31 Best July Baby Names for a Little Ray of Sunshine

If you’re expecting a baby in July or simply love the summertime season, choosing baby name that reflects the warmth and beauty of this time of year could be the perfect fit. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of the 31 best baby names inspired by July that are sure to make your little one stand out. From names that mean “sun” to those that reference prominent events and holidays associated with July, we’ve got you covered.

We will kick off the list with fitting July baby names for girls. Then, we will cover names for boys. However, you will find unisex appellations in each so be sure to read through them all so you don’t miss a potential winner! Get ready to be inspired and find the perfect name for your July baby!

Best July Baby Names for Girls


Best July Baby Names

Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July, making it a prime candidate for your daughter. The name is firmly in the top 100 most popular names for girls in the US and it is tracking to land in the top 50 in the next couple of years.


Best July Baby Names

Hyacinth is a name of Greek origin that means “blue larkspur.” The larkspur is the birth flower for the month. This name is technically unisex but, as with all flower names, it is favored for girls. However, that does not mean the name is popular. It’s a rare choice today.


Best July Baby Names

Soleil is a French word meaning “sun.” It is often used to refer to the sun itself, or to the warmth and light it brings. It is also used to describe a person who is cheerful and bright, or to refer to something that is beautiful and radiant. The name is technically unisex but it goes virtually unused for boys. Soleil landed in the top 1000 for girls for the first time in 2021. It’s starting to take hold.


Best July Baby Names

Summer is technically unisex, but the name has been far more popular among baby girls. The appellation is very popular in English speaking communities around the world. For us, July feels like the most quintessential month of the season. Put this name to good use, parents.


Best July Baby Names

Leonie is a name of Latin origin that means “lion.” The name hasn’t been popular in the US for over 100 years, so it has a vintage sound and appeal. If your July baby is born under Leo, you can celebrate her astrological sign with this name.


Best July Baby Names

The month of July is tinted with a golden hue, making the name Aurelia a fitting one. The name comes from an ancient Roman clan name, from a root that means “the golden one.”


Best July Baby Names

Liberty is a virtue name that means “freedom.” As we celebrate Independence Day during July, it could be a fitting option for your child. The name is in the top 1000 today but it has been on the downward trend for a couple of years now. Keep Liberty alive!


Best July Baby Names

If you would like to cut right to the chase, the name July is a beautiful option for your daughter. As a given name, the name has been rare. This one also makes a great middle name.


Best July Baby Names

Kairi is a name of Japanese origin, meaning “sea.” Kairi was introduced to most English speakers by the game Kingdom Hearts. It propelled this name into the top 100 most popular today.


Best July Baby Names

Orla is a name of Irish origin that is currently on fire in the UK. The root of this name means “golden princess.” Sadly, the name has gone virtually unused in the US. We hope more parents discover its Celtic charms. For a more traditional Irish spelling go with Orlaith or Orlagh.


Best July Baby Names

Cyra is a name of Persian origin that means “sun” or “throne.” You will want to pronounce this rare name in the US SEER-a. Its connection to the sun makes it a perfect summer baby name.


Best July Baby Names

Fans of singer-songwriter SZA know that her birth name is Solana Rowe. Solana is a name of Spanish origin that means “sunshine.” It sounds light and bright as well. You get some killer nickname options with this one like Sol, Lana, Lala, etc.


Best July Baby Names

You will want to pronounce this one SOON-ee-va. Sunniva is a Scandinavian name with deep ties to Norway. In fact, the name belongs to a patron saint of western Norway. This upbeat name means “gift of the sun” and you have the option of going with Sunni or Eva as nicknames!


Best July Baby Names

Zari is a short form of the Persian name Zarin, meaning “golden.” We think this zesty appellation should be on more parents radars. It has never been a popular option in the US, but it really should be.


Best July Baby Names

If the name July is too on-the-nose for you. Consider going with Juliette, which contains the same root as the month, meaning “youthful” and “little Julia.”

