49 Birth Flower Tattoos That Celebrate Each Month of the Year

You’ve probably seen your fair share of astrology tattoos at this point and you might want a design that honors your birth month without all the baggage! After all, you might not want people to know you’re a Scorpio! We’ve discovered the perfect solution: birth flower tattoos.

Birth flowers are simply flowers that coincide with the month of your birth. Each month is designated with its own flower that carries symbolic meaning. Tattoos designed for these flowers are gorgeous tributes to the month of your birth and make for excellent tattoo design ideas. We decided to take a deep dive into birth flower tattoos to discover what sorts of designs people are getting and how they capitalize on the natural beauty of each. Here are 49 birth flower tattoos that are blooming with beauty and sophistication.

January Birth Flower: Carnation

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@oghie_flores (Source)

In the bleakness of winter, carnations provide simple blooms that everyone appreciates. It’s no wonder they symbolize fascination since they can bloom in conditions that few other flowers can. People born in January are just as loved and appreciated as these blooms that come in any color you like. So, that means pick your favorite color for your carnation birth flower tattoo.

Micro Carnation

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@donghwa_tattoo (Source)

These micro tattoo carnations are adorable. An elegant and simple touch that makes for the perfect tiny tattoo. Just because this tattoo is small does not mean it won’t make a big impact. In fact, smaller tattoos often shine brighter than big ones because of all the minute details.

Large Carnation Tattoo

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@ainoholopainen (Source)

The first two examples were rather small but this birth flower tattoo of a carnation is a total winner. The artist has used white ink to highlight and make the blossom come to life. There are generally two directions to take any tattoo. You can either try to achieve photorealism or go the more stylized route. Each has its virtues but it’s clear from the above example that going for realism really worked out well.

Fine Carnation in Just Black Ink

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

If color is not your thing, feel free to get your birth flower tattoo in just black ink. This one has been applied with very fine lines that look spectacular. As you can see on the bloom, small, thin lines have been used to give the blossomed texture and dimension.

February Birth Flower: Primrose

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@lillyanchor (Source)

This delicate, sunny perennial is a symbol of youthfulness and the first love that comes with it. The name primrose actually comes from the Latin word “primus” which means “first.” Primroses are some of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, signaling the end of the colder months and the warm days and fun times ahead. In the above example, the artist has taken a figurative but less realistic approach.

Tiny Primrose

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@die_monde (Source)

This extremely delicate tattoo utilizes dots to form its shape. This tattoo has been applied with the stick and poke method which means it’s much sharper than a standard tattoo. If you’d like a tattoo that’s beautiful but not a huge commitment of time and money, go smaller for a dainty tattoo that utterly charms.

Primrose On the Back

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@footefoote_tattoo (Source)

If you want to go big, by all means, you should. This stunning piece sits perfectly between the shoulder blades. A great way to celebrate your birth flower in a big way. Among birth flower tattoos, we don’t see the placement on the back often but it’s totally a gorgeous way to go if you’re committed to your design.

A Trio of Primroses

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

More often than not, primrose blooms are yellow. They do bloom in different colors but if you’d like to stay true to the essence of the flower, go yellow. In the above example, we find a trio of primrose flowers looking luscious and inviting. This modestly-sized birth flower tattoo is not too big and not too small, making it just the right size for most folks.

March Birth Flower: Daffodil

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@ex_muvesz (Source)

With bright yellow flowers that emerge from a bulb, daffodils bring new life and color after a long winter. It’s understandable why they symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. As a birth flower tattoo, daffodils look cheerful, energetic, and fun. They are one of the more modest flowers and that makes us love them even more.

Black & White Daffodil

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@rosalieroycetattoo (Source)

Along with relating to all things new, daffodils also are a symbol of respect. This gorgeous black and white ink tattoo brings the R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Any tattoo that has a hand element is instantly more visually appealing so if you want to have a more evocative design, consider also getting a hand holding that birth flower.

Quilted Daffodil

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@ianreynold (Source)

Here is one of the most novel birth flower tattoos on the list. We find our friendly daffodil designed to look as if it’s made from a quilt. How fun is that! Each petal contains a different pattern and they all seem to work together to strike a good balance. Work with a tattoo artist with a point of view and you will not be disappointed with your singular design.

