Would you take your kids to visit their grandparents?

Hi everyone, I have a question I would like to hear opinions! Would you still bring your kids to their grandparent’s house (that’s only a very short walk away) for a couple of hours visit during all this?? Their both fit and healthy and aren’t elderly or high risk. As long as regular hand washing and sanitizing are happening, is it ok??


No they could still have something.

Even 30 year olds are being hospitalized for this. Why risk it?!

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We visit with my healthy 65 year old dad a couple times a week. Just wash hands!


Yep, but then again my daycare is closed and we are both essential workers so my parents went from watching James 2 days a week to 4 days a week.

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We have been doing video chats with family. Much safer option

I would say it would be ok if all of us guys are using proper cleaning

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Its advised not to jump houses.

In the Uk we are being told unless it is essential then no.

Just stay home video chat

We have not been visiting with grandparents just because certain family members do you have compromised immune system’s. But if they lived close and it was just a short walk as long as everyone was healthy I would still allow my children to see their grandparents

I personally wouldn’t. as you’ve probably seen from the news fit and healthy people can get it and die from it. So I just wouldn’t risk it. However other ideas could be going on a walk … and they wave from the door? That would be a safe distance. Or get them to make a picture and hold it up to the window (seen some others do this) x

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MY kids play out the backyard in their granparents so they can still see, talk, play chases or whatever without getting too close xx

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No. Please just stop and stay home. Video chat or whatever but stop going around people

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I’m not sure what part of social distancing people don’t understand.
My answer is no. I would not.


My kids grandparents are here with us right now 🤷 hand washing, covering mouths if coughing/sneezing etc we have our 9 kids and their 5 kids plus us 4 adults

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No. My mom has an autoimmune disease and it is just not worth the risk to her. I hate it because I am really close with my parents. My mom, daughter and I have been FaceTiming daily though and we mailed a finger painting to surprise them yesterday.

Absolutely, categorically NOT

I take my kids to both my mom and my husband moms each once a week bc they are my daycare

No. We have been visiting my husbands grandma who lives next door but staying apart and outside. She is on one side of the fence and we can chat from our yard to her. Maybe take a walk outside with a wagon and talk from far away? But would not go inside each other’s houses.