Would you go to a wedding right now?

Sorry if this isn’t allowed, but I need an opinion. Would you go to a wedding right now? With everything going on? For context, I live in Kansas, and the wedding will be in Missouri, where there are no mask mandates or social distancing guidelines anymore. There will also be about 75 people there, including small children. I also have a two-year-old that I would have to bring with me. I’m so torn. It’s one of my close friends, but I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it, with everything going on. Also, my husband has type 2 diabetes, so we’re trying to avoid Covid as much as possible. I should add that the groom is my husband’s really close friend, and they want him to be there too.


I would. But I understand if someone would not want too. It’s scary! Do what you feel is best for your family.

Yep. But I haven’t stopped doing anything since the beginning so 🤷


If you are concerned with your husband conditions maybe not. I have not let covid slow my family down but we don’t have any health concerns

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Nope. Not without the vaccine, for at least your husband.


If u didnt put that much effort during flu season then no i wouldnt let covid stop me from spending time with my friends or family especially important events like this you still gotta live life


Go! Don’t let covid stop you it’s just a another cold that got handled poorly!


Could u live with the guilt of your husband been serious ill/dying if he caught covid due to his underlying health issues if answer is yes then work away


I would go and have husband stay in the hotel with your child. Go to the wedding but wear a mask and keep your distance.

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I guess I’ll be the odd one out and say personally I would not go. 75+ people? I’m in Canada and we’ve been having so many Covid outbreaks due to large gatherings/parties. Your husband is also high risk for contracting the virus as is your child. For some the virus can be something like the flu, or a cold… for others it could mean death and/or hospitalization. We all want things to go back to normal but that doesn’t mean things are. Covid is still alive and real. Especially that you mentioned there is a no mask mandate that alone would be enough for me to stay away.


I haven’t been invited to do anything in over a year now. I’m raising my 11 year old son on my own with no help and he has had 18 surgeries,multiple diagnoses and right before covid hit March 2020 they wanted to do another surgery July 2020 which was postponed and we will figure it out at his next appointment. The state I live in lifted the mask mandate but we still wear them when we have to go out…I do not and will not take a chance and risk my sons life. If you are torn then I think you have decided deep down that it is best not to go and you want confirmation.


These comments are why there are half a million dead already.


It’s a glorified flu. Stop being so terrified. Wear a mask if you are that concerned. Go out and live your life!


People can’t live in fear forever! I would go! Supposed to only happen once!


Well yeah, I haven’t been scared of it in the first place. I went to my sisters wedding in February and go anywhere no matter what it is or how many people.


Yes don’t quit living life. God is the only one who will decide on when we go.


I refuse to go to large gatherings until I am vaccinated


If there is health issues in the family and a 2 yr. old I don’t think I’d go. Maybe there is someone videoing the wedding and your friend could send you a copy. I’m sure you friend will understand. Talk to your husbands Dr. to see what he thinks. My sister is having heart problems and her Dr. won’t let her come see me. I totally understand.


I look at it like this, if you’re second guessing it then you might already have your answer


I’ve seen a lot scarier things in healthcare than covid, I never wear a mask anywhere only place I did was work and that was because I liked getting paid so I had to follow the rules, the media has done got y’all people scared to death :woman_facepalming:t2::roll_eyes: