Would it be weird to invite my midwife to my daughters birthday party?

So my daughter will be a year old next month, and I’m having a small party. I was thinking about inviting my midwife, who delivered my daughter. I was wondering if any other mommies who have had midwives have done this? I know it may seem silly, but my midwife was so helpful and supportive during my pregnancy and after. I don’t know if it would be inappropriate to invite her to the birthday or what everyone’s opinions are. Please, no negativity or making fun. I’m just trying to be nice to someone who was very supportive during a really hard pregnancy. And yes, I know that’s her job. But still, midwives do a lot for our babies and us.


By all means invite her

I think it’s a really sweet gesture. You should ask her

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I think she’d probably be honored, the relationship you guys had didn’t disappear.


I think that is a wonderful idea❤️

No harm in inviting her :woman_shrugging:t3:

That’s so lovely .I’d ask her

I would invite her !

I think it’s sweet , especially if she still helps ! I’d ask her

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Your talking so well of her …so why have any doubt ? I am sure she’d be pleased

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If uou two are still in contact go for it!

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Invite her! My OB and all her nurses love when bring our older kids in and they get to see them grow up!

Ask her and then invite her to the party

Don’t worry about what other guests or family would think . Do what you like! you feel it in your heart for a reason😊 a beautiful gesture!


Invite her…my midwife was wonderful during my pregnancies and deliveries…it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks…do what makes you happy

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I think that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read - and I believe she would be delighted that you want her to attend - God Bless you and your sweet heart for caring about the one who helped bring your beautiful child into this world.

I think that would be so sweet and I bet she would love it

Why would it be inappropriate to invite ANYONE to a party. It is a lovely gesture and means you want her to be part of the celebration

I think it’s a lovely idea.

I would! That’s super sweet. Even if she says no, at least it confirms her hard work isn’t in vain, you know?