Aurora Culpo Says Motherhood Is ‘A Job That Moves At A Glacial Pace’

Aurora Culpo recently gave a “PSA” to all moms, reminding them they don’t have to enjoy every part of motherhood.

“PSA: you don’t have to feel tremendous love & gratitude in every moment you spend with your children. It’s very much possible to have simultaneous and opposing feelings.”

“I feel a constant desire to be more present with my children coupled by a total inability to be in the present moment- perpetually nexting, planning, checking off mental lists in order to sit with what can often feel like the longest days and shortest years of my life. “

The mom of two went on to describe how both feelings can exist simultaneously.

“It’s okay to have feelings of resentment AND gratitude for a job that is both mundane and profound, boring and chaotic, a sacrifice and a gift, that moves at a glacial pace but somehow way too fast, that brings you closer to your partner yet oceans apart at the very same time. Let’s normalize mourning the death of the old you while being grateful for the birth of the new, because in the end it’s all love.”

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Earlier this year, Aurora along with her sisters, Olivia Culpo and Sophia Culpo, dropped their Culpos x INC line at Macy’s.

“This collection is a lot more fashion-forward than some of our other more comfy, cozy collections,” Olivia shared with told E! “There are a lot of really amazing silhouettes and structured shoulders. I also love the color palette for this drop with the denim and nudes.”

“We shot the campaign with a super small crew at a totally COVID-safe set back in the fall,” Sophia added.

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“The good news is a lot of the styles come in a few colors so it was really just choosing colors for each other,” Aurora shared. “I tend to wear a lot of lighter colors and whites, Olivia loves her nude tones and Sophia looks amazing in black so it actually worked out really well.”

“We absolutely love working together as a family, so even when we might be arguing over something, we are all truly enjoying the process,” Olivia says.

“I would say my favorite thing is probably seeing how we all style the same pieces so differently.”

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