Would it be wrong to keep my son from family functions?

I never had problems with my son’s side of the family except for one issue one person doesn’t seem to want to let go of. (Long story, short. My son was around 2 or 3 when his uncle and his wife wanted to take him for a weekend, and that time his wife was pregnant, and they just wanted to practice having a kid around and spend time with their nephew. So, of course, I agree, why not? That’s family. So when the day came, and I got my son ready, he ended up not wanting to go. I’m talking about kicking and screaming, saying no, he doesn’t want to go with his uncle. So I told him I’m sorry, but I can’t force my son to go anywhere he doesn’t want to go, and his uncle seemed fine with my son’s decision until his wife brought her two sense into it and since then held a grudge towards that.) My son is now ten, and she has the audacity to tell her daughter, she does not allow around my son if I’m with him. I have been nice for seven years, and I always allowed my son around her and his uncle — brought Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and just because of gifts. But until I heard the truth on New Year’s Eve, out of all days, I’m fed up so am I wrong to say fuck it, he’s not allowed to attend family functions anymore with them because I’ll be damned if my son is going to be around them and talk crap about me around him.


Dont punish your other family members because of their actions. Other family members didnt do it just them…just avoid them.


Theyre petty and tell your son to not mind what they say! He shouldnt have to miss out on his family just because of a select bunch. Tell your son if they are talking about you, then have him say “maybe you should talk to my mom about that not me”


I absolutely would not let me daughter go somewhere if I knew they were talking crap about me. Her dad and I split when she was younger and haven’t really spoke since. I however would never speak bad about her dad especially around her and would expect the same from them. Us not getting along is not my daughters fault and she shouldn’t have to be around that. If they can’t keep their mouths shut absolutely keep him away.


id settle things once an for all tell her to put em up an y’all duke it out an after y’all done let bygones be bygones


Take the high road. They make themselves look like asses with that behavior. Tell your son that there’s the truth and then there’s someone else’s truth. Believe everything with a grain of salt and remember he is loved. The actions and words of others show their true characters. Let this be a learning situation for him.

That’s all over 1 cancelled outing with them? WOWZERS ! She (or they) must be 1/2 witted if all these years later this is going on. Or is there more to the story??


I totally agree with being upset. However you’re punishing your son and the other family members if you withhold him back. He deserves to get to spend time and make memories with the ones who want to be with him! As far as her, I’d have some words, with his uncle and his wife. I 100% agree if he was losing his shit, I would not force him to go. Especially if it was for a whole weekend. That woman needs to grow up, how mean?!

Trust your gut instinct of what it tells you to do😉

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I think it’s your decision. I wouldn’t see why not

If I’m not welcome neither are my kids. If I’m gonna be uncomfortable there my kids and I ain’t going.


If they have kids they should understand what is wrong with them. My two-year-old is a mommas boy. I would not avoid it. I would say something.

You and her need to talk.
Like adults.
If she isn’t willing to get over herself, then by all means, keep her away.


Sounds like the uncle and his wife need to be put in their place and told to get over shit. They’re adults they can grow tf up and move on. I would not exclude my child because of the asshattery of other people.

you should talk to her about this

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I’d say you either go with him, or he goes with someone you trust, he shouldnt miss out on all the good family because of that one family.


This grudge that they are holding onto is just petty and very immature. If I was you I would let my kid make that decision if they want to go to the family functions even if these people are there or not, however, I would also be calling my mom, dad, grandparent, someone older in the family to let them know that this uncle and aunt grudge that has been going on for 7 years over something minor has gone on too long and if it doesn’t get resolved soon you will not be subjecting your child to all the back talking, resentment, etc that goes on at said functions. Then make a plan for you 3 to sit down and hash it out like adults with a mediator who will not take sides.

Don’t punish the rest of the family. I’d call her and ask her what her problem is. But it sounds like she’s still butt hurt and holding a grudge and if that’s the case I’d be done with that. I ain’t got time to be pampering adults egos.

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No your not wrong. They need to grow up.

If this is the only reason, your son is old enough to know if he wants to go, if its only one, dont punish the rest or your son. I understand where your coming from as that is just childish of her to do, however, like i said if its just this one and the only thing thats going on, then let your son decide