25 zodiac inspired tattoos

Seeing Stars: 30 Astrology-Inspired Tattoos to Space Out Over

Astrology is such a blast because it allows us to consider the outside impact of celestial bodies on our daily lives. According to astrologers, we can look to the stars for insights into why we behave the way we behave, feel the way we feel, and have certain characteristics. Whether or not you are into astrology, we know you appreciate great design. We looked at some of the most creative tattoos based on signs of the zodiac to understand a bit more about how horoscopes might inform a person of a certain sign’s decisions. For instance, a lot of Aquariuses get tattoos that incorporate water into the design. Of all the signs, they get tattoos that incorporate their element into them. It’s not a surprising trend, but it was a pretty interesting discovery. Here are our 25 favorite astrology inspired tattoo designs. These tattoos are truly stellar.

30. Watercolor Leo Lion

This stunning watercolor tattoo of a lion, which features fine line work on the lion’s face and a more abstract but highly colorful mane done in the watercolor style, is a perfect Leo tattoo. What’s more, is that it works as both a beautiful astrology-related tattoo as well as its own gorgeous work of body art.

29. A Crowned Aries

If you were born March 21 – April 19, your star sign is Aries. Aries is the cardinal fire sign and is often symbolically represented by the “V” shaped horns of a ram. This ram tattoo is done beautifully with black and grey shading. The crown that floats over the ram’s head is similar to the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s crown motif.

28. A Luscious Leo

If you were born April 20 – May 20, your star sign is Leo. Leos are fearless leaders and the life of every party. This powerful yet playful looking Leo tattoo is remarkable for a number of reasons but primarily we loved how the constellation is worked into the design. Flowers have been incorporated into the lion’s mane and it is altogether stunning.

27. A Colorful Cancer Constellation

If you were born June 21 – July 22, your star sign is Cancer. Cancerians are ruled by the moon which means that their emotions wax and wane in a similar fashion. This watercolor tattoo with the constellation outlined in vibrant color is fabulous. Cancers are known for being secretive and guarded and this colorful tattoo really makes a statement. As we went through tattoos by different star sign, we found that Cancerians are some of the least likely people to get an astrology-inspired tattoo.

26. An Excellent Aries Constellation

This subtle Aries tattoo, placed perfectly on a collarbone, references the constellation Aries and not just the sign’s symbol — the ram — which makes it feel unique and special. That said, the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians associated the constellation with a ram, so it’s more on-point than you’d think.

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25. A Fighting Jupiter for Sagittarius

If you were born November 22 – December 21, your star sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are often symbolized by an archer and often you will see arrows or bow and arrows as choices for Saggitarian tattoo designs. However, this person has chosen the fighting God, Jupiter to use as their inspiration. This stunning design also incorporates the constellation and the overall effect is a bold one.

24. A Piscine Dotwork Tattoo

If you were born February 19 – March 20, your star sign is Pisces. People born under Pisces are said to be like two fishes tied together but swimming in opposite directions. The constant push and pull of emotions is typical in Pisceans. What’s not so typical is koi fish being used as the symbol for this sign. Koi fish are a common tattoo design, but you don’t often see them used in astrology tattoos.

23. A Stinging Scorpio

If you were born October 23 – November 21, your star sign is Scorpio. One of the most mysterious and vilified signs, Scorpios are thought to be like scorpions because they are considered dangerous and can sting you at any moment. For a Scorpio, the reputation proceeds you, so it’s no shock that many Scorpios get big scorpions tattooed on their body. This scorpion has been executed beautifully.

22. A Picasso Worthy Taurus

If you were born April 20 – May 20, your star sign is Taurus. Taureans love to indulge in pleasure and equally enjoy stability and security. This incredible Taurus tattoo is essentially a line drawing, but its bold design and intricate linework give it so much character.

21. A Gemini Double

If you were born May 21 – June 20, your star sign is Gemini. Geminis are generally symbolized by twins because of the duality of their personalities. This tattoo reimagines the twins as sharing the same head but having two separate faces. The top of the head is occupied by a nest with eggs and a bird. Could these symbolize ideas? This breathtaking design is as smart as it is beautiful.

20. The Virgo Constellation

If you were born August 23 – September 22, your star sign is Virgo. Virgos are symbolized by a Virgin because of their virtuous and pure nature. This Virgo tattoo imagines the constellation full of sea creatures and seashells. We love the intricate little lines and stars. What a beauty.

19. The Libra Balance

If you were born September 23 – October 22, your star sign is Libra. Libras are fun-loving and value fairness above all else. Because they appreciate balance, a scale is often a symbol for the sign. This beautiful, detailed, and balanced scale with a small wreath at its base is as charming as any Libran.

18. Aquarius Personified

This Aquarian thought they’d show their Aquarian pride! Aquarius is another truth-sayer who loves to spill the tea. The cool color palette of blue, green, and purple is accentuated by pops of gold in the form of coins and jewelry. This fun design is like a caricature of an Aquarian.

17. A Capricorn Mermaid

If you were born December 22 – January 19, your star sign is Capricorn. Capricorns are often associated with goats because they’re strategic climbers. Reserved, patient, and ambitious, this tattoo design is very much in the Capricorn wheelhouse. The tattoo artist has done an excellent job giving the tail of the mermaid texture with dots and lines that look like stars.

