Would it be weird to keep hyphenate my ex married last name?

I need some input on this. I will be getting married to my best friend in the whole world. He’s an amazing man. I was married once before, and he knows my ex-husband and I are still good friends. I kept my married name. We were talking about name changing, and he suggested I hyphenate my last names. So it would be both my married names. I felt like that was awkward and would be kind of disrespectful to our marriage, but he is so super understanding that I share my last name with my children, and I’m very welcome in that family; I grew up in foster care, so it IS important to me in the family aspect. However, my relationship with my future husband is extremely precious to me. He’s been my best friend thru the worst of times and the best of times, and his last name/bloodline is also extremely important to him. Again, he’s super understanding and always compromises, but I feel like this might be something I should just decide. Does it seem awkward to hyphenate my last names in this case? My ex-husband and fiancé get along really well, and they’re both okay with it, but it just doesn’t sit right with me.

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It doesn’t sit well with you so don’t do it. It’s YOUR last name.

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I think it’s ok since you have children with that last name.

It’s completely up to you and who cares what others think. My previous marriage wasn’t great but I kept the name until I got remarried so I would still have the same name as my son. Now that I remarried I dropped that name but my son knows it doesn’t change how I feel for him.

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Your last name matching your children’s isnt that big of a deal. My step mother who didn’t share a last name never had issues picking us or doing anything medical for us.

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If it doesn’t sit right with you then don’t do it! I’m married but if we ever split up I would keep his last name because that’s all 3 of my kids last name

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I will be hyphonating when I get remarried! It means a lot to have the same last message as my kids!

I’ve had my last name longer than the original. I’d like to keep it the same as my kids so I’d probably do that. Having said that, plenty of Mums have a different surname to their kids and I wouldn’t think anything of it.

Normal to do it when it is your kids last name.

I did… for my son’s sake. He was the only child from my first marriage. I wanted him to still feel connected to me by name. I changed it once he became an adult.

If You are not ok with it, then you have your answer.

My mom always kept her married last name so it was the same as her children. Don’t think about it too much. Just do whatever you’re comfortable with doing. :heart:

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I wouldn’t keep my last name from a previous marriage… that’s just me though…you do what feels right to you… it’s your name.


My better halfs ex did that when she remarried. Gets confusing at school as they still call her by her ex’s last name not current husband. Remember you’ll need to sign both for everything so depending on how long each last name is might not be enough room to sign.

It’s up to you but if it was me i would just take my new husbands last name, it’s not going to matter to your kids and you won’t have the same name as them because yours will be hyphenated.


You do what you feel is right. I am going thru a divorce myself a d I will not keep my married name. And if I were to ever marry again my last name will my my future husbands last name

Do I think it sounds weird? Yes. Just take your new husbands last name


I think your kids will understand. I go by a different last name as my kids. their dad and I were never married. Doesn’t matter to them. I personally wouldn’t keep my ex husbands last name if we were divorced.

If it doesn’t sit right then dont do it. My daughter has her dads last name but I insisted she had my surname as her middle name so we still share the name :slight_smile:

Girl I feel the same way. Me and my boyfriend have talked about getting married and he suggested the same thing so I would still have that connection with my kids. I probably won’t end up doing it that way cuz I honestly feel the emotional connection I have with them is all I need. Plus when they get older and marry they won’t have that last name anymore and it would be akward to have that last name still and them not at that point.