The Best Baby Names for Each Day of the Week That Celebrate a Little One’s Arrival

The arrival of a little one is a joyous occasion, a moment that marks the beginning of a new life filled with love, hope, and endless possibilities. One of parents’ first and most significant decisions is choosing a name for their child. In this blog post, we present we will explore each day of the week and the names that celebrate them. These unique names are beautiful and carry a special significance, making them perfect to honor your bundle of joy.

Each day of the week has its own character, history, and symbolism. What if you could capture that essence in your baby’s name? Imagine a name that embodies the freshness of Monday, the strength of Tuesday, or the grace of Friday. In the following list, we have compiled such names, each tied to a specific day of the week. Let these names inspire you as you embark on the wonderful journey of parenthood.

Monday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

The word Monday is derived from the word “moon.” It is also where we get the word month from. For babies born on Monday, there are so many evocative options that have lunar meanings.

Monday Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Luna – Luna is a gorgeous appellation for girls that belongs to the Roman goddess and personification of the moon. In 2022, the name ranked as the tenth most popular given name for girls in the US. It’s more popular than ever before in the US!
  • Esmeray – Pronounced ESS-mer-eye, the Turkish name Esmeray means “dark moon.” If you’re after a name for girls with the most mysterious of meanings, this appellation will be perfect for you! It would be a really unique choice.
  • Hecate – Hecate names a Greek moon goddess. She is considered a goddess of witchcraft, night, and ghosts. A somewhat creepy figure in ancient myth, Hecate would make for a notable baby name today.
  • Artemis – This name was used exclusively as a name for girls until modernity when it now is being given to both boys and girls today. Artemis is essentially the precursor for Diana and is also the goddess of the moon and hunting. The name means “butcher,” but that’s not stopping parents from choosing it. It landed in the US top 1000 most popular names for girls for the first time in 2020.
  • Selene – One of the prettiest Greek goddess names, Selene comes from a Greek word related to “light” and means “moon goddess.” According to myth, Helios the sun god is the brother of Selene.

Monday Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Badru – A popular Egyptian name for boys, Badru grew so beloved over the years that it is now also widely used for baby girls as well. Badru means “born during the full moon.”
  • Jericho – Jericho names an ancient Palestinian city that is mentioned in the Bible. It comes from Hebrew roots that mean “moon.” This name has traditionally been given to boys, but it can go to girls as well!
  • Qamar – Pronounced kah-MAR, Qamar is a delightful name for boys from Arabic that means “moon.” Qamar’s got the lovable qualities of Omar, but it’s far rarer in the US today.
  • Luan – A name traditionally given to little boys, we feel that Luan could work well for girls as well. The Polynesian roots of the name mean “moon.” However, you will find an identical name in Albanian that means “lion.” In Gaelic, the name means “hound.”
  • Koray – An absolutely gorgeous Turkish name for boys, Koray means “ember moon.” The name, with its poetic meaning, is extremely popular in Turkey and Germany today!

Tuesday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

Tuesday comes from an Old English word by way of Latin. The root means “day of Mars.” The Roman god of war, Mars, is the root of many fantastic names for girls and boys.

Tuesday Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Marcella – Marcella contains the Mars root and means “warlike.” It is a rare choice today but was once a wildly popular choice in the US.
  • Martia – Martia is a name of Latin origin, a form of the name Marcia, also meaning “warlike.”
  • Abena – Abena comes from the Akan language of Ghana. The name means “born on a Tuesday.” The male counterparts to Abena are Kwabena or Kobena.
  • Mardi -Mardi is a name of French origin that means “Tuesday.”

Tuesday Baby Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Markos – Markos is the Greek form of Marcus, a name meaning “warlike.” This ancient Greek and Roman name is still beloved today, especially in Europe. This name sounds distinguished yet approachable.
  • Týr – Every ancient culture seems to have had a god of war resembling the Roman Mars. In Norse mythology, you find Týr, a baby name meaning “The God.” Týr likely gave us the Roman name Titus and the English day name Tuesday.
  • Marcel – Marcel is a French baby name that means “Mars” or “little warrior,” coming from the Roman name Marcellus. Proust and Duchamp are two distinguished namesakes. Marcel has historically been a mildly popular baby name choice in the US. It ranked as the 760th most popular name last year.
  • Massimo – Massimo is an Italian form of Maximus, a name that means “greatest,” and is related to the Roman god Mars. Massimo has never been as widespread in the US as it has been in Italy. We think it’s got plenty of energy and playfulness to serve your son well.
  • Mark – Mark has been a top 500 name in the US since records began in 1880. Mark can be spelled Marc, and both look and sound great. Mark comes from the same root as Mars, meaning “warlike.” Many forms of this name are popular around the world, like the aforementioned Markos.

