Would you have joint birthday parties?

Help me settle a debate with my husband. My kids are 1 and 3. They share a birth month. One of their birthdays is May 9th, and the other is May 16th. I think we should do their parties on the same day and my husband thinks they need to be separate occasions, so they have their own day. I personally think they are too young to care. What are your thoughts?


I would give each child their own special day.

I would definitely have 2 different parties. Make them both feel special

Different days for them. My birthday is in December (a week before christmas) and my son’s is 2 days after mine. Growing up and now with him I always make sure every birthday is special!

I always had my girls parties together. June 17 and July 6. All the kids talked about not being able to wait for the one next year


Separate, as it is their own day. Totally agree with the husband

I personally would celebrate individually. Celebrate their own specialness.
On another note, my daughter and step son share the same birthday lol October 31st 2015/2019

Together while young


Honestly, do both. Don’t make it a permanent thing when their about 6-7 because the emotional development is at it’s peak and there can be some issues. For my sons first birthday we had people bring a small gift for our other child because I didn’t want her feeling left out. I personally will give them their own birthdays for now on just because I have the time. However, do what you can afford and what works best for you! Twice the blessing, twice the fun! :heart: hope your girls have a great birthday!

When my girls (October 15,2003 and October 5,2004) where little, I done same day. When they got older we let them decide. :slight_smile: they eventually didn’t even want parties anymore, just money and pick a day being about what they wanted to do.

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As a mother of identical twins… Give them separate days… They need to know and understand that they are viewed as separate individuals… I promise this will be better for them in the future… :heart:

I’d do separate celebrations so they each have their own special day.

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2 of my boys birthdays are both in November. I have done the conjoined party. Once! Lesson learned. They don’t want to share their special day. It was chaos.

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I guess that age maybe make it the same day they’ll be happy because it’s a party. but as they get older ask them their opinion do they want it separately or together

Same day is fine they are so young

I see both sides… My family travels 2 hours for our family events so I would do them together just to make it easier for our family but I do think they still need a something special on or near their day that is specific to them

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We did my boys birthdays together almost every year both November birthdays. They each invited their own friends and picked out their own dessert. And on their actual birthday each picked their birthday dinner. They literally never cared or complained.

Both my girls have March birthdays…we do something special or take them somewhere special on their specific day and do 1 double party for them both. We want them to feel special on their day but while they are little I see no issue doing a joint party especially since they are both girls and 3yrs apart.

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Give them separate days, I have a birthday very close to my cousin and we had birthday parties together and I hated it. Let them know they each have their own special day


My girls are a week apart and we mostly do joint bdays since having the baby, she’ll be 5 this year🤷‍♀️ And tbh, i did 1 really big party a few years back and that’s fr the last time we’ve seen most “family” so I refuse to do it anymore at all! This year will be their first year having seperate anything and only because our oldest is turning 13 and that’s like a milestone bday so she’ll get to have a sleepover with her friends. The little one will have a regular bday which for us is picking the food all day, choosing what we do that day, choosing the movie and snacks, ect. I know not everyone agrees but I refuse to go broke on bdays for ppl who don’t f*** with my kids or us any other time🤷‍♀️ Its only important for them to feel Special and have a good day… it doesn’t need to be a “party” every year