16. The Stars Align in Aquarius

If you were born January 20 – February 18, your star sign is Aquarius. Aquarians are often symbolized by “water-bearers” in which the water is truth and Aquarians seek to make it flow forth. This majestic looking tattoo has a lot going on. The water-bearer has been turned over and a constellation spills out. Aquarians are governed by Saturn and Uranus and this design incorporates Saturn.

15. A Ram for Aries

In general, Aries is the most real there is because they often lack subtlety and instead are brutally honest. This ram skull is in-your-face and bold. The texture the tattoo artist has achieved on the horns is truly amazing.

14. Many Signs, One Tattoo

This absolutely jaw-dropping tattoo may look like a straightforward Pisces piece thanks to the fish, but the constellations actually refer to Aries (the blue constellation) and Virgo (the purple constellation). At least we think so. The artist has tagged Aquarius and Taurus in their caption, so it may be that this tattoo refers to several signs through its imagery. We love the colors and the matching constellations. This is a watercolor tattoo (and an astrology-related tattoo) done right!

13. An Ocean Goat for Capricorn

This imaginative tattoo design feels like it could have been an Albrecht Dürer print. Dark, mysterious, and expertly rendered, this tattoo design would have a proud home any Capricorn.

12. A Modern Capricorn

This unique and dare we say edgy take on the Capricorn symbol (the sea-goat, duh!) really caught our eye. Despite being a plain black tattoo, the rough-edges and boldness really make this ink stand out. A conversation tattoo for sure, but one that also subtly telegraphs its astrological bonafides.

11. A Leo in Virgo

For many people who really get into Astrology, there is more than just your star sign. You also have a moon sign which is the position of the moon at your birth. This person’s star sign (sometimes called Sun sign) is in Leo and their moon is in Virgo. They have combined aspects of both into a whimsical tattoo with a lion for Leo and a Virgo constellation.

10. True Taurus Energy

This Tauras tattoo features a bull skull with floral accents and a constellation. Taureans can be frighteningly fierce and then serenely gentle just like their symbol, the bull. It’s no coincidence that this tattoo is a little scary but so harmonious that it’s tranquil.

9. A Stellar Sagittarius

We’ve got another archer on our hands and this one is far out. Sagittarians are known to wear their heart on their sleeve. This person has tattooed a sleeve on their sleeve. This cosmic tattoo features a bunch of radical colors and the planet, Jupiter which governs this sign.

8. A Steady Libra

Librans are known to see both sides of an argument. This makes their entire lives a balancing act. This clever tattoo for Libra features a hand balancing a spoon on a finger. Done with primarily black ink it’s a subtle design that most Librans shouldn’t have a hard time choosing, but do.

7. A Dazzling Scorpio

Wow! Take a look at the bold colors employed for this Scorpio tattoo. This scorpion is formed around a constellation that’s dotted with stars. The crescent moon between the scorpion’s pinchers has been filled with hundreds of dots of color that make it appear almost metallic and shimmery.

6. A Cancer Hand Poke Tattoo

Hand Poke or Stick and Poke tattooing is a technique of tattooing that works in the same way as a tattoo gun, but instead of a machine delivering fast pokes over and over, the needle is operated by hand. This simple, yet stunning Cancer design incorporates a crab. We mentioned earlier that Cancers are the least likely sign to get Astrology tattoos. Perhaps many Cancers are put off by their symbols: the crab, or the astrological symbol which looks like a sideways “69.” Crabs are great Cancers! More like this, please.

5. Perfect Pisces Masterpiece

This chest piece tattoo is breathtaking. It’s actually a cover-up tattoo, but that’s a secret. Many Pisceans are plagued by conflicting desires and extreme temperament. Life can feel overwhelming at times for those of this sign and this tattoo manages to capture the bliss and complexities of Piscean life.

4. Capricorns Mean Business

Capricorns are out in this world getting some of the absolute best astrology tattoos. This dark and broody ocean goat with its tail wrapped around a staff is magnificent. The staff is topped by the Sun cradled inside the moon. The linework and shading is something to behold.

3. A Gentle Gemini Tattoo

Geminis are known to be excellent talkers. In this design that aims to illustrate the duality in a Gemini’s personality has cleverly included two mouths. This light and airy tattoo design is just perfect for a Gemini which is an air sign.

2. All the Signs

Hand tattoos are a bit controversial because they’re so visible and impossible to miss. This absolutely showstopping tattoo was based on an ancient sketch completed by an astrologist nearly 2,400 years ago. Intricate line work that radiates away from the center of the tattoo really draws focus to the sun. Just wow.

1. All of Astrology (or Just A Lot) in One Tattoo

This intricate and beautiful tattoo references the Virgo, Sagittarius, and Taurus signs, according to the artist. We love how this tattoo easily blends a subtle, minimalist style (the stars and constellations) with a more ornate and even traditional style (the nymphs). We also live for the little pops of color. This tattoo says, “I know my stuff when it comes to astrology!”

Astrology and the symbols associated with each sign make for great tattoo inspiration. Tattoos are forms of personal expression and for many, their sign is something to be proud of and display. If astrologists are to be believed, the stars, moon, sun and other celestial bodies play a big role in our lives.

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