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What time should my 8 month old go to bed?

How to Know if Your Baby is Going to Bed Too Late

Much like adults, a baby’s bedtime can be a moving target, depending on naps, feeding schedule and any disruptions to routine, etc. But unlike adults, babies need routine to be their best selves (read: sleep through the night so that mom and dad can actually get rest, too). A bedtime that’s too late or too early can mess with baby’s very sensitive body clock, throwing off the next nap or bedtime and leading to a very grumpy baby. So what’s the magical time your baby should be going to bed? We asked sleep coach Kelly Murray to share her wisdom around the appropriate time for your baby to go down for the night. And how to make that bedtime stick. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: The 5 Things You Need to Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep For Baby (& You!) A MamasUncut fan asks: I’d like some advice on moving my daughter’s bedtime earlier. She’s 8 months old and right now she is sleeping from 9 PM – 5 AM, then wakes for a diaper change & bottle and sleeps until about 7:30am. I’m thankful she’s sleeping through the night but I think 9 PM is too late for her to go …

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Everything You Need to Breastfeed in Public

Everything You Need to Comfortably Nurse in Public

For many new moms, nursing out in the world comes with a bit of anxiety. At home you can sit topless in the perfect chair with your nursing pillow and no cover and your burp cloth at the ready. Out in public … not so much. We aren’t generally used to the possibility of strangers seeing our breasts, so it’s normal to feel nervous about how to undress without attracting prying eyes and then manage to get baby latched. Plus, if breastfeeding has been difficult, or baby needs a nipple shield, the sheer logistics of it all can feel overwhelming. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: 10 Breastfeeding Tips Every Mom Should Know But, being house bound with a newborn isn’t good for anyone’s mental health. And the sooner you’re able to get this part down, the sooner you’ll feel you have the freedom to go out and about and not be tied down by baby’s schedule. With that said, here are our must-haves to make nursing anywhere — a park, a restaurant, a plane — as easy and comfortable as possible. Invest in a good nursing cover “Good” here is going to be subjective, but if you find a cover you like and …

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The Internet can't get enough of this rescue dog's unusual markings

The Internet Can’t Get Enough of This Rescue Dog’s Unusual Markings

Meet Lucky the rescue dog. He’s a two-year-old pup from Thailand. Lucky’s owner, Charice Fca Cha, could not believe what she was seeing when photos of the puppy surfaced on Facebook. She quickly contacted the owner and arranged a visit with hopes of adopting this one-of-a-kind pooch. To her surprise, Lucky’s unique facial markings were even more stunning in person.  YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: This Dog-Baby Friendship Is Everything! Charice adopted Lucky and brought him home to be part of her family. She uploaded a photo of her new puppy to a Facebook group about dogs. Lucky’s photo was extremely popular and got 11,000 likes right away. Hundreds of comments and shares made Lucky internet famous. Charice knew she had found a special dog but had no idea the response to Lucky’s appearance would be so widespread.  As you can see, Lucky is not your typical Chihuahua mix. He’s got a spectacular set of eyes. One is brown and the other eye is blue with a black mark over it that looks just like an eyebrow. He’s adorable!  Charice spoke with Bored Panda and said, “I saw a post on Facebook that said that Lucky needs to find a new …

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