The Best Summer Family Photo Ideas You Can Steal Right From Instagram

What better time for a family photo session than summer? Everyone’s in vacation-mode, you have the whole outdoors at your disposal… and, honestly, what else are you going to do with all that time when the kids are out of school

So you schedule the session, bust out your best matching outfits, wipe Pop-Tart goo off your brood’s faces, and meet the photographer at the designated place and time.

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“What do you want?” she asks, unpacking enough equipment to send NASA on their next mission to Mars.

That’s when you choke.

You want pictures, of course. Preferably ones where nobody is sobbing, peeing, or picking their nose. But aside from that, you’re blank. 

Fear not! We combed the #familyphotosession hashtag on Instagram for the best easy-to-stage, easy-to-steal ideas for your summer family photo session. Say CHEESE!

Bust Out Your Whites

Does anything look better on a hot summer day than a crisp, white shirt? It’s easy to pull off this so-cool look without being too cutesy or matchy-matchy… just remember to take your photos before treating the kids to chocolate ice cream.

Hit the Beach

“In a swimsuit?” you may be thinking. “Thanks, but no thanks.” 

Good news: you don’t have to dress like a Sports Illustrated model and lie down in a bunch of sticky sand to get a beach shot you’ll love. Try some candids where you’re running, frolicking, and posing well away from the surf. Fully dressed, of course. 

Show Your Shark Face

Shaking a toy at the little ones can only work for so long—and tickling is precarious if they’ve just been potty trained. So what’s guaranteed to make little ones smile? Baby Shark, of course!

Level Up

Adding vertical dimension to your family photos adds serious visual drama, too. Sit the kiddos up on your shoulders to create fun shapes and levels in your snaps. 

Eat Your Heart Out

What’s prettier than bright, colorful summer fruits and vegetables? Pics of your kids chowing down on them, of course! Set the table with watermelon, strawberries, or melon, and let them go to town while your photog shoots away. Pro tip: do this in swimsuits, and have a hose handy for afterward!

Come Out Swinging

Action shots feel so full of life! Take your little ones on a walk through a scenic area, and give them a lift to lift their smiles. 

Play All Day

Your kids may not be psyched about a family photo session… but what if you have it at the playground? These sweet candids capture what day-to-day life with your young’uns is really like. After all, isn’t that what it’s really all about? 

Do you have any summer family photo ideas to share? Sound off in the comments!

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