Would you not pick a baby name just because it's popular?

Would any of you not pick a name solely based on the fact that it’s really popular? I’m pregnant with a girl, and so far, the two names we’ve narrowed it down to are Olivia and Madison…both tops ranked names. We also have two boys whose names happen to be in the top 10, which just happened by chance. It doesn’t bother me because it’s just the names we happened to like…but a lot of people are saying I shouldn’t pick something so common, and now I’m second-guessing.


Pick what you like, Mama

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Names honestly can eventually become popular as well! I named my oldest Carlee. I haven’t met many other children with that name! But my youngest paisley I heard nearly 6 children got this name over the years since I had her :heart:

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Just pick something that flows well out your mouth if you yell it lol it’s really whatever you both like it’s no one else’s kid


Pick whatever name you like. Who cares if it is common as long as you love it :blush:

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Go with your gut its your baby…Madison is nice you could even use both names Madison Olivia x

When I chose my son’s name everyone told me,how common his name is and I should change it. I love my son’s name and I wouldn’t change it for the world. If you like the names don’t let others talk you out of them.

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Its your baby do what u want

I don’t like common never did. So yes I would not pick a popular name. We named our son chace… common name not common spelling. And that’s what I like so even if the name is common think of a way to make the spelling uncommon

Pick what you like :slight_smile:

I personally wouldn’t, but it’s your kid

I personally wouldn’t. But you clearly like those common names. The worst that will happen is they’ll be known by their last initial too. Pick a name you like.

We’re naming our son Eli and almost changed it because it’s super popular but then we decided whatever we love it. It fits. We’re good. But we had the same struggle.

I got two girls name are tallara & Evie was ment be Evelyn wanted something different and everyone different so go with wat u feel

What about Olive instead of Olivia that’s cute for a girl & different

I know a lot of girls with those names. I personally have been drawn to more unique names but you’re the mom. It’s your choice.

I personally stay aware from the names on those lists…its YOUR baby though. Olivia is a really pretty name.

Olivia Grace is our girl name we picked 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my oldest. 3 boys later, we hope one day we will be able to use it! I am obsessed with the name, I can’t imagine using anything else! Grace was also my grandmother’s name😊

Use a name u like coming from a great grandma I have a son Tim and 2 son in laws Tim and guess what we make it and I m=am sure they were named Tim because their folks like the name

When I was picking my name I definitely tried to stay away from the “popular” names… but that’s because there was always at least 3 Brittany’s in my class :joy:

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