25 Best Kawaii Tattoos That Celebrate the Japanese Culture of Cute

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? Well, we suppose there can never really be too much cute, but we’re going to try. Kawaii in Japanese pop culture is the quality of being cute. Images that are shy, charming, childlike, and plush are features you’ll find in kawaii tattoos. These designs capitalize on bright colors that, more often than not, dazzle in pastel pallets. These tattoos might look nostalgic or even kiddish, but we assure you, they sting just the same as any other tattoo.

Kawaii characters like Hello Kitty or Pikachu are a couple of examples of cartoons that exude cuteness. If you’re after *warm and fuzzies*, kawaii designs are going to be perfect for you because the term actually translates to “one’s face is aglow.” Yes, these characters and motifs are meant to be so cute that they make you blush! We decided to take a look at some recent kawaii tattoos from around the world to bring you some of our favorite examples. Here are 25 objectively cute tattoos that you can’t deny bring the sweetness! Brace yourself, there’s a lot of adorableness coming your way.

Who Lives in a Pineapple…

SpongeBob’s pineapple home is a source of utter joy in this vibrant tattoo. Take a look at the colorful dots around the design. It’s a common feature in these kawaii tattoos.

Luck Be a Kitty

Maneki-Neko is a cute cat figure you’ll find in all sorts of places around the world. This cat is meant to bring good luck and we’re really into this pink-flower version.

90’s Baby

Well, you can wear your nineties nostalgia on your sleeve with a tattoo like this. The design conjures Saved by the Bell and Barbie. Also, sunflowers are coming back in a huge way in design and many other areas. As you recall, they were everywhere in the 1990s. Yes, this is a cute blast.


Here, we find a Japanese-inspired tattoo from China. These cute, candy-colored bunny fish are everything!

Little Love

In the US, Disney is probably the largest purveyor of kawaii. These adorable, micro Mickey hands in the shape of a heart are just so sweet. We love the watercolor effect which truly brings this design to life.

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Cute Caterpillar

There is probably another reference for this creature out there, but to us, this looks like a Furby and a caterpillar had a baby. We love the slight ombre effect and all of the pastel goodness.

Catch ’em All

Here, we find a Pokémon and Gameboy tattoo that’s an absolute blast. Check out the blue ink for the gaming device and how it is shaded so beautifully.

Arale Norimaki

Dr. Slump is a classic manga that is beloved around the world. Here’s the protagonist from the franchise looking extra cute.

Bamm Bamm

Is it just us or are there more Flinstones tattoos lately? We keep coming across them! Anyway, your favorite, Bamm-Bamm Rubble is tattooed here to great success.

Cute Sloth

You probably didn’t think you needed a precious sloth hugging a pineapple, but now, you know it’s essential. The googly eyes and bubblegum-pink cheeks are almost too much!

Cat Pop

Why yes, we would like a cat-popsicle. This dotted dazzler is outlined in a teal ink which makes the pink of the pop really… pop! This is darling.

Taco Time

We are always down for a food tattoo and, coincidentally, all the tacos. This handheld has a sweet little face and we’d like two more and a side of frijoles.

For Tony

People really lean into their inner dark side every year when Fall rolls around. Here, is an example of an incredibly cute Halloween tattoo. We’re very much into that little bat and his cute little teeth.

Little Fangs

Speaking of cute teeth, here’s a perfect little cat with a set of sizeable fangs. We can’t get over that beautiful flower bandana or the tiny fish skeleton.

Sparkly Butterflies

Butterflies are always a smart choice. These polka-dotted beauties shimmer with bright colors.

Cute Pooch

We’re big fans of dogs in general, here at MU. But, we have a special soft spot for dog tattoos. This floating cutie is probably the sweetest thing you’ll ever see.

Adventure Time

People are obsessed with Adventure Time and these, cute, stylized characters make for an amazing tattoo. The inclusion of black stars here was an interesting choice and we think it works!

Such a Ham

Yes, by all means, get a tattoo of your pet hamster. How precious is this!? We love how the hamster, whose name is Strudel, is accompanied by a pastry and a peanut. What a joy!

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Ketchup Love

Did you know Pikachu was a big fan of ketchup? It’s news to us too. However, among Pokemon fans, it’s well-known that Pikachu loves ketchup. In 2000, Heinz even released a special edition ketchup with Pikachu on the bottle.

T & J

Here, we find a warring Tom and Jerry from the beloved cartoon. The retro TV accompanied by floating weapons and a wedge of cheese are very fun elements of this design.

Take Us Away

Who knew UFOs could be cute? This rainbow-colored flying saucer is such a dream. Take me to your leader!

Sailor Jupiter

Makoto Kino, better known as Sailor Jupiter, is a fictional character in the Sailor Moon manga series. We love all the dazzling dots that bring this character to life.

Animal Crossing

All your best friends from Animal Crossing can be found in this upbeat design. The popular game spoonfeeds players kawaii so it’s no surprise to find it as inspiration for a tattoo.

Stitch & Friends

We spot a Stitch and a Kirby here, both looking extra special. This adorable tattoo sleeve comes from Hong Kong and we very much love it.

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Super Soup

Cri-Kee bathing in Ramen to celebrate the release of the new Mulan movie? We love this bowl of soup and the inspiration behind it. This is just charming.

There you go! 25 kawaii tattoos that bring a dose of cuteness and then some. If you are after a cutesy tattoo that makes you smile each time you look at it, let these designs be your inspiration.

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