25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean ‘Red’ or ‘Redhead’

Red hair occurs in about two percent of the world’s population! That makes it a very unique trait for baby boys which you might want to highlight with a baby name that means “red” or “redhead.” Because it only occurs in such a small percentage, you might be someone looking for a fiery name that compliments the fire sign your child is born under in the zodiac. Whatever the case may be, there are several baby names for boys that mean “red.”

We decided to take a deep-dive into all things crimson, auburn, strawberry-blonde, and ginger to discover which baby names for boys would appeal to new parents today. As you might expect, a lot of these names come from Irish origins which should appeal to you if you have Irish heritage. Further, these names are just solidly handsome that any baby boy would be lucky to receive. So, what are the best baby names that mean “red?” Check out our favorite 25 baby names for boys that mean “redhead” or “red” to find the perfect rouge appellation for your treasured child!

25. Adam

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Adam, of course, is the first man God created in the Old Testament. Which is how this Hebrew name got its meaning, “man of the red earth.” It is also a generic term for mankind. Adam did not hit the US top 100 until 1970, peaking in the early ’80s at number 18. Historically, it has been one of the country’s most beloved names.

24. Flynn

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Flynn, a charming Irish surname, is still used only quietly, despite its easygoing, casual charm. It only entered the US top 1000 in 2011, unlike Finn which is a star of this genre. Flynn means “son of the red-haired one” so this would be the absolute perfect choice if your baby will have a parent who shares their red hair.

23. Reed

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Reed is a simple but elegant name that packs a punch in a small package. Reed has English origins and means “red-haired.” You can also consider Reed a nature or musical name as it describes a plant and a wind instrument. The name has been in the US top 1000 most popular baby names since records began in 1880.

22. Rufus

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Rufus was once a top 100 name in the US but it has since declined from its favor and off of the top 1000 list altogether. We think this name is criminally underused today. Rufus is an ancient Roman family name that means “redhead.” The name has been borne by several saints, and notably, was the nickname of King William.

21. Jasper

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Jasper has Persian origins as a name meaning “bringer of treasure.” The Semitic form of the word means “speckled stone,” referring to the mineralized stone that is very heavy in iron. Jasper is currently enjoying its height of popularity but it’s not a new addition, this name has been in the top 1000 since 1880.

20. Carmine

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Carmine is a charming name that you seldom hear outside of Italian communities today. It was mildly popular in the US until the seventies, enjoying its most popular decade in the early 1910s. Carmine has a dramatic meaning in “vivid red.”

19. Derry

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Derry is a Gaelic baby name that also belongs to the second largest city in Northern Ireland. Derry can mean “red-haired” or “like an oak.” If you are looking for an Irish baby name that has not taken off in the US, this one should appeal to you.

18. Roth

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Roth is German surname that actually got its start as a nickname for redheads. The name means “redhead.” Today, you primarily encounter this name has a surname in the US, but we think there is plenty of room for it as a given option.

17. Titian

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

One of the most romantic names on this list, Titian will look familiar to lovers of Renaissance art. Titian was a Venetian powerhouse in his day. The name is Italian and you pronounce it TISH-un. His paintings are famous for their reddish-brown glow and over time Titian evolved as a color name. Titian is another form of Tiziano an Italian name that comes from Latin, Titus, which means “title of honor.”

16. Rowan

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Rowan is enjoying its most popular years in the US right now. Rowan is a unisex name and it is currently more favored for baby boys. Rowan has Scottish and Irish origins and it means “rowan tree” or “little redhead.” We are thrilled that this baby name has garnered the popularity it so deserves. What a beauty!

15. Rudyard

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Often thought of as a one-peson name because of Jungle Book writer Kipling, this was actually his middle name. Rudyard sounds like a stuffy English name because it is one, but we still love it. Rudyard means “red enclosure.” Like Rudolph, Rudyard is another vehicle to get you to the nickname Rudy which will likely feel unappealing in this climate.

