35 neck tattoos

35 Big, Bold Neck Tattoos We Love But Could Never Pull Off Ourselves

Our necks are one of the most visible parts of our bodies. After the face, the neck gets the most sunlight. The face, hands, and neck are off-limits for most people who are considering where to get a tattoo. For some tattoo enthusiasts, it’s the only place left to get inked! Neck tattoos are tricky because the neck is a very sensitive part of the body. Now, you’ll notice that most people who have neck tattoos already have been tattooed elsewhere. If you walked into your local tattoo parlor and asked for your first tattoo to be on the neck, you might get a funny look or even a suggestion against it from the artist. Most neck tattoos are modest, and they generally are micro tattoos or small tattoos that aren’t easily clocked. We decided to look for the most over-the-top and bold neck tattoos that really make a statement. Here are 35 big bold neck tattoos that were a real pain in the neck.

35. Pokémon

Somebody’s neck caught ’em all. These colorful Pokémon make for very cute subjects of this vivd tatat.

34. Cartoons Everywhere

This woman has a very colorful chest piece and it looks like the majority of her neck has been inked as well. The overall design makes us think of Disney animated films. We especially love all the vivid blues used.

33. That Abstract

Simply done in black ink, this neck tattoo takes up a lot of real estate. The abstract, geometric design contrasts with the butterfly tattoos that are already on her chest. The person calls her tattoo, “my neck jewelry.”

32. Paint it Black

This simple black zigzag design uses the shape of the neck to inform its shape. As you can see, not the first time at the rodeo, she has cute hand tattoos as well.

31. The Void

If you look at this geometric design for too long you’ll start to feel like you’re falling forward. The tattoo artist used white ink on black to create this incredible design.

30. Gothic Delights

There’s a lot going on with this neck! There’s a moth, a raven, some letters, and the newly added decorative designs. For tattoo sleeves, there are small designs called “fillers” that take up space between existing tattoos. If you’ve ever seen someone with a spiderweb tattoo as part of their sleeve, that’s the filler component.

29. Money Matters

Take a closer look at this rose. As you can see, instead of petals, it’s made up of hundred dollar bills. The unique and creative neck tattoo conveys a lot in one simple design.

28. Here’s Looking at You

This giant tattoo of a photorealistic eye on the neck was a bold choice. The eye is surrounded by an abstract design that’s very well done. The person wanted contrasting styles in the design.

27. Wind at Your Back

The back of the neck is much easier both to tattoo and get tattooed. This beautiful black and grey ship is a stunner.

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26. Dove Above

You’ll notice there are two distinctly different tattoos. On the shoulders, a bat. Above the bat, there’s a more complicated design of a dove with rays of sunlight beaming down.

25. A Fine Rose

This gorgeous and quite large rose tattoo is beautiful in black and grey. Fine linework has been expertly applied to shade the petals of the rose.

24. Go Big

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There is a lot of tattoo to take in here. We love how delicate the grey looks around the lips near the center of the chest. We love the architectural details here that really make this design stand out.

23. Mandela-Inspired

This handsome neck tattoo is mandala-inspired and is a stick and poke tattoo comprised mostly of dots. This photo must of been taken after the tattoo had healed a bit because the hair on the back of his head would have been shaved.

22. Death’s-head

Death’s-head moths are popular designs for tattoos. For many, the tattoo will conjure memories of The Silence of the Lambs. There’s also a grenade on the side of his neck so we get that this person is into some macabre stuff.

21. Creation

Michelangelo’s fresco in the Sistine Chapel, God Created Adam, is beloved and instantly recognizable. This closeup of just the hands looks incredible.

20. More Moth

Here we have another death’s-head moth but this one’s a part of something more substantial. We love how two different styles of tattooing: fine line, and dot work are employed and contrast with one another.

19. Honeycomb Filler

The person who shared this image was proud of the “dot work honeycomb filler.” In addition to all those little dots, you are treated to a roaring black cat and a stunning flower.

18. Eye Without a Face

This pair of tiger eyes is certainly unique and kind of menacing. However, the eyes are beautiful and the texture and shading of the fur look almost like an abstract pattern.

17. A Clever Cover

This eagle tattoo is actually a tattoo coverup that’s hiding an old tattoo. We love tattoos done in this traditional style.

16. Extended

This woman had her chest piece tattoo extended up to her chin. The tattoo is a dot work tattoo that looks fantastic. We love how the shape compliments the shape of the neck.

15. Eye-Popping

This skull and snake design is done in black and grey and is kind of creepy. This morbid tattoo looks stunning.

14. Who?

This tattoo design is wild! The shape like a combination of a Rorschach test and an owl with spread wings. The eyes of the owl are piercing.

13. Tattoos are Forever

Diamonds are not this girl’s best friend. This colorful mandala-inspired tattoo includes a “necklace” of jewel shapes.

12. 2 Skulls are Better than One

This man needed not one, but two different skulls tattooed on his neck. The new addition is the skeletal Virgin Mary with red eyes.

11. Trippy

This tattoo looks psychedelic. As you get to the center, it appears as if you’re staring through a peephole. This is a really fun and expertly executed dot work tattoo.

10. Expanse

This huge floral tattoo was shared by the tattoo artist who completed it. She said the person getting the tattoo “Didn’t flinch once.” Which is impressive! These flowers are beautiful but they stretch from the ear all the way to the shoulder.

9. Tingles the Spine

Here’s another neck tattoo that stretches all the way from the ear to the shoulder. This abstract design looks almost like the stacked vertebrae of a spinal column.

8. Black Abstract

This person asked their tattoo artist for a Jackson Pollock infused tattoo that incorporated an eye. With that brief, we’d say the artist hit the nail on the head.

7. Lucky

This odd design combines a skull with crossed fingers and we aren’t sure why. In the past, we’ve seen a skeletal hand with crossed fingers, but nothing like this.

6. A Neck with a Message

“No matter how much you change, you still have to pay the price for the things you have done,” this tattoo reads. Which seems a bit bitter. We love the stylized lettering!

5. Bright and Cheery

This sunflower tattoo is one of the best neck tattoos we came across. The color choices are perfect and it looks sharp.

4. Keep it Light, Keep it Bright

Gentlemen, giant flower tattoos are better than skulls. We would just like to put that out into the universe. This colorful chrysanthemum is another favorite.

3. Sacred

The person who shared the image of their tattoo referred to it as a “sacred geometry” design. The tattoo looks like its made of thread! This geometric neck tattoo is a blast.

2. Peafowl

This vividly colored peacock has been met with a tattoo kiss. The shading on the feathers is remarkable.

1. Dragonfly

This photorealistic dragonfly landed on this army veteran. It is such a balanced design with tons of detail. We also love the placement a little lower on the neck. You can really see the full tattoo in all of its glory there.

Neck tattoos are not going to be for everyone. To begin with, they hurt. Secondly, not all of us have superiors at work who would understand. It takes courage to make a commitment like that. After all, one false move could potentially really mess your neck up. We don’t want people relegated to a life of turtlenecks and scarves.

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