Would it be wrong to not invite my sons dad to his birthday?

So my son’s 1st birthday is coming up. I’ve been planning. And his father doesn’t wanna help with anything. I have to pay for the location, food, decorations, cake, gifts everything on my own. Is it wrong to not invite his father?


My oldest sons bday went the same way. Inviting his dad was never an option! He didn’t wanna be involved then he’s not invited!!

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Nope not wrong at all. It is both parents job to pay and help for a child’s birthday. He can celebrate on his own

I would say no he can always throw his own…:woman_shrugging:t2:

Not at all you’re party you invite who you want

Invite. Because you are the bigger person and kids watch examples. He’s shitty for not helping though. But you aren’t together so technically he can have a party on his own time with his own money. What you spend on your time is your choice. Maybe one day he’ll grow up and y’all can celebrate together pitching in equally

It’s his first bday invite him. If he doesn’t come then that’s on him.

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He’s still his dad, just cause he doesn’t want to help you pay for a party doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be there. (Hate me all you want)


I feel like it’s kinda petty to not invite him to his own kid’s first birthday party just cause he isn’t paying for anything.


Yep, it’s wrong. He made the child too. He’s no different than you. You may be more financially stable than him at the moment. Also, there’s no price tag for a relationship. He needs his daddy.


Sounds like you’re making it about you and not the kid. Invite and the dad and buckle up cuz it sounds like he isn’t going to contribute ever.


I would invite him. Our children should have a opportunity to have their parents be apart of special things in their life.


I mean if you’re the one who wants to throw the party then you should be the one to pay for it. Maybe he has different plans for his son. Do you tell other people you invite like Gramma or Gramps to pitch in also?

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Invite him. Regardless of who pays for what… At least at the end of the day, if you were to invite him, then you did the right thing for your son…what he does with that invite is on him…BUT years down the road your son will see that you did everything you could to make his father apart of everything… That’s what parenting is all about. WHAT IS BEST FOR THE KID(S.)


I paid for everything for my daughters first birthday and I still invited her dad. It’s still his child too. Doesn’t matter if he didn’t buy anything. The child doesn’t know what’s going on but deserves to have both parents if possible.


He came to my sons first birthday party but since then I havent invited my sons dad and I found out he didn’t give him a birthday party during his visitation weekend right after his birthday recently and it broke my sons heart.

If you’re not together, I would just have hour own party and he can have his if he wants. I know a lot of split couples who do separate.

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Don’t invite him he’s a selfish ass dude . I wouldn’t

The child is turning one
Not like he’s going to remember. If you are not together anymore than no need to invite him

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It’s not about your son’s dad it’s about your son. Is he mean to him, does he spend time with him those things are more important than money. Men either grow up or they don’t but regardless your child will want to love you both.

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