Would you lie for your spouse?

Would you lie for your significant other? Say, if they lost a job but ARE GOING BACK and said they don’t want you telling someone (their sister) would you? If you promised them? Or is it wrong to lie? In my eyes, your family is the most important thing to you. Your children and SO. No one else… anyone agree?


If he says dont tell noone i dont :100:

Well idk. I’m kinda too honest. I don’t know the whole story and idk that I could lie unless it was trying to ruin him. In that case she should be cut off period.

My husband and I dont lie to eachother and if that means keeping a secret that that’s what I’ll do. Plus it isnt your place to tell his sister


You back your spouse 100%


No i wouldnt it isnt your job to tell . especially that it is not on your side of the family but his. And yes family is TECHNICALLY most important but that doesnt mean he has to tell EVERYONE whats going on

If it’s definite he’s going back, it’s really no one else’s business anyways


Not my family. Not my business. I’m with my partner not his family. I have HIS back. Not theirs. So no I wouldn’t say anything.


I would. My husband is #1 in my book, comes before anyone and everyone else (except the children) and id do anything he asks within reason

My personal view is unless it’s going too affect anyone elase in the family then you only need be Tell people who it’s affecting but other then that you don’t need lie about things just be honest about what’s happening but it it’s not going too affect the sister or other then I don’t see the point in them need too know

Depends on if it’s anyone’s business- it’s not his sisters business therefore I’d omit telling her. If he robbed a bank, it’s someone’s business


It’s his family and his sister and he asked you not to tell so dont

Unless he committed murder of course I’d lie for him… well even then it just depends on who it was :joy:


If you promised don’t tell and if he’s going back he didn’t really loose it.

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I wouldn’t lie, but if they don’t ask I wouldn’t just tell them either. It’s not anyone else’s business. 🤷

Yes. He’s obviously trusting you to keep this between the two of you. If he wanted his sister to know, he would tell her. He’s not asking you to lie, he’s just asking you not to say anything yet. Don’t lose that trust between you and him. It’s hard to get back.


If you promised him you wouldn’t tell why would you even think about breaking a promise to your husband? And what is his job any of his sisters business? I personally wouldnt say anything to anyone its not anyones business! Also if you have a problem with him asking you to lie or to not tell people things maybe you should discuss that with him as well!


Why does it matter? It’s no ones business.

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That’s his sister and hes my husband. If he didnt want me telling her I wouldn’t. I would probably still tell my mom because I do that lol

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I wouldn’t tell my sister in law anything. So if I had to lie to her, yes I would

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