Would you be upset if your mom posted the birth announcement before you did?

Would you be upset if your mother (the grandmother) posted on social media announcing the birth of your child before you got to announce the delivery in your own way? To me, I feel like it’s extremely disrespectful and selfish. Am I alone in feeling this way?


I would be pretty upset myself

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I’d be fuming! So so mad! And I’d make her aware of what a dick move that is.


I announced my grandsons arrival before my daughter did WITH her permission. I would never go against her wishes when it came to HER children. Not my place.

I would be furious. I have made it so clear to my family to wait on everything even announcement and gender reveal because I want to be in the moment before it’s all over social media. It seems like common respect to not but some people do not understand that social etiquette so I made it very clear to my family

unless told otherwise it is not their place to say anything!! smh


Why be so mad the woman just so excited to have a grandkid and I’m sure she loves you and her grandchild


If you didnt ask her to let you announce it, I would think you should understand she is an excited grandma and maybe you should talk to her about it. Maybe rude and inconsiderate, but probably of good intent.


I personally let my daughter announce it… but I understand those that do. Its exciting and a big moment for grandma as well. Be nice to grandma… you will most definitely need her

I would love to have a mother and or mother in law who was so excited to be a grandmother that they just couldn’t wait to spread the joy! Be thankful that you have them! Not everyone has. You are very lucky!
Just remember, as your baby grows, there will be a lot of things along the way that will irritate you being the mother.I say, as long as everything they do is done out of love and excitement for you and your child, give them grace and be thankful


Totally disrespectful!! When my daughter had her baby, we took pics but did not post. It wasn’t our place to announce. IT SHOULD BE THE PARENTS OF THE NEWBORN. Once they posted then we shared the news.

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You have a right to be upset. In the future I would keep all my details in home as that is your place to reveal details not mother or mother in law
Prepare for a rocky future with these control freaks.

Why be so bitchy about it? Im about to be a great grandmother and my daughter told me not to say anything till they announced it. It irritated me to no end, and honestly, that took some of my joy away. It changed my happiness level. Now I’m kinda indifferent. Everyone has their own feelings. I respected their wishes, but it came at a cost.

She may of thought she was being helpful. You’ve been trying to adjust to the task of motherhood and I’m sure exhausted. Talk to her about it with an open mind. Just let her know when it comes to milestones you would like to keep her informed obviously but when it comes to friends and family you would like to be the one to make announcements on your lil. And you should feel free to still make your announcement after all I’m sure you have some in your circle that she dont! Congrats on your lil!

Not appropriate… better set ground rules now or she is going to be running the show.


Why are people so petty and make an issue of everything life is so short I’m sure she’s so excited and can’t wait sharing it including date no harm please think about it


I would be…often times family members over step boundaries and when they are the senior they think its okay but its not…I’ve had to check my own mother a few times! Set healthy boundaries so there is no misunderstanding

It depends? Its understandable if there 1st time grandmas or if your there favorite. But either way it can be upsetting cause its your baby and they did it without permission…

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I would have been mad, that’s your moment and you have the right to announce your child’s birth the way you want to. I didn’t even have to tell mine they always asked if it was okay.

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Omg- the in law to my daughter does that repeatedly! She announced their wedding date, the birth of the baby- she always does this. Aggravates me, my daughter just takes it in strides, doesn’t get worked up at all!!