20 Ideas for Your Baby’s First Christmas

Although your little one might not remember it, your baby’s first Christmas is a most special one. It’s the perfect opportunity to start some Holiday traditions that last for the rest of their childhood! Holiday baking, crafting, and all-around memory-making are what the season is for and you can include your little one to start building the sort of Christmas memories we all wish we had as children.

Christmastime is a magical time of year and we encourage you to lean into that whimsical sort of fantasy when brainstorming ideas for your baby’s first Christmas. We wanted to discover the best sorts of ways to make it fun for everyone involved and we were not disappointed by the many ideas members of the MU team had for making your baby’s first Christmas a wonderful experience filled with love!

Make Your Baby’s First Christmas Magical with These Fun Ideas!

Find an Ugly Christmas Sweater for Your Baby

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

We love the tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters that are festive but often a bit over-the-top. You can find an appropriately garish sweater for your little one or get matching ones for the whole family. Now, it’s portrait time. You can start this tradition and enjoy ugly sweater season every year! You’ll love looking back at all of those sweaters one day.

The Advent Jar

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Another fun holiday tradition you can start on your baby’s first Christmas is a festivity jar! Instead of an advent calendar, grab a small jar. Then, take 24 slips of green and red paper and write a holiday activity on each piece. Think of activities like “take a walk in the snow” or “look at Christmas lights” or “craft a Christmas wreath.” Pull a piece of paper out (eventually this will be your child’s job) and do what the piece of paper says to celebrate every day of the season with that baby.

Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

One of the most celebrated Christmas traditions for newborns is to create or purchase a baby’s first Christmas ornament that will hang on every Christmas tree in the future. It can be a frame ornament with a picture of your baby or you can get even more creative! The important thing is to just mark the occasion with a keepsake that your family will enjoy for years to come.

Baby’s Handprint

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

You can do this for the Christmas ornament we just mentioned or as a separate project. Using paint, you can take your baby’s hand and footprints to mark the very special moment. Think green and red paint! How cute! Conversely, you can use salt dough to get an impression of your baby’s hands.

Save Some of That First Christmas Tree

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Before you put your tree in water, saw off a round from the tree’s trunk. It will preserve well and you can choose to decorate with the date of your baby’s first Christmas. You can even drill a hole through it and use ribbon to turn it into an ornament you will love forever.

Matching Christmas Pajamas

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

For those Christmas morning pictures, consider coordinating your pajamas so that you and your family all have matching pajamas to wear. You will all look so festive and cute. You can continue this tradition as long as your child will play along!

Go to a Local Tree Lighting Ceremony

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Cities big and small across the US often have a Christmas tree lighting ceremony where people gather to watch a big tree get lit up for the first time of the season. Your baby will love seeing those sparkling lights! We know that most of these events will take place past your baby’s bedtime but you can make an exception for Christmas, right?


20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Christmas stories are so fun and full of magic and as children, for many of us, the stories are the best part. Start young! Read your baby Christmas stories that you enjoyed as a kid and discover some new ones to start your own unique traditions.

Visit Santa

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

The idea of a stranger in a costume holding your infant might be offputting but we promise that those funny baby’s first Christmas with Santa photos are going to be worth it. We encourage parents to take a trip to visit Santa very early on in the season. Like, if you can make it the first days that he’s around, you will likely miss a lot of the long lines.

Dress Up as Santa

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

If visiting a mall Santa fills you with dread, fear not! There are other alternatives that can turn out to be much more fun. You can dress up as Santa or Ms. Claus and take some fun photos with your baby. We imagine it will be very fun for the whole family! Conversely, if you have a particularly portly and jolly family member, you can ask them for their assistance. We bet they’ll do anything to help make baby’s first Christmas a special one.

Decorate Baby’s Nursery

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Why not make your baby’s room extra festive for their first Christmas. Hang some twinkling lights or paper snowflakes from the ceiling. Keep things safely out of reach but really do it up! We bet your little one will enjoy the change of scenery. Who doesn’t like Christmas lights?

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An Heirloom Gift

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Sure, you should let grandparents and extended family spoil your little one with Christmas gifts but you might want to commemorate baby’s first Christmas with a gift that your child can cherish as an adult. This could be a quilt made from clothes your child has already outgrown or something like a silver rattle that your baby can gift to their own child one day.

Make Cookies for Santa

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Okay, we’re actually just encouraging you to make cookies for yourself but it’s a fun Christmas tradition that you can go ahead and start for your baby’s first Christmas. Bake some cookies and set them out for Santa along with some celery and/or carrots for the reindeer. The more photos you can get of these cute moments, the better!

Chart Baby’s Growth

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Think of the perfect place to take a picture of your baby. This could be next to the tree or near a hearth just someplace festive that you can return to each year. Take a picture of your child in the exact same spot every Christmas season and you can chart their growth through the years. Bonus points for a cute Christmas outfit!

Put Baby on This Year’s Christmas Cards

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

For Season’s Greetings on baby’s first Christmas let your child be the star of the show. Snap a festive shot of your baby with some ornaments or in front of poinsettias and then use the image to create Christmas cards that you can send to family and friends.

Hang Little Stockings with Care

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Get your baby a special stocking or even hang some Christmas baby sock’s on the mantle. You can keep this special memento of your child’s first Christmas forever.

Have an Immersive Christmas Moment

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Your baby’s first Christmas is an opportunity for you to spend some time with your little one and introduce them to the things that make the holiday special. Put on some Christmas music and allow your baby to feel a clipping of your Christmas tree. Allow them to jingle some bells or you can jingle the bells for the baby. Show baby the Christmas tree and lights and let their eyes light up with excitement. Make it special for that little blob of love of yours!

Christmas Baby Mobile

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Create a DIY Christmas mobile that’s safe for your baby. This activity is similar to the last, but it will allow your child to have a real hands-on experience. Hang red and green pom poms, small stuffed animals, soft Christmas ornaments, and more from overhead and allow your baby to play with the items.

Got to a Christmas Tree Farm

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Christmas tree farms are a lot of fun for the whole family and most offer plenty of opportunities to snap some priceless photos. Your baby will love the smells, sights, and sounds of an exciting visit to the tree farm.

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Play with an Elf on a Shelf

20 ideas for your baby's first christmas

Most Christmas traditions work best when they feel to children as if they’ve always been done. Start them young! For baby’s first Christmas, introduce your little one to an Elf on a Shelf toy and let them touch and play with it if you are comfortable. You can move the elf around your child’s nursery or place it in locations where you know your child will see it. What a blast!

There you go! Are you ready to start some traditions and create memories for your baby’s first Christmas? We hope we presented you with some fun ideas! Christmas is such a magical time for families to bond and celebrate each other. Do your best to get baby involved at every turn and you won’t regret it!

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