Would you expect your house to be clean before you moved in?

When moving into a new apartment, do you expect it to have been cleaned before you physically moved in? We just moved across the state, and this place was gross; my bf thinks it’s no big deal and doesn’t think I should complain. For example- they sprayed for bugs but never got rid of the dead ones, pubes around the bathroom floor; the other bathroom had pee splashed from the toilet on the wall and side of the cabinet, bathrooms, and kitchen have Grimey greasy who knows what all over, walls scuffed up. Of course, we took pics to document it all, but wtf, it was nasty. I’ve been cleaning it for hours, so I could feel comfortable unpacking. Now he’s mad at me because I’m making a big deal about dead bugs left on the ground, but I have two cats who’ll eat them and will get poisoned from the pesticides. Am I making too big of a deal of this?


Yes, they should always be cleaned prior to a new person moving in.


No you aren’t. That is disgusting and should have been done before you moved in! And if there is ANYTHING wrong with it, anything broken or missing, you document that with time stamps and notify the office immediately. They may very well try to blame it on you when you move. And when you move you’ll probably get a charge if it isn’t clean as well. That is absolutely 100% their responsibility.


California is awful for this. Dirty dirty dirty.

No way! I’d go mental! I make sure when I move out of a property I clean it myself it shouldn’t be upto someone else to clean up your mess


No it should be cleaned unless u agreed to clean it. And who the hell wants to clean after moving no one. Its exhausting.

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should have been cleaned for sure! sounds like some crappy slum lords!


You have every right to expect it clean to move in. SHITTY Landlord

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Ewwww, yes should have been cleaned by the previous tenant
Tell him to help clean it

Ew what state is this!?? I would look up renters rights and most likely charge the landlord for cleaning services.

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Send them the bill for you cleaning it.

I never expect a new place to be up to my standards of cleaning but that is straight up gross! Not fair if you paid a security deposit- thats literally part of what they are for!!

I clean before I move out of any place. It’s just cuteous to do. And it’s disgusting to find gross and unsanitary things in a place that’s " new" to you. So, no you aren’t over reacting. I’m sorry the previous tenants were not shown manners obviously. Also, management should have charged them for a cleaning, obviously did not or did and pocketed the fee.

You are not making a big deal. You have expectations that have not been met. I font like moving into a dirty place either.

I worked for a company that don’t clean the places. He said they want it bad enough they’ll clean it

It’s your call!! You don’t need to move in ?? :thinking::sunglasses:

Eeewwww…no it should have been professionally cleaned…or previous Tennant is billed for clean!

Disgusting I would hire someone to clean it and take it off My rent

I wouldn’t leave anywhere dirty …it’s common courtesy to clean

Hell yes we’ll now that’s one less thing you will have to do when you move out . Take several notes and pics to document it all . Save all the receipts from cleaning supplies you have to use too. That’s not a good sign. Looks like you will be dealing with a slumlord - good luck !!!