Best Parenting Advice from Real Moms

Real Moms Reveal the Single Best Piece of Parenting Advice They Were Given Before Having Children

Parenting advice comes at all times, from all directions. Some of it is really helpful. Some of it is… the opposite of helpful. In order to better understand the kinds of advice moms and moms-to-be actually find useful, we turned to a group of real moms and asked: What is the single best piece of parenting advice you’ve ever received?

We turned to the Mamas Uncut Facebook community to ask:

“What is the single best piece of parenting advice you were ever given?
It can be obvious, surprising, from an unexpected person, anything! We’ll round up some of your answers for a special post on the site!”

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The community responded, as they always do, with a variety of amazing answers. Let’s take a look!

Practical Advice


“The best advice I was given as a new mom: ‘It’s okay to ask for help and support. Even if it’s just help doing dishes or laundry. You’re not in this alone.’”

“Take everyone’s advice, even when you didn’t ask. Everybody just wants to help you not stress. Take what everyone says and mix and match until you find what works for you and your family. I have lived by this for YEARS and it is so true.”

“To put one small toy on my knick-knack shelf just for the baby. He knows he is allowed to touch that but nothing else. It worked like a charm!”

“Being overprotective does more harm than you think. Let them fail and they will be better for it.”

“It’s okay to seek help. It doesn’t make you weak or a bad mother. It makes you strong to admit that you need help and to actively seek it to better your situation. This is applicable both to my mental health and just in general as a mom. But it rings so true in my life.”

“Always make time for your SO. Just because you have kids now, doesn’t mean you no longer have a relationship. SO should always be a priority too.”.

Encouraging Advice


“There are millions of moms, but you are HIS mom. Just do your best, even when you dont know what that is.”

“Success in parenting is not about what you do, it’s about who you are.”

“Trust your gut. If you feel like something isn’t right then your instincts are usually right. Listen to them.”

“If your child is happy, healthy and loved, you are doing it right. NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Big Picture Advice


“This too shall pass. For any actions/attitudes that are driving you crazy.”

“Never take criticism from a person you wouldn’t go to for advice.”

“My Nan told me when I became a nanny: ‘Remember to pick your battles, not all of them are worth the war.’ It’s something I have always remembered once I became a mum.”

“Be consistent and always listen.”

“My mom always reminds me that everything is a phase, the good and the bad. Cherish the good and remember that whatever is driving you crazy will pass.”

“Ask yourself: In 5 years will this matter?”

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