Would you allow your in laws to take your oldest to a birthday party?

Would you allow your in law’s to take your oldest (6) to a birthday party? There is family flying in from Florida, people that my husband and I don’t even know who will be there. They’re doing a bounce house for the kids (which honestly worries me. Has it been cleaned properly?). This COVID stuff has me a mess! I feel like I’m gonna have to be “that mom” right now and say no.


Not if I don’t know the people and where they have been

COVID is scary, and if you don’t know enough people attending to be comfortable, then you are well within your rights to say “No thanks, maybe next time.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing what you feel you need to do to keep your kiddo safe. :heart:

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I probably would, but I trust my inlaws to keep an eye on my kids. They’ve already been in a bounce castle since this started so that doesn’t bother me either.

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Absolutely not in this situation.

If you aren’t comfortable with it, say no. Especially, not knowing people and with covid19.

Go with how you feel.is your husband on the same page? This is a scary time right now.

I definitely would not with this COVID-19 going especially with ppl flying in. Don’t mean to try and scare you but we just had a sweet young 18 ur old pass away today here in the town I live in after a awful battle with it. Please keep your children safe. Your in laws should understand and respect you for wanting to protect your children.

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I would say no with this pandemic going on, but in a normal situation, I’d be fine with it.

If you don’t feel uncomfortable- dont do it !

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Honestly I would say no. With all this covid stuff, that alone would worry me

I would totally let my little one go.
I know my inlaws would not do anything to put my child in harms way.


You have to trust your gut feeling as a mom. He’ll have plenty of birthday parties in his lifetime

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Remember, when this is all over your children still have to be kids. Your kiddo is doing what’s best for them and building immunity. I’d let my daughter go.


Yes, stop living in fear. This virus is never going away


I would let my kids go. You can’t live in constant fear. Have your in laws bring hand sanitizer and take precautions but let the kids live a little. If you really look at the death rate of this virus it is completely blown out of proportion.


It’s not even about the Covid specifically for me, it’s the fact that people are freaking evil now days and can’t be trusted around children. So no, I wouldn’t let my child go without me for that specific reason.


That would be a corona noooo!

I would with a face mask and instructions to hand sanitize repeatedly but only if I knew they would listen to me.

No absolutely not. I don’t know the people? HeLL No especially with covid out and about