Wednesday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

Wednesday comes from Old English Wōdnesdæg and Middle English Wednesdei, meaning “day of Woden.” Woden was an Anglo-Saxon god and equivalent to the Norse, Odin. See how similar both the names sound? In the Romance languages, it’s a different story. The French mercredi, Spanish miércoles and Italian mercoledì, the day’s name from Latin dies Mercurii or “day of Mercury.”

Mercury is the Roman messenger god who also holds dominion over commerce, luck, and financial gain.

Wednesday Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Wednesday – You can get right to the point with the charming name Wednesday. The name was already on the rise, but the hit Netflix series of the same name has propelled this appellation to new heights. We expect to land in the top 1000 for the first time in the next couple of years.
  • Akuba – As mentioned with several other names on this list, choosing a name on the day your child is born is commonplace in Ghana. This one means “born on Wednesday.”
  • Virgo – Mercury is the planet and sign ruler of the Virgo Sun sign. That makes it a great option and unique choice for a girl born today.
  • Silver – Mercury also means “quicksilver.” We think the name Silver has so much potential.

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Wednesday Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Mercury – The name Mercury might have originated from the same root that brings us the word “merchandise.” As Mercury was the god of commerce, this seems totally possible.
  • Kwaku – Kwaku is the male counterpart to Akuba, and it means “born on Wednesday.”
  • Odin – The Norse king of the gods, called the “god of frenzy,” Odin is rising in the US and is a solid top-500 pick today.
  • Dion – Dion is a French short form of the Greek name Dionysius. We picked this appellation because it means “child of heaven and earth.” Mercury is a god that travels with messages from the heavens to the earth and guides souls to the underworld. That makes Dion a spiritual epitaph.

Thursday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

Thursday comes from Old English from Norse and means “Thor’s Day.” Thor is the mythical god of thunder. However, in the Romance languages, it’s a different story. In Italian it’s giovedì, in Spanish jueves, and in French jeudi. The roots of these day names mean “Jupiter’s Day.” Jupiter is the Roman god of the sky and thunder. Plenty of inspiration for a baby born on Thursday!

Thursday Baby Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Amalthea – A name from Greek mythology that means “loving goddess,” Amalthea was a nymph with a goat that nursed the infant Zeus (the Greek counterpart to Jupiter). The name belongs to one of the planet’s moons!
  • Thora – A name that shares the same root with Thor, Thora means “thunder goddess.” Not bad!
  • Sky – Jupiter is the god of the sky and names the biggest planet in our solar system. We feel like this gentle nature name is a nod to both.
  • Yaba – Another one of the Ghanian names, meaning “born on Thursday.”

Thursday Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Jupiter – A name taken to mean “sky-father,” Jupiter would be a bold choice for a baby born today.
  • Jupe – Jupe is an adorable short form of Jupiter that we think is as sweet as they come.
  • Jove – Jove is the epitaph given to Jupiter when he was taking on his supreme deity duties. Established female forms of this name include Jovie and Jovita.
  • Thor – Thor names a powerful Norse god of thunder, strength, and rain. The appellation was once popular in the US in the 1970s and might be on its way to a comeback. Thor means “thunder,” and this name boldly sounds like it.

Friday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
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In English, the word Friday means “day of Frig,” a reference to the Norse goddess Frigg (Freya), equivalent to the Roman goddess Venus. In the romance languages, the day is called vendredi in French, venerdì in Italian, and viernes in Spanish. All of these day names mean “day of Venus.” The etymology of the name Venus is translated to “love” or “charm,” a reference to the goddess who holds dominion over desire, relationships, love, and sexuality. Many names carry these alluring meanings.

Friday Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Venus – Venus has had its ups and downs in terms of popularity in the US. Its most popular year was 1959, which hasn’t been widely given since the 1980s. That makes this appellation a prime pick that is accessible yet unique.
  • Freya – Freya is a Norse goddess of love, fertility, and beauty. A Norse-i-fied Venus, if you will. This name’s root means “noble woman.” Freya has taken off in the US and is headed for the top 100 in 2023.
  • Carys – Pronounced CA-riss, this is a Welsh name that means “love.” The appellation is very popular across the UK, even outside of its native Wales.
  • Mabel – Mabel is a delightfully vintage-sounding name that means “lovable,” coming from a Latin root. The name is on a slow climb once more in the US as more parents are returning to this absolute gem of a name.
  • Suki – One of the best and most accessible Japanese girl names that mean love is Suki. The name more specifically means “loved one.”

