Would you choose your pets or not being homeless?

Keeping your pets vs being homeless My sister (who recently found out she is pregnant but maybe miscarrying she won’t know for sure until the 2nd) she going to be homeless on the 3rd my older sister said she would go half on the house with her and her boyfriend but only if they got rid of they’re 2 pit bulls and boxer mix (dogs are not house trained and very wild) they refuse to let them go they are going to live in their van with their dogs, and it’s practically winter. Her boyfriend is an idiot. He paid 2,000 for the boxer didn’t get any paperwork about the dog. Has had three different good-paying jobs and has managed to lose them all. Doesn’t talk about how much he gets paid, which is definitely $13+ bills (water lights phones food haven’t been paid or bought or are always late. It’s his way or the highway and won’t listen to any advice from anyone because he thinks he is being judged. I told my sister to leave him she doesn’t want to because she will be alone and she doesn’t know what’s going on with the baby situation she thinks she loves him she is 19.


Let her live and learn… just be there for her if she ends up needing someone after she comes to her senses and leaves him


I wouldn’t be homeless for any animal period… like wtf :neutral_face:


Many may not agree but I would keep my dogs & boot his ass out.

I say stay out of it. Let them figure it out. You’re not obligated to worry about her decisions


Sounds like she needs to worry about losing the boyfriend screw the dogs.

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I feel bad for the dogs.


Does this even need an ans??? I love dogs but would never go homeless because of them with a child on the way


She needs to leave her man and also has no place owning those dogs if they are still wild. Sad.

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I’d live in my car. Thats just me. Ain’t no way I’d ditch my pets, kids, or responsibilities. I’d find an alternative and live in the car or a campground until I found suitable housing for both


She’s an adult and has to learn the hard way. Let her live out of a car with 3 dogs and another person, always figuring out how to eat, shower, work while living out of a car will get old quick.

Let them be homeless. She’ll learn, sometimes you have to let people go through situations like that so they’ll grow up. Nobody wants shit and piss all over there House🤷🏻‍♀️

I’d leave the guy before I left the dogs but no matter what kinda answers you get on here, she’s gonna do what she wants no matter what.

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She’s nineteen that right there says it all. She’s not going to listen to anyone but him. Just try to be there for her when she comes to reality.


I wouldn’t lose my home bc of animals. Animals are people and need to not be just tossed aside at a human’s convenience

Call CPS about the baby if she doesn’t miscarry. She can make dumb choices all she wants, but the baby shouldn’t suffer for them

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I personally would rather keep my dogs, but I was in a somewhat similar situation recently where I had to live with my in-laws for a little over a month and they have a “no dog” rule. It hurt my heart, but at night, my dogs would sleep in the shed, and during the day, I’d go out and play with them, take them on a run, and tie them to a tree so they could still be outside and exercise while I was busy with something else. There’s always options if you’re willing to look at it from every angle.


You can’t help anyone who doesn’t want to be helped. So In this case you just might have to let it play out. They are “adults” so if they choose to be homeless then that’s their choice. Even if that means you have to watch them make bad decisions. It’s all apart of living and learning :woman_shrugging:

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I went and still go through with my sister. Not the dog part but won’t keep a job, lost 2 kids (thank God for grandparents)… bounces from house to house, shelter to shelter. She’s 19 and “in love”… express your concerns but let her find out. Do keep up with her in case she doesn’t miscarry and the baby needs a home. Get CPS involved if that happens.

some people have to learn by their mistakes as long as she’s in love with him she’s going nowhere as for the animals it’s very sad people abused animals way too much it’s not their fault