Would you allow your children to go somewhere you are not welcome?

Would you allow your children to go to a place where you’re told you aren’t allowed? (If you were told it might be temporary but could be permanent) Yes, it’s family- said person blatantly disrespected our wishes regarding our kids, said they never wanted to watch the kids, got upset because we quit asking them to watch them…Then messages to say they can’t watch them, then they can. And on the morning of the day, they’re supposed to watch them- says you’re not allowed in their house, but they’ll still watch the kids.


Definitely not. Screw those people.


Hell no.! If that someone doesn’t like you… imagine how they will treat your child.! That’s a big no from me

NO !! NO !!! NO !!! They Crazy!!!

Nope. If I can’t go there my kid sure as hell won’t be going there.

Nope. If I can’t go- they can’t go. Period.

Nope, if I’m not welcome neither are my children…sorry not sorry

Sounds very toxic, i say no and cut communication


No, anyone toxic to me is toxic to my children and I will not expose them to that!!!

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Just to reiterate: NOPE!!

How is this even a question…NO :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Uhhh they sound mentally unstable. I don’t think so

Umm heck no my kids and I are a package deal you cant just take them and leave me out!!

Mind games. Hard no.

Nopeeeeee. If I’m noy welcome then my family is not welcome. Unless it’s like an adult only wedding or something. Lmao. But if I’m not welcome cause the person doesn’t like me then nah my kids aint going either.

I would think it’s common sense to say absolutely no effing way. Why would I ever take my children somewhere where I’m not welcome. Especially with so much back and forth. It’s asking for problems to say the least.

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Nope. Tell them to stop beig a cunt

No way! You never know what their intentions may be, especially if they don’t like you.

Nope… You don’t want to talk to me or have issue with me to then stay away from my kids

No, if they can’t respect you as mum, what makes you believe they will respect the child, family, is suppose to be forever not when it’s only convenient enough for them, say no an cut them out of your life, theyl soon learn