.


First thing I noticed is a 3 month old and a 2 month old. He cheated!? :rofl::rofl::rofl: