Would you be upset if your husband went out for 24 hours without checking in?

If your husband was gone for over 24 hours (for fun, not work) and didn’t even bother to message and ask how your kids were doing would that annoy you? If I was gone for that long I would not be able to go that length of time without asking about them.


Yes …that would be wrong of him

Oh i would be mad! He would be lucky his shit wasnt packed !

It’s inconsiderate and disrespectful.

No, I wouldn’t be upset. Everyone needs legit time away. Just because he didn’t ask doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Just my opinion.


Depends on what he was doing. BUT no matter what I know for a fact my husband would message and or call multiple times. That’s just us though.

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It’s disrespectful just check in, he’s entitled to his time but he’s not a single man. I would just communicate how it made you feel.


I wouldn’t be upset he didnt ask about the kids cause parents need a break… but I would be upset if in 24 hours I didnt get a text saying something like "hey babe having a good time, I love you I’ll see you whenever supposed to be home)


I would be really upset. Men dont have the same thinking as women do when it comes to getting out. 24 hours is ridiculous even more so without checking in. If you did that I’m sure he would be furious.


Depends on what hes doing. Is he on a planned hunting trip w his dad or did he storm out swearing at you and leave you with the kids and hes ignoring you?


The words of Chrisley: Theres nothing open after midnite but legs and the ER​:rofl::rofl: Hes a married man no need him laying out all night!


Change the locks. Hes up to no good

As long as I know he’s being faithful go for it now if it’s starting to becomes days yes but husband is a loss puppy dog with out me

My husband will go on guys trips to a remote location with no service and he will still find a way to check in. Even if it’s a “Hi”.

I would definitely question as to why he felt he didn’t need to check in.

Would drive me nuts, my hubby just got back from a 36 hour trip to Colorado and checked in all the time and FaceTimed the kids. I know of the roles were reversed he would have been blowing up my phone asking how the trip was going/how I was etc. angry or not, no matter what you are doing you need to check in, even if it’s to say made it, no cell service, call/txt when I have service again.

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Men are not the same as women. Men arent born with natural instints of women. Where you would never drop out for 24 hrs.without concern for your kids .He could do it no problem. I told my Daughter , Your kids will always be Your problem, men will /can just walk away. Happens everyday. Think its a biological thing . Thank God for Moms !


It depends on what he was doing? The only time my husband is gone for 24hrs is when he has to go on a business trip to Denver. I’d probably definitely be pissed. I’d wonder what he was doing that he wasn’t able to call. My mind would go to a bad place. He knows this so he would probably call.

That is crossing a line and is very disrespectful and sounds like you need to be having a talk with him

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Do you really even need to ask this question? Because I think you know the answer. Anyone who respects their significant other would never do this. :woman_shrugging:t3: just being honest.

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A good man will always check in…regardless :+1:t4::sunglasses: