Grab Your Cape: 30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

No! Batman, Spiderman, Wolverine, and Hulk are not baby names. Don’t even think about naming your son Thor! And for the love of all that is holy, stop thinking about naming your daughter Rogue! However, we can look to comic books, superhero movies, and TV for baby name inspiration. Superheroes are so compelling because they’re generally fighting for others. They are often equipped with superpowers or abilities that make them akin to babies. After all, you know that every baby has the ability to make their parent(s) melt. It’s true. We took a look at some of our favorite superheroes, their universes, and supporting characters to compile a list of baby names we think you’ll go gaga over. Here are 30 superhero-inspired baby names for the little caped crusader in your life.

Boys’ Names

15. Kit

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

The 21st Phantom from The Phantom comic strip, Kit Walker, doesn’t have any special powers. Instead, this superhero must rely on his wits and reputation. The name Kit means “carrier of Christ” and is of Greek origin. It is a common nickname for Christopher and is very popular in the UK.

14. Reed

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Mr. Fantastic, aka Reed Richards, has incredible superpowers that allow him to stretch and squish in and out of some sticky situations. As the leader of the Fantastic Four, Reed puts his abilities and genius to good use. Reed comes from the Middle English word, “reade” which means “red.” This name was generally given to boys with red hair.

13. Diego

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

“No one has seen his face… but everyone… knows this mark.” Don Diego de le Vega, better known as Zorro, was first introduced in 1919! Zorro means “fox” and Diego means “supplanter.” In case this wasn’t clear, do not name your child Zorro. Diego would be a fantastic name!

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12. Quill

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Peter Jason Quill, or Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, is such a compelling character. The name Quill is an Anglicized form of the Irish surname “Ó Cuill.” It means wooded or forest. We know the name Quill might be a little hard for some parents to get behind. Peter or Jason are also some handsome names for boys.  

11. Wade

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

For all the misfits out there, Deadpool was a comic book character that felt special because he brought his signature weirdness to everything. Deadpool’s name, Wade Wilson, is a fine name and the first name Wade is a winner. Wade means “ford” and comes from Old English.

10. Britt

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

The Green Hornet or Britt Reid first made their debut on radio in the 1930s. The name Britt is a gender-neutral baby name and will work for both girls and boys. The name Britt is of Brittish origin (although it was actually popularized in Sweden). The name means, “from Britain.”

9. Dash

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Disney’s The Incredibles is about an extraordinary family that loves each other as hard it fights others. Mr. Incredible’s son Dashiell Parr or as they affectionately call him, Dash has a pretty incredible name. Dash is English in origin and means “of the ash.”

8. Parker

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Everyone’s favorite arachnid/human mutant Spider-Man is known by those who love him as Peter Parker. While the name Peter is just fine, we think the name Parker is the better name. It’s an English occupational name that was traditionally given to park keepers.

7. Sebastian

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Sebastian O was a short-lived comic series that reimagined a steampunk alternative history of Victorian London. The comic was extremely controversial for its subversive themes and characters, including its title one, Sebastian. The name Sebastian means “person from Sebastia [an ancient city].”

6. Max

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Max Eisenhardt, better known as Magneto from X-Men, has a name that means “the greatest.” Max is German in origin and is often used as a nickname for Maximus, Maximilian, and Maxwell.

5. Oliver

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Oliver Jonas Queen, or The Green Arrow, is a masked superhero who uses a bow and arrow to fight crime. Oliver is one of the most popular names for boys these days. Oliver is French and means “olive tree.”

4. Blaze

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

If you think you’re cool enough parents to pull this off, Blaze would be a unique name for a boy. The Ghost Rider’s alias is Johnny Blaze. Blaze ascended after St. Blaise. Blaze means “fire” in case that didn’t jump out at you.

3. Bishop

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Lucas Bishop is a time-traveling character from the X-Men universe that once served as a member of Francis Xavier’s Security Enforcers. Bishop would be a great name for a little boy. It is of English origin and means “overseer.”

2. Jordan

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Jordan is an excellent unisex name that means “to flow down.” Hal Jordan, or as he’s better known: Green Lantern, was created in 1959. While Hal would be an okay first name, Jordan is just as time-tested but has a bit more character to it.

1. Luke

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

It might not be the flashiest name on the list, but Luke is one striking name. Luke is the English form of Lucas, Lucius, or Luca and means “bright.” Luke Cage or Carl Lucas, was a character that was first published in 1972 by Marvel. Luke is a traditional name that had started to fall in popularity by the mid 20th Century. After Luke Skywalker first appeared in Star Wars in 1977, the name quickly shot up the charts to become one of the most popular names in the United States.

