After a Baby Was Discovered Gray Inside a Garbage Bag that Was Thrown Into a Dumpster, the Baby’s Father Speaks Out

In January 2022, security footage caught three people dumpster diving in a New Mexico parking lot. What the dumpster divers didn’t expect to find was a newborn baby with the umbilical cord still attached.

The three Good Samaritans immediately called 911 for help. During their 911 call, they revealed that the baby was barely clinging to life and that their skin was gray. 

Six hours earlier, the same security cameras caught a white vehicle pulling up to the same exact dumpster. A woman gets out of the car, grabs a black garbage bag from the back seat of her car, and tosses it into the dumpster before immediately driving away.

Now, the identity of the child’s parents has been released. According to NBC News, 18-year-old Alexis Avila didn’t know she was pregnant until she gave birth. 

She further confessed to the police and was arrested and charged with attempted murder and felony child abuse. While Avila was totally sure who the child’s father was she believed it was her ex-boyfriend. The former couple ended their relationship in August 2021, NBC News reports.

Avila told investigators that she “panicked, did not know what to do or who to call,” after she had given birth. That’s when she decided to cut the umbilical cord herself, wrap the baby in a towel, put the child in a white plastic bag and then a larger black trash bag, and drove around until she ultimately found the dumpster.

Thankfully that child was still crying six hours later when the dumpster divers began searching through the dumpster. At the time, the baby was rushed to the hospital and was said to be in stable condition.

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After a Baby Was Discovered Gray Inside a Garbage Bag that Was Thrown Into a Dumpster, the Baby’s Father Speaks Out

In March, the baby’s father told his side of the story to KRQE. He claimed that Avila told him she had a miscarriage and believed she was no longer pregnant.

After a Baby Was Discovered Gray Inside a Garbage Bag that Was Thrown Into a Dumpster, the Baby’s Father Speaks Out

Now, Stephen Astorgas has custody of their child. He named the baby boy Saul. Astorgas says his son is both happy and healthy.

“Stephen Astorga is grateful to all of the people who helped find and care for baby Saul after the heartbreaking events of January 7. The Astorga family is fully cooperating with the police, the courts, and CYFD. Stephen and his family are over the moon that baby Saul is now a part of their family. He is a happy, healthy, and handsome baby.”

Stephen’s statement continues to say that he learned of the birth of his son after seeing news reports of a baby being found in a dumpster. “They wish that they had known that Saul’s mother was still pregnant so that they could have helped avoid this horrific situation. They are asking for prayers and understanding as they navigate this difficult process and work to ensure that Saul remains in the safe, loving arms of his father,” the statement concluded.

Alexis Avila remains on house arrest while she awaits her trial. She has since entered a plea of not guilty. A trial date has not yet been set.

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