The 7 Best Mom Influencers to Follow for Real-Life Advice and Inspiration

There are a lot of influencers you can follow on Instagram. While we strongly believe you need a healthy balance of family, friends, celebrities and food accounts (ok, fine, and workout ones, too), it’s also nice to follow some down-to-earth mom influencers who can help inspire you, make you laugh, and just generally help you feel a little less crazed.

So we rounded up a list of the very best mom influencers to follow on Instagram (and other channels). Here are seven of the most hilarious, inspirational moms making the internet a better place.

I Mom So Hard

Kristin and Jen are comedians and the co-creators of I Mom So Hard. If you haven’t already, we strongly recommend watching some of their YouTube videos that cover the trials of tribulations of being a parent, including finding a “mom” bathing suit that’s actually flattering and functional, the living hell that is grocery shopping with children, and the 1 million activities you try to fit into a summer. In addition to following them on Instagram, reading their book, and watching their videos, you can catch them on tour.

No Shame Parenting

Lindsay Powers, author of the forthcoming You Can’t F*ck Up Your Kids, is heavily inspired by the #noshameparenting trend. Lindsay’s whole focus? Don’t feel bad about the choices you make to best support your family. From breastfeeding versus formula to working versus staying at home, Lindsay focuses on choosing what’s right for your family, no matter what’s trending at the moment. Her Instagram stories are a hilarious collection of memes from fellow parents, and all of them are inspirational after a long day.

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The Perfect Mom

Desiree Fortin’s tagline is “We’re all the perfect moms for our kids.” Her Instagram posts highlight the “real” moments of parenthood over the perfectly-posed pictures. She writes about how her journey to motherhood was completely different from what she thought it would be, imperfect family photo ops, her journey with Postpartum Depression and much more. In between pics of her adorable family, her honest, raw posts about varied issues are hella inspiring.

Hannah Carpenter

Hannah Carpenter is a photographer, so you know her Instagram posts include only photos of the greatest quality. She chronicles her life as a mom of four, including a recent three-month stint in Europe with her clan. Her travel photos are especially drool-worthy and, fair warning, will prompt you to immediately start Googling things like, “traveling with family for three months – doable?”

Her Holistic Path

Olivyah is a doula who focuses her posts on labor and delivery, as well as parenthood. She’s a great one to follow if you haven’t yet had your child. Olivyah takes you through the stages of labor in one post, then touches on aspects about physiological births, the anatomy of a birth, and toxic births, among other topics in others.


Naomi Davis, aka TAZA, is an OG mom-blogger and now has more than 458,000 followers on Instagram. She shares her life raising her five children in NYC with her husband and covers everything from fashion, trips, food, and favorite toys. TAZA’s pics may look like she has it all together, but her captions show life with kids is always a bit messy. And that is inspiring to see!

Scary Mommy

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That's all that matters.

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Let’s be honest: sometimes you just need to read a good quote to feel that, yes, someone does understand how you’re feeling! For example, “If you see me in public looking like a hot mess, just know, my bills are paid, my heart is full, and I’m not trying to impress you.” Scary Mommy serves up pitch-perfect quotes and memes on a daily basis because, at the end of a crazy day, laughter is the best medicine.

Did we miss any of the best mom influencers to follow? Let us know in the comments!

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