I’m Worried My Baby Isn’t Hitting Her Milestones and May Be Delayed: Am I Being Needlessly Anxious?

A mom is in need of some advice and guidance regarding her five-month-old daughter hitting certain milestones. Amber Temerity Lozzi weighs in with some expert advice.

Mamas Uncut Facebook fan wrote in asking for advice from the community about her daughter, 5 months, who is not yet rolling or sitting up. This mom worries her baby isn’t hitting the milestones she should be. Should she be concerned? Read Amber’s response below.

i'm worried my baby isn't hitting her milestones and may be delayed: am i being needlessly anxious?

A Mamas Uncut Facebook Fan asks:

“I am concerned about my child’s milestones: Thoughts?

She will be five months old the day after New year’s day, and she still isn’t rolling over or sitting up.. I’ve tried propping her up using a boppy pillow and tried getting her to roll over by showing her how and doing tummy time. She also REALLY hates tummy time. I’m lost on what to do. Please help! Any advice would be appreciated, please.”

– Mamas Uncut Community Member

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Advice from Amber Temerity Lozzi

i'm worried my baby isn't hitting her milestones and may be delayed: am i being needlessly anxious?

While 5 months is at the upper end of what we would consider to be a “sitting-up” milestone, it’s still within a typical range. All babies develop differently and though the American Academy of Pediatrics has milestones set up, they’re an average, not hard-and-fast rules.

Some children will talk earlier than others but not be able to walk as early as their peers. Some children won’t talk until their far older but will be running around months earlier than milestones dictate.

And while as a mother I know it’s easier said than done, it really is important to remember that every child truly is different.

If your child hates tummy time, there’s not much you can really do except keep at it. With doctors strongly urging against babies sleeping on their tummies, the muscles necessary for rolling over don’t develop as quickly. In fact, the AAP has been considering pushing the sitting up milestone back for this and other reasons.

i'm worried my baby isn't hitting her milestones and may be delayed: am i being needlessly anxious?

If your child still isn’t able to sit up unaided or otherwise by 7 months, you should take her to the doctor to be sure there’s nothing structurally preventing it. While it can be frustrating or worrisome that our babies aren’t developing along what we perceive as “correct schedule,” there truly is a tremendous amount of variance in how they grow. Within a few weeks, she might start rolling and sitting up; these developmental “growth spurts” are fairly common.

Keep in touch with your pediatrician but try to not let anxiety settle in your mind. Keep working with your baby and you should see results, even if they’re not on the exact timetable you expect.

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