TikTok Influencer, Ariel Tyson, Shares Video of the Moment She Gave Birth to Her 7th Child Over the Toilet

In an interview with TODAY, influencer Ariel Tyson opened up about the moment she found out her newborn was a baby girl – her first daughter after having six boys. It was a home birth, which is already unique in its own way, but it grew far more unique than Ariel or her husband could’ve ever prepared for. 

It was 2:30 in the morning when her water broke. She immediately called her midwife but decided against waking up her husband. According to Ariel, ‘things got intense really fast’ and her husband eventually woke up to her moaning. At that point, it was already too late to get the birthing pool set up and ready. 

“I sat down on the toilet because I thought I had to poop. Then I realized I was having the baby,” said Ariel, who didn’t have enough time to change her position and was forced to give birth right then, right there. “I just reached down with my hands and grabbed her,” she added – what any mother would do. 

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Ariel Tyson expressed how happy she was for catching her and her husband’s reaction after she caught the baby. They ended up sharing that reaction on their social media profiles, including her YouTube page and TikTok account – where it has racked up 26 million views, 4 million likes, and 4,500 comments. 

In the video, which saves viewers of any graphic detail, shows how shocked Ariel was – eyes wide and mouth open. Her husband, Michael Tyson, can be seen with the widest smile as he witnesses everything firsthand. “Caught my 9 lb baby by myself over the toilet after a 50 min labor,” she wrote in the caption. 


Talk about the biggest shock of my life! Pregnant to delivering my own baby, to finding out it was our first girl. #arielctyson #arielandmichael #baby #laboranddelivery #pregnancy #mom #reaction #momdad #birth #parents #fyp

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Michael and Ariel Tyson are now parents to seven children, but this one was different as it was their first daughter. They named the little girl Mila and she was born on December 4, 2021, weighing 9 pounds at the time of her birth. Now one year later, both the mother and little girl remain happy and healthy. 

Mila came into this world with six brothers ready to love and protect her – Michael “Cale,” 11, Gabriel, 10, Judah, 8, Levi, 7, Zion, 5, and Ari, 2. When she was born, Ariel originally thought she was a boy after looking at the face – “because she looked like all my boys” – but that changed when she saw the gender.

Ariel Tyson Shares Update on Husband’s Brain Surgery

With millions of followers across all platforms, Ariel Tyson never hesitates to update her fans about her life – no matter how personal, as you can tell from above. And while the couple always wears a smile on their face, that’s not to say they haven’t been faced with their own set of trials and tribulations, even recently. 

In November, Michael was admitted to the ICU with a brain bleed. Tests revealed a ‘spot on his brain (a CCM)’ which gave the couple two options – sit around and wait or have brain surgery. After talking to several top neurosurgeons, they decided brain surgery in South Florida was the route they wanted to go. 

“This has been a journey and there’s still more. I’ve been calm through it all, but, at the moment, while I trust God through it all, I’m feeling fear. Please be praying,” she shared in an Instagram video. Michael’s brain surgery was on January 4th and Ariel shared a positive update about her husband the following day.

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First, the neurosurgeon got it ALL! And it was the CCM we expected, sending it to pathology to confirm, but should be good. Second, his pain is so much better today, averaging about a 4 out of 10,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “An answer to SO many prayers from around the world! Praise GOD!” she added.

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