Would you be mad if one of your parents got married without telling you?

Would you guys be mad if one of your parents got married without telling you? So the other day, I saw my dad and saw he had a wedding band, and so I asked my grandma did my dad get married, and he said, ya, he got married a few months ago. She said he didn’t want to tell you cuz he didn’t want to upset you. I go. I wouldn’t be upset that he got remarried, but now I am upset my kids, and I weren’t invited. I feel it is my dad; he should have told me. My dad and I don’t have a bad relationship so that shouldn’t be a problem inviting us. He hates my mom tho that maybe that has something to do with it. But would you guys cared that your parents got married and everyone knew but you.


Mine dad sent a note in the mail. It said I did it again

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I would be upset if nobody told me. Wouldn’t care that he got married, but not telling me would bother me


Upset no, disappointed yes.


No but talk to him tell him how you feel

Im so sorry my feeling would have been hurt


My dad did. I found out a few month later. I was disappointed for few days. But it’s his business. We are all adults and he is free to do as he choices…


My mother told me she was getting married (a long time ago) and said she wanted a small wedding. She told us we could be apart of the wedding. A few weeks later she said they secretly married. That hurt! And yes, I was mad.

My kids found out their dad got married on Facebook. 31 days after me and his divorce was finalized. We had been separated 6 years before the divorce and he told them he wasn’t going to marry this chick and he did it without the decency to let them know

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Doesn’t sound like your relationship is as good as you hoped. He was trying to avoid some drama. Or did he simply choose to elope one afternoon?


You’re mad he didn’t tell you but you couldn’t even ask him, you had to ask your grandma? Sounds like y’all don’t have a relationship and that’s why he didn’t tell you.


My dad did less than 6 months after divorce with my mom was final. None of us were invited or had net her. We were pissed. Ge divorced her and then did the same thinf again

Yes lmao my dad got married 3 days after me because I told him he couldn’t come to the wedding. It wasn’t anything personal from me but my parents are divorced and my wedding was at my aunts beach house on the bay.
We didn’t plan on anyone coming but my family rented the house next door and we did have a party.

Since upsetting you and drama were specifically mentioned… and everybody knew but you… says you maybe have a tendency to not behave as an adult. How many of his relationships have you sabotaged? Maybe he wanted to marry this lady before you could run her off.


My dad did the same thing when I was 8. I never really got an explanation. I was pissed . Not only did I find out because of the ring but she was emotionally abusive towards me .

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Maybe? I got married a year ago and just had someone to do the paperwork for me and my husband. We did it for financial reasons. It was super fast. I’m sure the person behind us was super disappointed. She wore an actual wedding dress and I just had street clothes on. And I’m sure you’re not the only one who doesn’t know. What does it really change for you? Eh id let it go hon. It’s done.

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Not mad at all. I’d be happy for them. To me all that matters is that they’re happy.
And apart of that is respecting them, and how they want to get married, and how they choose to do things. It’s their life.


I would be upset yes, you should sit down and ask him why. If my step mother had her own way, we wouldn’t of been invited to my dads 2nd wedding. She would very much like us to be non existent. He got upset with me because I wasn’t at the location for family photos, which I was never actually told about by my step mother. It was too much so I removed myself out the equation about they started having kids.

Kids tend to be possessive. Are you the possessive jealous type? People like to avoid drama and confrontation and do what makes them happy. Don’t hate congratulate.

we went of and got married 2 witnesses my mum and aunt we told the kids straight after the only 1 upset was my stepson we done it for a reason so we didnt upset ppl by not inviting them