Are trampolines safe for 3-year-olds?

My son wants a little trampoline for Christmas – he’s 3. I’m afraid it will hurt his knees jumping all the time, reading on Google it seems fine.. any of your littles have one and had complaints about their knees?

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  1. My little when she was little, had a trampoline with a standing bar for stretching and strengthening her calves. They bounce as much as their body will tolerate. If really concerned, talk to your kiddos pediatrician. I never had a problem and neight did my kids. Falling off was a bigger issue…

  2. My daughter started on our big one when she was able to walk. Great exercise especially during winter if you have it inside. In the summer we put a sprinkler on it and the kids love it.

  3. It’s actually said that a toddler shouldn’t because their brains aren’t full grown and it rattles around in there. That being said, my now 4 year old has been jumping for two years and it hasn’t slowed him down. I don’t let my 13 jump high when the 4 yr old is on there. They mostly wrestle.

  4. I bought a trampoline for my daughter at 2 but I bought her a small one like 5 foot it made sure that it had a mesh netting around it but yes it’s very safe they will have a freaking blast

  5. He’ll be absolutely fine. We got a little trampoline with a net around it for my daughter and nephew when they were 2. We upgraded to a big one when they were 3ish and no one has ever complained about their knee’s hurting and during the summer they jump for hours. My nephew prefers it and it’s usually a fight to get them out????????

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