Would you combine diaper bags?

Mamas, I need some help. I have a 15-month-old and due in 4 months with my second. So I will have 18 months and newborn. What have you done for diaper bags? My son’s diaper bag is my life. Not sure if I should just combine or get another one for the new baby.


Buy a backpack its a lifesaver!

I use a backpack for my 2 kids

I have always used a backpack style diaper bag. When I was raising my god daughter and nannying 2 toddlers, I have all their stuff in one bag. It was big enough that I could also put my wallet and stuff in it. Now that I have my own child, I use the same system. All of his supplies and mine are all organized in one bag.

I always have them combined but yes a backpack is awesome

Another backpack mama here as well!

Backpack all the way!

I use one diaper bag for all 3 kids.

Combine! One less thing to forget while running out the door with two babies in tow. Congrats!

I just got a bigger diaper bag. Big backpack one.

18months I’d get a rucksack of his favourite character then you can have the nappy bag free for your baby x

I use a purse. A big purse. But just one is in diapers now so that definitely makes it easier!

I have a combined one for my 3 year old and 12 month old. It’s a backpack style, I keep a second smaller and cheaper backpack style in our vehicle if we take one inside a doctor appointment and my mother in law stays in car with other or if we leave one child with babysitter. I’m due in May with 3rd and will combine that babies stuff with the other kids

My youngest two were sixteen months apart. I just bought a larger diaper bag to accommodate both of their things as well as mine so I wouldn’t have to carry around so many bags. It worked out great.

I use a wetbag for my kids diaper bags. And even then i just keep it in the car vs bringing it out and about.

Big back pack. I have on diaper bag for my 2 year old and 8 month old. Having too bags is too hard to carry and would be way too annoying. Invest in a bigger diaper bag back pack. Put everything in there so much easier and convenient

Just get a larger bag.

I will be combining until my 1 year old is a little older then he can have his own backpack

I use one diaper bag for all 3 of my kids(3,1 & newborn). I used to use a backpack diaper bag but I got tired of having to take everything out to find what I wanted. So I bought this one off Amazon after a lot of research & comparing prices. I absolutely love it, has many pockets & can be worn as a messenger bag or has backpack straps.

Combined. I won’t do a backpack. I dunno why. Just seems weird. My baby bags always seemed like a duffel bag and always had plenty of room when I had my children close in age. I had 3 2005, 2006, and 2008. And I used my bag as a purse too just needed a wallet.