Neo-Traditional Daffodil Bundle

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Neo-traditional tattooing incorporates the bold shapes, thick lines, and style of traditional tattooing while appealing to today’s tastes. We find another hand with this birth flower tattoo and we hate to say it but we told you so. If you have a love for more traditional tattoo designs, lean into the old-school style for a tattoo worth celebrating.

April Birth Flower: Daisy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@firstjing (Source)

The bright and cheerful daisy is the birth flower for April. These simple flowers encourage an optimistic look at life and make you believe that even the ugliest situations can transform into something beautiful. In our opinion, daisies are some of the most underrated birth flowers and we’d love to see more tattoos of them out in the world.

Delicate Daisy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@jackemichaelsen.tattoo (Source)

The daisy’s vivid colors and fun petals have a sassy attitude that explains why this flower symbolizes playfulness. This stunning tattoo offers plenty of whimsy and a cool look thanks to the touch of blue the artist has incorporated.

Delightful Daisy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@sempertattoo (Source)

This daisy tattoo looks like it’s coming off of the skin. The realistic style is fantastic and truly looks 3D. Work with a tattoo artist who is versed in photorealism and you could walk away with a real masterpiece for your birth flower tattoo. This is such a sweet design!

Blue Daisy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

If you’re wanting more than just the bloom of your birth flower tattoo, create a goddess design that uses the flower. Here, we find a daisy goddess figure with the flowers worked into her hair. It’s much more evocative and full of life than a standard flower tattoo. When in doubt, lean into the goddess tattoos.

May Birth Flower: Lily of the Valley

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@ladybirdtattoos (Source)

The dainty and fragrant lily of the valley pops up in the spring after overwintering as a bulb. The bell-shaped white flowers bring about feelings of joy and inner peace, which explains why the flower is used as a symbol of these feelings. If you’d like a meditative design, consider something small and simple like the above example. It’s all about clean lines and no frills.

Lily & Crystal

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@constanceluce_tattoo (Source)

The small flowers are also linked to purity, and the cuteness of the small blooms brings a bit of sweetness. Here, we find the tiny blooms paired with the boldness of a crystal. We think this could be a spell tattoo. If you’d like a more meaningful birth flower tattoo, consider pairing your buds with objects that are important to you. In general, the weirder the subject matter the better the tattoo so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Hidden Treasure

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@tattoograin (Source)

We find a darling behind the ear tattoo that’s full of microscopic details. This placement is such a winning one and would be great for any birth flower tattoos. Note how the shape of the tattoo mimics the natural shape of the ear here. Try for something similar with your birth flower tattoo to make it look even more intentional.

Traditional Lily of the Valley

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

We find yet another hand birth flower tattoo here. This one is really true to traditional tattooing and looks utterly stunning. Simple shapes, bold lines and colors, and tidy work make this one a remarkable find. If you are a fan of old-school tattoos, you can totally go in that direction with your design as it will work with any flower.

June Birth Flower: Rose

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@tattooistmuha (Source)

As the classic Valentine’s Day flower, the history of roses symbolizing love goes all the way back to the time of ancient Greeks and Romans. Greeks associated the rose with Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and passion, while Romans associated the rose with Venus, a goddess of love and romance. In the above example, we find a modest rose design done in muted colors which gives it a sort of vintage appeal.

Ombré Rose Sleeve

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@deanna_art (Source)

When you give a friend a rose, the color you choose impacts what you’re telling them. This ombré rose sleeve takes that idea and runs with it. At the top of the sleeve, we find the roses tattooed in a lovely, peachy pink. As your eye moves down the arm the roses begin to lose their color and near the wrist, you will find them in just black and grey. It’s an interesting concept that totally worked out well.

Traditional Rose Tattoo

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@alles_sense (Source)

For fans of traditional tattooing, a rose offers the perfect opportunity to show your OG love. Simple shapes, bold colors, and thick lines are hallmarks of traditional designs. Celebrate the past while holding onto these designs for the future with a tattoo like the one above.

