Would you take an 8-month-old for COVID testing?

How do you guys feel about taking your baby to do the coronavirus test? I have an 8-month-old who recently woke up with a cough and fever. I called to schedule an appointment worried about her possibly having an ear or throat infection, but they right away jumped to say they need to go a coronavirus test. They said to get the numbers of positive cases and to give me better instructions of care if she is positive. And if I decline, it will automatically be a put down as a positive case. From hearing stories, I know it’s not the best feeling to get the test done to you. My daughter is feeling better today, yesterday yes, cough, fever one, and mucus. Today no fever, less mucus, but still coughing. Overall is still a happy baby, fussy at times but just like a sick baby. (I do have a six-year-old ) Has anybody been in this situation? What did you do? I feel like it’s the right thing and, at the same time, the wrong thing. Advice?


That’s interesting that they’re automatically marking it as a positive. I personally would just get her tested. Better safe than sorry even if she does seem as if she’s getting better.

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My micro preemie had to get it done before she could have her surgery. She is 7 months and 3 adjusted. She didn’t even cry or fuss and it took about 3 seconds, it was really quick.


I personally think that they’re just saying everything is covid19 right now, and I would not want to put my child through all that pain and discomfort if it’s not necessary. I would wait a day or two and see if the symptoms clear up in their own first.


the test isn’t bad but I would be getting another doctor option about jumping right to getting a test she could have allergies or teething

I had to get my son (almost 2) tested yesterday with same symptoms. It was very quick. And the lady told me they dont Go as far back with babies

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My 11 yr old was just tested… the swab they did was only in her nose, not deep back to her throat like the original tests they were doing

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The test isnt as bad as people amke bbn it out to be. Me and my 10 yr old had it done. It doesnt hurt really just kind of uncomfortable. And for the 10 seconds it takes it is worth the risk.

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My 2 year old had to have one done back in may in order to get tubes put in his ears.
It wasnt any different that a flu swab.

Go ahead and get it done. It’s best to rule it out so they can earnestly look for other causes.


Better safe than sorry.

The test isn’t actually painful, just a bit uncomfortable. I would get it done.

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Please do it. Are you planning on keeping her away from all other humans for two weeks after she feels better? Knowing she is negative is a major thing. Please take her.

Just do it, there is nothing discomforting about the test it’s a swap around the nose, better safe then sorry

The swab is tiny you should do it

I absolutely would not.


My son had the test done Monday they used a normal size q-tip and rubbed the inside of his nostrils. They didn’t go clear back to his nasal cavity which I thought was odd because from what I understood thats how they test.

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It’s not as bad as what I thought it was. My 3 yr old just had it done Monday . She didn’t even cry.

My baby girl had a covid test done when she was 24 hours old. You would way rather be safe than sorry

I had it done. It was horrible. I wouldn’t do that to my baby unless it was absolutely necessary. I would wait and monitor, especially if she is improving.

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It’s a swab. It’s not harmful. It’s like being swabbed for the flu, also it’s not just about if the baby is ok, you have to consider other people catching it and who it’s then spreading to from there

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