Would you follow through with being induced or wait?

I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant, and my doctor said I’m 3 cm dilated, my next appointment is Wednesday, and I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant that day, and he said I could schedule a day to be induced if I would like to if I haven’t gone into labor. Would you get induced or just wait it out?


You’re only 39 weeks. Wait to out a little longer! You got this

Yes wait it out. With my second I was 4 cm dilated for over a week

I was over due with all 3 of mine… had to be induced with all 3 … and even had to have my waters broken for me… i think it depends on how the dr feels on the health and well-being of the bub… :heart::heart::heart:


Wait baby will come when he/she is ready

I waited until I was 41 weeks, and then decided to be induced

I’d say wait. U got plenty of time left for things to really escalate. I got induced this month but I was 41 weeks and was 3cm the day before. Was at the hospital for 6 hours before my daughter was born. Let ur body go into in naturally before u decide to be induced. Great news it is already working on getting there! Good luck!

I was induced at 39 weeks for medical reasons. I was 3 cm dilated from 37 weeks, and having on off contractions for the 2 weeks prior to induction.

Although induction was faster and more intense than my first (all natural) I didn’t have any problems with the induction and will need to have it again if I have another. I had the gel, watter broke then the drip.

You need to do what’s right for you and baby. Only you can say if it’s the right call. But you got this either way! :facepunch:t2:

Wait it out. I went in 3 cm dilated, because my doc told me one month before my due date she was going on vacation that week. I ended up choosing induction, labored 3 hours. It was extremely painful having contractions forced. Let your body do its things. Natural labor is so much easier than forced labor.

Wait it out. I know it’s tough but I wish i would have waited instead of getting induced.

Wait unless baby is in stress. Induced contractions are way more intense.

Wait it out! I got induced at 41 weeks w the pill and I started taking them at 1130am one day and didn’t give birth till almost 5pm the next day🙃

I was induced with my first and not with my 2nd or 3rd. If you don’t want to yet don’t. Tell them you want to wait longer for nature to take its course

If you can I’d definitely wait, my first labor was a lot easier than my induced labor!

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This is up to you. Personally if I was 3cm dilated I would opt to be induced. But I have a stubborn cervix and went overdue my 1st 2 children and was absolutely miserable. I was even sent home from work because I looked like a ghost (according to management). They shouldn’t even have to give you too much pitocin anyway. I did go into my own labor with my second and to be honest it was the worst labor and the nurses were constantly trying to send me home. That natural labor was awful for me and I vomited because of the pain. The nurses were very uncaring too. But when I was induced I had a better experience with the nurses. I just had my 7th baby 2 months ago. But it was repeat csection and my rainbow as my 6th pregnancy I had an emergency csection to a stillborn. I was 37w4d and baby is super healthy.

Wait it out. Being induced is so much more intense then going into labor naturally. Instead of starting at pain level 1 it starts at 10 and doesn’t get any better lol :laughing:


I got induced for both my girls. No regrets.

Depends on how you’re life is really? Being induced is great if you have other children. You can get them set with whomever. If you’d rather just wait it out, that works too.
My second was an induction. It was great. My labor was better controlled and 3 hours rather than 8.

I was induced and I hated every moment. I wish I would have naturally gone into labor! Wait if you can

I wanted to wait it out and I was 40w and 4 days, but after running tests, I had low amniotic fluid and was induces to reduce risks. I wish I had waited for it to naturally happen.