Best Friends Give Birth on the Same Floor of the Same Hospital Just Hours Apart in Los Angeles

Kelcey Harris and Dezhana Stallworth are two best friends living in Southern California who share almost everything together. They first met in the 5th grade and have watched their relationship grow tighter and tighter ever since – even as they both enter motherhood, they still find time for one another. 

In fact, becoming mothers is bringing them closer than ever before thanks to a story that some people might not believe. It all started earlier this year when both best friends announced they were pregnant (with separate babies). At the time, they knew their children would be born not far apart. 

What they didn’t know was that their children would be born on the same day to the same doctor on the same floor of the same hospital – just hours apart! It caught both mothers off guard, considering their original due dates were several weeks away from one another. As fate would have it, things changed. 

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Kelcey Harris had an expected due date of November 14th, while Dezhana Stallworth had a C-section scheduled for December 4th. In an unlikely scenario, Harris wouldn’t go into labor until December 3rd – roughly two weeks after her original due date. At this point, something incredible was bound to happen. 

The following day – December 4th – was one both mothers will remember forever. Not only did the best friends welcome two healthy and beautiful children into this world, but they did so on the same day just hours apart. They were delivered by the same doctor and were born on the same floor of the same hospital.

“We used to talk about going to college together and doing everything together. We were both like ‘Is this happening?’” said Stallworth in an interview with KABC-TV. “Super surreal. Our girls will share the same relationship we have, but from birth,” she added, holding back tears of joy alongside her best friend. 

“When you feel like you don’t have anyone else, you can always call your friend,” Harris said. “Especially your girlfriend, who probably is going through the same thing as you. She’s literally always been there for me,” said Harris, adding her new life is going to be the cutest with ‘great moments, memories, with family.’

A Similar Story Happened in 2021 to Best Friends in England 

There’s nothing more heartwarming than two best friends growing closer in the wake of new beginnings – in this case, motherhood. And while the story above sounds like something out of a book, it’s the type of story that happens more often than you’d think. For example, something similar occurred earlier this year. 

Morgan Hood and Maisie Campbell White met in 2020 when Morgan became Maisie’s mentor for her nursing course at the University of Suffolk Ipswich. The two immediately clicked and have since become best friends. Like best friends often do, they talked a lot about one day wanting to start their own family. 

The impossible started to happen when the best friends found out they were pregnant (separately) – on the same day! They later had their 12-week scans on the same day, with Maisie finding out she was having a boy and Morgan finding out she was expecting a girl. Their due dates were one week apart. 

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Despite the different due dates, the two best friends gave birth to two healthy and beautiful babies on June 28th – both on the same day. They make sure to meet up every week with their baby boy and baby girl, in hopes of them striking a similar friendship as the two mothers share. It’s just like out of a movie!

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