Would you be okay with your daughter sharing a room with a boy?

Would you be okay with your 9-year-old daughter sharing a bedroom with your exes new girlfriend (of one month) 10-year-old son?


No I definitely wouldn’t be ok with that.

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Illegal in some states


No, nope, absolutely not

Hell no, I don’t care who he belongs to :joy:

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Not in this lifetime!!

I know in NZ there are laws around it so it might pay to check what your ones are

Not a chance in hell

Hell to the NO. As a matter of fact in some states it’s not allowed


Hell no and it’s illegal in a few states!!

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Ii don’t no where your from, but in WI, at the age of 5 by law they have to be separated.

I’m curious why it’s illegal in some states. Do they consider all male children sexual predators? Or is there a different reason?

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Nope. Also, if cps found out, they would put an end to it.


And in most states it’s illegal. Better hope CPS doesn’t catch wind of it.

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Not a chance in a frozen hell.

I think you have your answer, put a stop to it before the law does.

Yes as long as I know the boy

Thats illegal in Indiana so I would deff look into your state/local laws

GF of a MONTH? And they’re already living together. High standards he has there. :roll_eyes:

It’s illegal here to do that