Hilarious Viral Video Raises the Very Important Question: Why Do Babies Hate Grass So Much?

If we were to ask you to name facts about babies, you might say things like, “They’re tiny!” Or maybe, “All they do is eat, sleep, and poop.” Or, “They smell amazing!” Would you say, “Babies hate grass!” Until we put this post together, we would have thought that to be a bizarre response. But it’s true: Babies hate grass!

A video that recently went viral on Twitter compiles a bunch of different clips of babies contoring themselves into some very bizarre positions just to avoid having their bare feet touch grass. We’ve got babies doing splits, babies planking, babies doing literally anything to stay away from… grass. Grass! What is going on? Is this a thing? Why do babies hate grass, and why didn’t we know about it until now?!

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The video, above, has been retweeted more than 109,000 times. It has been viewed nearly 16 million times as of this writing. Clearly, the people are here for babies-hating-grass content!

Babies Hate Grass: A Deeper Dive

Let’s take a closer look at some of these clips in an attempt to figure out what, exactly, is going on.

Babies Hate Grass

This little girl pulled her feet right up, like, “NOPE! Not happening, grass!”

Babies Hate Grass

This little one went into an absolutely perfect split that would make most professional gymnasts jealous. Like, WTF?!

Baby Grass Viral Video

We’ve got a planker! Imagine the core strength that takes, just to avoid some grass!

Baby Grass Viral Video

Pull those legs up, little one!

Viral Video Shows Kids Will Do Anything to Avoid Grass

Another planker! How do these toddlers have the strength?!

Viral Video Shows Kids Will Do Anything to Avoid Grass

This little girl, weirdly, is totally fine sitting on the grass… but she is still not having it with her feet actually touching the stuff. This deepens the mystery!

Viral Video: Babies Hate Grass

Another perfect split! And a perfect cry-face to go with it. (OK, to be fair, this isn’t grass. This is sand. Still, the point stands!)

Viral Video: Babies Hate Grass

Another excellent showing for the splits!

So there you have it: Babies hate grass! The proof couldn’t be any clearer. We still don’t know why they will do anything to avoid it, but maybe one of you knows? Leave us a comment and let us know if you can solve this astonishing mystery.

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