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Best July Baby Names for Boys


Best July Baby Names

Cyrus is the masculine form of the girls’ name Cyra we shared with you. The name is also of Persian origin and means “sun” and “throne.” Cyrus has been quietly climbing for decades. It is set to best its most popular ranking ever in the next couple of years.


Best July Baby Names

Elio is such a playful name of Italian and Spanish origin that shares the same root with the Greek sun god, Helios. Thus, this name also means “sun.” Elio has been very popular in France in recent years and it finally landed on enough birth certificates in the US to rank in the top 1000 in 2021 and 2022.


Best July Baby Names

Aurelio is an Italian form of the Latin name Aurelius, meaning “the golden one.” As gold is the color most associated with the astrological sign Leo and the summer, we feel this name really hits the spot. The name resurfaced on the top 1000 most popular baby names in 2022 after being absent from the list since 1983! We are so happy this delightful appellation is back!


Best July Baby Names

While we’re on the topic of the astrological sign Leo, Leonidas has been on a steep climb in the US since the 1990s. It’s popular but not overly so. Leonidas is a name of Greek origin that seems to command respect. It means “lion.”


Best July Baby Names

Over the past several years, Samson has been more popular than ever before in the US. The name is also popular in the UK today. Samson is a name of Hebrew origin that means “sun.” The name is, of course, associated with the Biblical Samson and Delilah but thanks to its growing popularity the appellation has started to shake that image.


Best July Baby Names

Julius is a Latin name meaning “youthful,” and “downy-bearded.” It is derived from the Roman family name Julius, which is possibly related to the Greek word for “downy-bearded.” Julius is a mildly popular name in the US but it is heard around the world. The month of July got its name from this one.


Best July Baby Names

If Julius feels too clunky, consider the streamlined Jules. It is a unisex name of French origin, derived from the Latin name Julius. The name was once popular for baby boys in the US, before 1961. It is currently popular across Europe.


Best July Baby Names

Maverick is an American invention and is a fairly recent name to enter the top 1000 for baby boys. Today, it’s a top 50 name! It possesses an Americana image complete with cowboy vibes. This name is taken to mean “nonconformist.” For a boy (or girl!) born on the 4th of July, this could be the one.


Best July Baby Names

Blaze is a unisex name of English origin and is a word-turned-given-name. This fiery appellation reminds of the blazing sun on those bright July days. This name is more popular for baby boys than girls.


Best July Baby Names

For a lovely nature-inspired appellation, try Neil. The name is of Irish origin and means “cloud.” This name was at the height of its powers in the 1950s and it’s been slowly falling ever since. We love this straightforward name for a July baby.


Best July Baby Names

Seeing as July is the seventh month of the year, names with seven meanings are appropriate. You can get right to the point with a name like Seven. You might think this name is rare but it’s been on the rise since 2016. It and Neil are almost equally as popular today for boys.


Best July Baby Names

If you like the idea of a number name but dislike Seven, consider Septimus. This bold Latin name means “seventh son.” The name has never been popular in the US, but you could help change that by using it for your July baby.


Best July Baby Names

Appellations of Irish origin are also very popular in the US. After all, there are tons of families that have Irish heritage. You will see Sorley more commonly as a surname but it can totally be used as a given name as well. This name means “summer sailor.”


Best July Baby Names

Flower and botanical names for boys are rather rare. However, Garland is an example of a strong-sounding name with a delightful meaning. It can be translated to mean “wreath of flowers” or “crown.” Sadly, this name is very rare in the US.


Best July Baby Names

Inigo is a diminutive form of Ignatius, a name that means “fiery.” This name has been in use with Spanish-speakers since the medieval era. However, it’s never been widely used in the US. We thought the fire meaning here related to the summer sun.

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Best July Baby Names

Lucius is a delightful July baby name that has a Latin root that means “light.” This appellation reminds us of sunshine. The name has not been popular in the US since the late 1960s and we think it’s time for a comeback.

In conclusion, picking the perfect name for your July baby can be a fun and exciting process. Whether you choose a name inspired by the month itself or opt for something completely unique, there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional names to more creative choices, the 31 best July baby names are sure to inspire you.

Remember, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you choose a name that feels right for you and your little one. Happy naming!

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