Rose and Portrait

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Thinking outside the box really pays. Instead of just going with a rose on its own, this person has chosen to pair their birth flower with a portrait that’s been done in a pretty singular way. Don’t forget that tattoo artist are actually very skilled at their craft and not only tattoo but also can create fascinating artwork and make smart graphic design choices.

July Birth Flower: Larkspur

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@theaduskin (Source)

If you were born in July, chances are you’re full of positivity and charm, which is part of the reason everyone loves you. With spikes of flowers that grow skyward, larkspur can make anyone smile. In the above larkspur birth flower tattoo, we are treated to some truly majestic blooms that sing in purples and blues.

Watercolor Larkspur

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@nicole_inkart (Source)

This dreamy watercolor tattoo shines with positivity, the idea that this flower symbolizes. Larkspurs come in many different shades so feel free to choose the one of your liking for your tattoo design. That means you can choose your favorite colors and go to town with them. Don’t be afraid of playing with color it almost always will improve your design.

Moody Larkspur

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@amyjeantattoos (Source)

This person went black and grey for the win. We find larkspur blossoms paired with the Leo constellation for a tattoo that also celebrates their Sun sign. We are big fans of color but this example proves it’s not the only way to go for something dramatic and beautiful. Pair your birth flower tattoo with a constellation for an even more meaningful design with more visual interest.

Blue, Blue Larkspur

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Wow! The color for this larkspur tattoo has been applied in such a thrilling way. Multiple shades of blue ink have been used and it appears that the artist has chosen only one color per flower petal. This results in a tattoo that looks playful and like something out of a children’s picture book. Bravo!

August Birth Flower: Poppy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@tjlinktattoos (Source)

The whimsical poppy features petals that stand firm despite their delicate appearance. When you watch poppies wave in the wind, it’s easy to see why they symbolize calmness. Poppy’s are excellent if you love the color red as these flowers are some of the most vibrant of the bunch. In the above example, the tattoo looks like it’s been painted on which is truly remarkable and romantic.

Poppy on the Ankle

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@hanzo_mini (Source)

This charming little ankle tattoo is the perfect dainty detail. Green and red pop off of one another so splendidly here. Poppies are tied to a powerful imagination and a sense of luxury. Do you have an active imagination and a love for the lux life? You better get that poppy birth flower tattoo!

Poppy on the Line

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@ianreynold (Source)

Think outside the box for your birth flower tattoo and you could walk away with something equally as arresting. We find a sort of frame formed by parallel lines that break to reveal the bloom. Inside the “frame” we find a texture that’s true to a poppy flower and outside there is a dotted texture that offers contrast. What a gorgeous, inspired design.

Transparent Poppy

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Here is one magical birth flower tattoo! The poppy has been tattooed with a shade of pink that’s very close to this person’s skin tone which gives it a sort of transparent look and plenty of visual appeal. Look closely at the petals and we will see that the edge of them are darker than the “fill” inside them which also gives the design such a haunting look.

September Birth Flower: Aster

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@gordienumber9 (Source)

Asters stand strong throughout all kinds of weather, which explains why they symbolize stability and patience. The person with these aster flowers explained in the caption that two family members born in September passed away from cancer. Birth flower tattoos can be used for a lot of purposes and as a tribute tattoo, they are just so special and heartfelt. We love this.

Black Aster

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@arnaz_disaster (Source)

Since asters are associated with valor, they can also give you the strength to face your daily battles. These flowers symbolize endurance so having a tattoo of them up the spine really symbolizes inner strength. We really love any sort of vertical design up the back and that’s what makes every one of these flower tattoos in the placement look so stunning. These designs take advantage of the body’s natural shape to help direct the eye to your ink.

Almost Abstract Asters

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@scarlettpokes (Source)

Ethereal and floating on air, these aster tattoos are just splendid. This amazing design looks like it’s been airbrushed on! There’s a childlike appeal to this design that has gone very, very light on any black ink for a lighter look that doesn’t feel weighed down in the slightest.

Ethereal Purple Aster Flowers

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Similar to the last poppy tattoo we shared with you, this design also has been applied with such care to make it look ethereal and ghostly. The purple is so faint on some parts of the petals that it looks as if it bleeds into the skin. What a dreamy design that’s enough to make you jealous!

