55 Birth Announcement Ideas for Instagram & Beyond

So, you’ve just delivered your baby! Congratulations, parent! Now, it’s time to discover the best birth announcement ideas for you to share your abundantly good news. Birth announcements have changed in recent years. Before, you would generally send cards or put an ad in the newspaper to announce your baby’s birth. But, today, more parents are just taking to social media like Instagram, to post about their newborn’s arrival.

You get to decide how you want to about sharing the big news with the people you love most, but we have plenty of birth announcement ideas to help make the whole thing even more special. There are certain bits of information you will want to share regardless, but we have also thought of unique situations for you to share what makes your baby such a special bundle of joy. Let’s take a look!

Generic Birth Announcement Ideas

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

As a general rule of thumb, you want to include some basic information along with your birth announcement no matter how you decide to break the news. Most parents include their baby’s name, birthday, birth time, location of birth, weight, gender, and length. You’re the boss, however, so you get to decide! Here are some pretty basic things to write:

  • Welcome to the world, little angel [baby’s name]!
  • [He/She’s] here at last!
  • [Parents’ Names] welcome their family’s newest addition, [baby’s name]!
  • Hello, my name is [baby’s name]!
  • It’s official! The wait is over! [Baby’s name] was born [baby’s birthdate].

More General Birth Announcement Idea

55 Birth Announcement Ideas
  • On [baby’s birthday], we were blessed by the arrival of [baby’s name].
  • Say “hello” to our little bundle of joy, [baby’s name]!
  • Introducing [baby’s name] who made [his/her] debut on [baby’s birthdate]!
  • Our world just got brighter! Welcome the light of our lives, [baby’s name]!
  • Our dreams have come true!

Birth Announcement Ideas for Baby Girls

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

You had a baby girl! How lucky are you! Let’s take a look at some sweet ways to announce your daughter’s delivery.

  • Made of sugar and spice and everything nice, meet [baby’s name]!
  • One upon a time, princess [baby’s name] was born!
  • We’re just tickled pink over the arrival of [baby’s name]!
  • Bow down to the queen, meet [baby’s name]!
  • Meet our darling daughter, [baby’s name]!

More Birth Announcement Ideas for Girls

55 Birth Announcement Ideas
  • Twinkle, twinkle little star. Do you know how loved you are? Meet our little star, [baby’s name].
  • Thank heaven for little girls, introducing [baby’s name]!
  • Our little sweet pea can’t wait to meet you! Meet [baby’s name]!
  • We understood “true love” when we met [baby’s name].

Birth Announcement Ideas for Boys

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Oh! You just had a baby boy! Get ready for a wild time. Baby boys are so very special and you might be wanting the best birth announcement ideas to share the news of his arrival! Here are some ideas:

  • Oh, boy! Introducing [baby’s name]!
  • Meet our little prince charming, [baby’s name]!
  • We met the most strapping lad on [baby’s birthdate], we would like to introduce you to [baby’s name]!
  • Here come’s the son! Welcome [baby’s name]!

More Birth Announcement Ideas for Boys

55 Birth Announcement Ideas
  • Meet our newest little rascal [baby’s name]!
  • He just can’t wait to be king! Meet [baby’s name]!
  • Meet our bundle of joy, the sweetest baby boy, [baby’s name]!
  • We are over the moon for our new son, [baby’s name]!

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Funny Birth Announcement Ideas

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Now, for some, announcements are serious affairs. However, we encourage you to have a little fun with it. After all, you’re so thrilled. Let’s take a look at some funny birth announcement ideas!

  • Our family has grown by approximately two feet! Meet [baby’s name]!
  • There’s a new kid in town! Everybody’s talking about [baby’s name]!
  • A stork dropped this. Introducing [baby’s name]!

Other Birth Announcement Ideas with Good Humor

55 Birth Announcement Ideas
  • Wanted: a [boy/girl] escaped from the womb and still [his/her] parents’ hearts! Please alert the authorities if you see [baby’s name] in your area.
  • We can’t wait to wipe this little butt for the next two years!
  • So, we made a thing. Meet, [baby’s name].

Birth Announcement Ideas for Premature Babies

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Did you have a little miracle baby? Premature babies are so special and here are some birth announcements to match!

  • [Baby’s name] is already as impatient as [his/her] parents. Meet [baby’s name]!
  • We could not wait to meet our baby and [he/she] somehow knew! Introducing our little early bird [baby’s name].
  • [Baby’s name] is already calling the shots. Introducing a baby who waits for no one, [baby’s name]!

Baby Announcement Ideas for Multiple Newborns

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Did you have twins? Triplets? Or even more babies? You’ve already got your hands full but let us help make the birth announcement ideas easier for you. Check out these suggestions for multiples:

  • The more the merrier! Meet [babies’ names].
  • The best things come in pairs! Meet [babies’ names]!
  • Double trouble! Meet our twins, [babies’ names]!

Birth Announcement Ideas for a Younger Sibling

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Did you give birth to your second or third child? Let’s take a look at birth announcement ideas for younger siblings!

  • Introducing a new [brother/sister] to the family! Meet, [baby’s name]!
  • Oh, brother! Meet the newest baby boy of the family, [baby’s name]!
  • Hey, little sister! [Baby’s name], we’re so thrilled you joined us on this journey.

Birth Announcement Ideas with Quotes

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Are you looking for the perfect quotes for your birth announcement ideas? We’ve found some classics that parents have used for decades to spread the good news.

  • “Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.”
  • “A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty.”
  • “Ten little fingers and ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows.”

More Birth Announcement Quotes

55 Birth Announcement Ideas
  • “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” 
  • “When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires, Will come to you.”
  • “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.” – Psalm 127:3

Holiday Birth Announcements

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

Did you have a Christmas baby or a baby born on any other holiday? Tie your birth announcement into their special date of birth! Here are some birth announcement ideas for little ones born on the holidays.

  • It’s an especially happy new year with this little [boy/girl] in our lives.
  • You won’t believe what Santa brought us this year!

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Unique Birth Announcement Ideas

55 Birth Announcement Ideas

We leave you with these last couple of birth announcement ideas and encourage you to come up with unique ones that are similar. If your baby’s name has a fun rhyme to work into it, go for it! If you had a unique delivery, share that with your loved ones! Make it is as personal as possible for the most meaningful announcement.

  • The snuggle is real! Introducing the cuddliest member of our family, [baby’s name]!
  • A new face to kiss, a new person to love, our hearts are filled with joy from 55

There you go! Don’t these birth announcement ideas seem like the sweetest way to share your very good news? Whether you decide to share the news via text, card, email, or on social media, we are certain these birth announcement ideas can be adapted for whatever platform you use! Congrats!

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