14. Crimson

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Crimson is a rare unisex color name used more frequently among baby girls. However, we think there’s a strong case to make for parents to consider for boys as contains the word “son” it like Jackson or Madison. The word “crimson” was derived from the name of the Kermes insect which produces the dye associated with the color. The insect name evolved from the Arabic word qermez, meaning “red.”

13. Phoenix

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Phoenix enjoyed a banner year last year. This name appeals to parents because it sounds fresh with a bit of an edge thanks to the X. The mythical Phoenix was popularized by the Greeks who created the folklore of an immortal fire-bird that rose from the ashes again and again, much like the sun. Phoenix has Greek origins and means “deep red.”

12. Flann

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Friendly, jolly Flann originated as a nickname for a redhead. The only downside of this appellation: it’s reminiscent of the Spanish custard. Flann means “ruddy” or “red-haired.” This name has never been popular in the US and it would be a great alternative to Flynn and Finn.

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11. Roy

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Roy came into use in the late nineteenth century, likely influenced by the main character of Sir Walter Scott’s novel Rob Roy, in which the historical figure Robert M’ac Gregor is nicknamed Roy for his red hair. Roy means “king” in the French tradition, but to the Celts, it has always referred to”red hair.” This name has lost its steam in recent years which might make it a distinct option.

10. Rumo

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Rumo is aan appellation that’s gone virtually unheard in the US. This name hails from Cornwall and it means “red.” We love its energetic sound but some parents will be dismayed by the fact that it is very close to rumor.

9. Rory

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Do you feel like you’re in the valley of the R-name? Many great names for boys that mean “red” or “redhead” start with R. Rory is not different. This Irish name means “red king” and it takes its meaning from a illustrious twelfth-century Irish king, Rory O’Connor. The name entered the popularity list in 1947, peaking at number 280 in 1959.

8. Rousseau

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Like Rory, Rousseau is also a gender-neutral possibility. The name originated as a surname but it now freely used as a given as well. Rousseau reflects French flare and sounds lively and even deep thanks to philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

7. Blaze

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Originally a form of the saint’s name, Blaise. Now, it’s more likely a hot word name used for both sexes, though heavily weighted toward the boys. It has been in the boys’ top 1000 since the year 2000. The original French name means “to stammer.” So, we prefer to go with the literal meaning, “fire.”

6. Rogan

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

We’re back on our R-game now. Rogan makes a great, roguish alternative for the more favored Logan, Ronan and Rowan. Rogan has never been used widely as a given name in the US and we think that should change! This Irish name means “redhead.”

5. Clancy

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Clancy, one of the original crossover Irish surname names, is as energetic and appealing as ever! It is full of gusto, more distinctive than Casey, and also one of the less obvious of the red-headed names on this list. Clancy has a decidedly tough meaning in “red-haired warrior.”

4. Gough

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Pronounced GOFF, expect this name to throw some American parents. As with all things Welsh, this name has a unique pronunciation that we wish to hear more of. This name means “red.” This appellation is most closely associated with Australia’s iconic progressive Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam

3. Radcliff

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Radcliff might be too much name for a baby boy to shoulder, but we are fond of it nonetheless. This buttoned-up English surname-name means “red cliff.” We think it’s rather rad! Cliff makes for an attractive nickname.

2. Corcoran

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Corcoran is an Irish surname that has been used, sparingly, as a given name. We admit, it’s a lot. Corcoran also means “ruddy-faced.” But, if you are after a truly unspoiled Irish baby name, you will not likely hear this name on many playgrounds or in classrooms today.

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1. Roone

25 Warm Baby Names for Boys That Mean 'Red' or 'Redhead'

Roone is a lively, attractive and unusual redhead entry brought into the mix by the legendary TV sports and news executive Roone Arledge. Not many had ever heard the unique given name before. Roone means “red-haired.” This name has still not received a ton of attention and we think it’s one of the very best options on this list!

There you go! Are you seeing red? We hope you enjoyed these baby names for boys that mean “red” and “redhead.” Redheads are so few that we feel a celebration is in order whenever a new enters this world. These baby names do just that by highlighting their fiery hair. Happy baby name hunting!

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