Friday Baby Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Amado – Amado is a classic Spanish name for boys that has not been popular in the US for about 100 years. It’s time to bring this treasured appellation back to its former glory. The name means “loved.”
  • Aziz – Aziz is one of the traditional Arabic boy names that mean love. It’s also one of the 99 names of Allah. Aziz means “beloved” and “powerful.” Who could be mad at those meanings? Aziz has never been a top-1000 name in the US but we expect that to change in the coming years.
  • Liev – Liev is the Yiddish form of Lev, making it one of the boy names that mean love that should be attractive to Jewish parents. Liev translates to “heart.”
  • Carwyn – One of the most underutilized boy names that mean love is Carwyn. This Welsh charmer means “blessed love.” The appellation is a popular option in Wales today, but it’s virtually unused in the US.

Saturday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

Saturday is one of the day names that doesn’t have an English versus Romance languages split. It means “Saturn’s Day.” The Roman god holds dominion over time, generation, dissolution, abundance, wealth, and agriculture. For a baby born on this day, there are so many inspired appellations to choose from.

Saturday Baby Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Georgia – Georgia is the female form of George that comes from a Greek root that means “farmer.” As Saturn is the god of Agriculture, that makes this name a good option.
  • Florence – Another name chosen because of its connection to agriculture, but also wealth. The Latin root of Florence means “flourishing” and “prosperous.”
  • Heidi – Heidi went mainstream in the US after the Shirley Temple film of the same name was released in 1937. It was a top 100 name for nearly two decades following the popularity of the blockbuster. Heidi is a diminutive of Adelheid, a German name meaning “noble.” This one makes us want to climb an alpine mountain.
  • Cassiel – Traditionally, Cassiel has been used as a name for boys, but we prefer it for girls. After all, it gives you the admirable nickname Cass. Cassiel comes from Latin and means “angel of Saturday.”
  • Jael – Jael is a unisex name of Hebrew origin that means “goat.” Saturn and the astrological sign of Capricorn are linked. The symbol for the sign is a sea-goat.

Saturday Baby Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • George – As with Georgia, George is a name that originated in Greek and means “farmer.” It’s one of the Western World’s most cherished and beloved names.
  • Saturn – Saturn has seemed too otherworldly for most American parents, and it has never been a popular choice here. Saturn comes from a Latin root that means “sowing,” a connection to the god’s dominion over agriculture.
  • Cronus – Cronus is the Greek counterpart to Saturn. He is a Titan who holds dominion over time, according to myth.
  • Linus – Linus is a name of Latin origin that means “flax.” We think enough time has passed that this appellation has shaken off its Peanuts image. We’d love to hear this one more.
  • Horace – Horace is an ancient Latin clan name that means “keeper of time.” This name was prevalent in the US at the turn of the twentieth century. Please, bring it back, parents.

Sunday Baby Names

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

This one should be apparent! Sun day means “Sun’s Day.” In the Romance languages, the day names are taken from the root domenica, meaning “the Lord’s Day.”

Sunday Names for Girls

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Dominica – Dominica has performed much better in Europe than the US. This name of Latin origin means “belonging to the Lord.” It has never ranked in the top 1000 in the US.
  • Aelia – A name from Ancient Rome that sounds fresh today, Aelia is of Latin origin and means “sun.” This name has never been popular in the US, making it a distinct option.
  • Salana – Salana is a Latinate name that’s used in a variety of different languages. This underutilized option means “sun.”
  • Elizabeth – Elizabeth comes from a Hebrew root that means “pledged to God.” Any of the variants of this name will also be Sunday-approved. They include Eliza, Liza, Isabella, Lilibet, and many others.
  • Suree – Suree is a super-cute name of Thai origin that means “sunshine.” Despite being virtually unknown in the US, it’s a completely accessible choice and one of the sweetest girl names that mean fire.

Sunday Names for Boys

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week
  • Dominic – As with the aforementioned Dominica, Dominic means “belonging to the Lord.” This appellation has performed far better than its female counterpart. It rest just outside the top 100 today.
  • Cyrus – Cyrus has been in the US top 1000 most popular baby names since records began in 1880, making it one of the most roundly beloved boy names that mean “sun.” It is of Persian origin and was borne by the founder of the Persian Empire.
  • Elio – Elio is a Latinate name with a playful sound that has mysteriously never been a popular choice in the US despite it being a favorite in Europe, especially in France, where it’s one of the most popular choices for boys born today. The name is derived from the Greek sun god Helios. It’s one of our favorite boy names that mean “sun.”
  • Gabriel – Gabriel is a time-tested classic of Hebrew origin that means “God is my strength.” It’s a unisex name but it has always been more popular for boys in the US.
  • Sol – Sol is a Spanish name that once enjoyed wide popularity in the US but faded away in the 1930s. It’s one of the few Spanish boy names that mean “sun.” It’s an oldie but a goodie, in our opinion.

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In Conclusion

Baby Names for on Each Day of the Week

As you have seen, there are many creative ways to honor your baby’s time of birth. Our day names are ancient, meaning they hold so much history to draw inspiration from. We hope you have found suitable options that feel evocative and stylish for your baby. Happy baby name hunting, and congratulations!

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