Barron Trump Is Currently Trending on Twitter and You’ll Never Guess Why

When it comes to the children of past and present Presidents of the United States, it’s most often that they remain out of the spotlight. No former First Lady was keener on that than Donald Trump’s wife, Melania, when it came to her son Barron Trump.

During his four years in office, Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump was rarely ever seen. Only a few times did the cameras catch him and that was during only certain publicized events.

barron trump is currently trending on twitter and you’ll never guess why

Barron Trump Is Currently Trending on Twitter and You’ll Never Guess Why

Melania made it very clear prior to Trump’s reign as the 45th president, Barron was going to have as normal of a life as possible despite his father’s status. And Melania absolutely got her wish.

However, shortly after Trump was voted out of office and Barron and Melania moved back to New York City, photographers caught a glimpse of the mother-son duo walking out of a building. The photos taken of Barron shocked a lot of people.

barron trump is currently trending on twitter and you’ll never guess why
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images

Why? Well because it seems that during his father’s time as president, the youngest Trump did a little growing up…or a lot of growing up. 

While it’s well known that Trump is a rather tall man, it seems as though his youngest son may be the tallest out of all of the former president’s children. According to reports, at the age of 16, Barron is already 6-foot-7. And it’s exactly why he is currently trending on Twitter.

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This photo, which was shared by B.W. Carlin on Twitter, seemed to have started the discussion around Barron’s height. It’s unclear when this photo was taken.

According to the thousands of tweets made about Barron Trump on June 20, people are upset that other people are calling Barron tall. It’s unclear why that upsets people because it’s true. 

Being 16 years old and 6-foot-seven is above the average height for a boy his age. According to Healthline, the average height for a 16-year-old male in America is 5-foot-8 inches, meaning the youngest Trump exceeds that by nearly a foot.

Mamas Uncut first shared the photo of him and his mom several months ago. Barron celebrated his 16th birthday on March 20.

While some are saying the picture of Barron Trump that was recently shared on Twitter is edited, Snopes says otherwise. Snopes further claims that while the photo is legitimate, they report it was taken on Mother’s Day 2021.

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