These Two Babies Reenacted a Classic Scene From ‘Frozen,’ and There Has Never Been Anything Cuter

The Frozen films were among the most popular of the last decade, and it’s easy to see why. The movies are a perfect storm of bankable elements: They’re family-friendly, of course, but also include some humor for older kids and adults. They feature celebrity voices from the likes of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and other beloved stars of our time. They’re beautifully animated, the songs are catchy, and honestly? Just about everything works.

As a society, we’ve been in the icy grip of Frozen Fever for more than half a decade. And so when a video like this comes across our desks, we’re like, “Yeah, this feels right.”

Twins Maddie and Scarlett love Frozen so much that they memorized entire sections of the movie. Not just dialogue, either. Movement, blocking, and special effects cues. They know all of it, down to the tiniest detail. It’s clear that not only do they know it by heart, but they’ve been practicing as well. And we all know practice makes perfect.

Though this video originally went viral back in 2017, we think it always worth rewatching. It is, simply, too cute and pure for words. Watch these sweet twins, who were just about two-years-old when this video was taken, reenact a classic scene from their favorite movie, and just try not to smile while watching. We bet you can’t.

One thing is so, so clear: Their timing and physicality are beyond!

Watch Twin Babies Reenact ‘Frozen’ Below:

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