Sharon Henry

Sharon Henry is known in the UK as the Home Guide Expert. Her website helps people with all the things that affect home life. Since 2015, her website has given advice and guides relating to children and parenting, counseling, home finances and buying and selling properties. With the help of her husband, PR Henry Builder, together they provide free online guides on how to repair, improve and extend properties. Her website is based on her own experiences. She is required to keep herself up to date on various topics relating to all things home and regularly writes guides for other businesses. She particularly loves working with parents and her mission is to help anyone she can, whenever she can. Sharon is a wife and a mother with one child aged 9. Sharon has 18 nieces and nephews ranging from 9 to 26. She helps many families with tips and tricks she has learned along the way. Sharon loves to write free guides whenever she goes through any type of situation after she has troubleshot it in all forms. She loves summer and winter. Summers are spent camping with 11 other families. Winters are spent having long walks in local forestry, cozy dinners with family and friends and arranging playdates for her daughter with her best friends. Her greatest accomplishments in life were finding her soulmate, becoming a mum, and being able to help people every day in a positive way.