Would you leave your SO over mistreating your kids?

Let me say first that my husband is NOT PHYSICALLY abusing them or sexually abusing them, anything like that. Am I thinking more like emotional/mentally abused or MAYBE NOT? i guess it depends on what you think about what i have to say… I have two girls(7 & 4) who did previous relationships and a 1.5-year-old son with my husband. I can’t stand how he treats my girls like… he doesn’t read books with them; he doesn’t give them attention, he constantly yells and discipline them, doesn’t play board/card games with them, doesn’t snuggle with them, not loving towards them, doesn’t give them attention, it goes on and on. I’m already considering divorcing him. I do not want my children growing up with a dad like that. It’s not what I want in a father/husband. I’ve only been with him for almost five years. He’s definitely not the same person from 5 years ago. Also, he doesn’t give me attention, doesn’t hug me, not really much of a talker; he’s constantly on the couch with his iPad every night. I’ve told him to do something with the girls, stop yelling, etc. just seems like he isn’t going to change. I’m at a loss here. I’m scared and nervous. This hurts me, but I want the best for my children, and I know they’ll shine without him.


You are their mother and no matter what you have to put them first!It sounds like he resents them and children shouldn’t have to grow up with that kind of negative energy!You can’t make him care but maybe through counseling he will learn to respect their feelings and if not get out!

If you stay they will grow up believing this is the way they should be treated. Get you sh1t together and get out. Get copies of all the documents, pay checks and bank statements you will need.

If he wasn’t willing to accept your kids with you, he should’ve never married you. You came as a package. Since you share a child, I’d say start with counseling. Don’t settle for less. If he refuses, get out. You are teaching your daughters that his actions are acceptable.


In a heart beat. There should not be room in your head or heart for a second guess

You already know what you have to do… You and your children deserve better… They all need to be in a loving environment. He knew you had 2 kids before he married you… When you marry a person with kids you accept them and treat them like your own… Best of luck to you…

No interaction with them and they are still so little? It could be bad for them growing up in an environment where the man who they spend the most time with hardly acknowledges them and when he does it’s very negative. I would worry most about the long term effects it may have on them. If your gut is telling you to get out of there for yourself and especially your own children’s overall mental wellbeing then definitely move on. We have that obligation the protect our kids

The fact ur considering it anyway tells me u made up your mind!
Follow your gut not others advice xx

Children Number 1 and if that is not where they are ? Big girls pick them selves Up and LEAVE stop wasting time and GO before any more damage is done it takes a Real Man to be a Daddy to someone Else’s Kids and alot of Men just don’t have it !

Yes i would. Hes not with just me. Hed be w my kids as well. He needs to treat them w respect vlike they were his own.

You answered your own question. FYI this was the norm in “the day”.

You said “they will shine without him” there’s your answer

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You’ve been with him 5 years but your 4 year old isn’t his???

Go home to your mother! He is not good for you or your children .

If you really want what is best for your children … Then the choice should be abundantly clear to you. If you start missing him … remember why you left him and cuddle with your kids

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I’m going to have to agree, it’s time to cut your losses & leave, or ask him to leave Better if he moves than you kids & all. Then if you want tell him if he’s willing to go counseling together yall might have a chance to be a family.

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I would get all my ducks un a row before telling him. I’d be afraid he would loose it.

Emotional abuse is just as damaging!!! I would seriously not subject my babies to that kind of abuse!


It sounds like your husband has depression, do your best to get him to a dr and get him help. If he agrees, takes his meds and does what he needs to do and it gets better, great. If he refuses, LEAVE! If he does what he needs to do and it doesn’t make things better, than you have a decision to make, if I could do it again, I would leave, I stayed, and life is hard, what you said about his attitude, it did not get better in my situation. My husband has drug resistant depression, we have tried everything, meds after meds, holistic and traditional things, nothing has worked, and life is lonely, empty, etc. I hung in hoping that the wonderful, caring person I married would come back, after 24 yrs, I am still waiting. Do not make my mistake, I wish you luck.

Sounds stressed…have yall spoke? Maybe depression? If you feel it in your gut leave…but maybe therapy or just talk to him…