Girls’ Names

15. Robin

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Robin is a unisex name that used to be more popular for boys, but now it’s more common among girls. You might have heard of this crime-fighting duo named Batman and Robin. Sound familiar? We love the name Robin. It means “fame-bright.”

14. Diana

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Diana Prince, or Wonder Woman, is a boss. Diana is a name that comes from the goddess of the hunt. The name means “heavenly divine” and has been in use since the Renaissance.

13. Gwen

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Gwen or Gwendolyn would be very fine names for a little girl. Gwen Stacy is Spider-Man’s love interest. The name Gwen can be short for Guinevere, Gwendolyn, Gwendoline, and Gwenda.

12. Aurora

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Aurora is a girl’s name of Latin origin that means “dawn.” In the X-Men universe, Aurora was a character who helped the team fight bad guys with beams of light. Her superpowers included flight, the power to project light, and the power bend it.

11. Selina

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Catwoman is a fan favorite from Batman. Catwoman or Selina Kyle has been a part of the Batman world since Batman #1 debuted in the 1940s. Although she wasn’t known as Catwoman at the time, she was called “the Cat.” The name Selina is Greek in origin and means “moon.”

10. Raven

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

The name Raven means exactly what you think it does, a “large black bird.” An interesting fact about the name Raven is that it used to be given to people caught thieving in the Middle Ages. The shapeshifting Mystique from X-Men is also known as Raven Darkhölme.

9. Jaime

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Jaime Sommers was the character’s name, but you might know her better as the Bionic Woman. Jaime Sommers had superhuman abilities that she put to use fighting crime on behalf of the government. The names Jaime or Jamie are unisex names that would be great for a boy or girl. The name Jaime means “supplanter.”

8. Ivy

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Poison Ivy from Batman might make you think she’s a supervillain. But, when she first made her appearance in the comic in 1966 she was a frequent collaborator with Batman. The name Ivy simply refers to the plant that symbolizes fidelity.

7. Kara

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Kara Zor-El or Supergirl is a superhero who hails from the planet Krypton. She shares many powers with Superman, but she’s way cooler. Kara comes from the Irish word “cara” which means friend.

6. Scarlet

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

The names Scarlet or Scarlett were occupational names given to people who sold cloth. The word Scarlet also refers to the color red. The Scarlet Witch, also known as Wanda Maximoff, first appeared in the X-Men comics in 1964.

5. Logan

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

While we’re talking about X-Men, let’s not forget our friend Wolverine. The Wolverine is known by a couple of monikers: James Howlett, Weapon X, and Logan. Logan is a gender-neutral name but we like it for a girl. The name is Scottish and means “little hollow.”

4. Violet

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Violet Barclay who also worked under the name Valerie Barclay and the married name Valerie Smith was a pioneering female comic book artist who started drawing professionally in the 1930s. The name Violet is of Latin origin and means “purple” or “modest.”

3. Pepper

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Virginia “Pepper” Potts is the love interest of Iron Man, Tony Stark. Pepper Potts first debuted in 1963. Over the decades the character has evolved from a love interest to a real hero herself code-named Hera. Although the name Pepper might sound spicy, it’s meaning is rather sweet. This English name means “berry.” If Pepper sounds too much like seasoning, Virginia would make a fine name for a girl.

2. Mera

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Mera, queen of the sea, first appeared in Aquaman in 1963 before getting her own standalone comic. Mera can control the sea and has superhuman strength which she uses to aid the Justice League. The name Mera is Hebrew and means “admirable.” The name is very popular for girls in the Netherlands.

1. Clea

30 Superhero-Inspired Baby Names

Clea first appeared in Strange Tales #126 in 1964. In case you’re not familiar, Strange Tales gave us Doctor Strange, and Clea is one of his disciples. Clea is a powerful sorceress with a vast knowledge of magic. The name Clea is English and means “pure.”

Superheroes have been given some incredible names over the years, and their stories have empowered many of us. Because of their bravery, grit, and tenacity, many of these characters leave a lasting impression. A great way to show your love of superheroes is to choose a name that’s inspired by your favorite comic book or movie character. There’s still room for creativity. No one’s suggesting you name your child Legion, Storm, or Riddler. However, you can think outside the box to come up with unique names for your child.

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