October Birth Flower: Marigold

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@rit.kit.tattoo (Source)

With bright golden colors that match the changing leaves, the marigold is the perfect birth flower for October. These flowers symbolize warmth and passion, and their warming yellow, orange, and red colors make it easy to see why. These flowers have a sort of vintage appeal to them that makes them read as timeless and classic.

Micro Marigold

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@donghwa_tattoo (Source)

These teeny-tiny marigolds in the process of blooming are a wonder. This is one of the sharpest birth flower tattoos on this list. If you know you’re going to go small with your design, consider getting multiple small tattoos to bring your design even more appeal and help them to catch the eye of others.


49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@tattooist_yun (Source)

The gold burns so brightly in the above birth flower tattoo of a marigold. Favor gold over reddish-orange for something equally as captivating. While these flowers are associated with fall, they can look magically sunny when done in gold.

Simplicity is Bliss Marigold

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Understated designs that capture the essence of a flower without completely tattooing every detail have their virtues. The simple blossom is beautifully balanced and shaded. Take a close look at the stem of the flower and you will notice some tiny dots that bring a touch of magic.

November Birth Flower: Chrysanthemum

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@chanyikki.tattoo (Source)

Just as the weather begins to cool, chrysanthemums begin to bloom. These cheery flowers, also known as mums, bring a pop of color to the world as leaves fall from the trees. In the above example, we find a big and dramatic design that is bursting with color with petals in pink and purple contrasting with the green of the leaves.

Blooming in Black

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@miluj.ink (Source)

Mums come in colors including purple, yellow, and orange; and they symbolize friendship and compassion. Whether you go with color or not, you’ll always have a friend in this flower. The artist who completed this black and grey design is a master of shading with each petal having its own unique texture.

Little Banger

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@twomusestattoo (Source)

Here’s a smaller chrysanthemum tattoo if you’re not wanting a huge one. It’s so adorable! Again, we’re all about the contrast so it’s lovely to see red and green popping off of each other. Don’t go huge if that’s not your style. This modest tattoo is still brilliant.

Arty Mum

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

Work with a tattoo artist who has a track record of creating designs that are stylish and unconventional and you will walk away with a masterpiece. This birth flower tattoo done in black and grey is one of our favorite tattoos on the list. There are abstract sensibilities mixed with figurative ones to create a singular and handsome design.

December Birth Flower: Narcissus

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@omgitsliza (Source)

Narcissus is a group of flowers that can be distinguished from others by their trumpet-like centers. All types of narcissus flowers ring out messages of prosperity, good wishes, and hope. This person has skipped color in favor of fine lines. We think the gamble paid off. If you want to fill out your birth flower tattoo, consider getting smaller blooms that frame the stars of your design.

Teardrop Narcissus

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@stephanielisa73 (Source)

If someone is feeling a little bewildered about life, a narcissus may help them find some clarity. This peaceful narcissus paired with delphinium is a wonderful combination. They are slightly framed by a gentle teardrop shape with ornamental elements that bring some spice to the party.

Narcissus and the Moon

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@tattooist_giho_ (Source)

Take a look at this enchanting design that marries the narcissus blooms to the moon. It’s a great size and placement worth considering. The line and dotwork for this design are just mesmerizing. Big things can really come in small packages when it comes to tattoos.

Paint It Red

49 Birth Flower Tattoos

If you’re not married to the idea of just black ink, go red instead. Red ink pops so much more than black and is full of vitality and passion. These buds look so attractive in the color and red ink is a great idea for any tattoo. You won’t regret it!

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Bonus Bouquet

49 Birth Flower Tattoos
@donghwa_tattoo (Source)

Just for fun, here’s a bonus mini bouquet of flowers. No matter what month you were born, there are gorgeous flowers that symbolize that time of year. You can go micro or big with full color or just a single color. Just make sure you’re being true to you and expressing yourself to the fullest.

We hope you enjoyed these birth month tattoos and all of their blooming goodness. These inspiring flowers make for excellent tattoos as they can make you smile on a crummy day. Birth flower tattoos are some of the best of the best that also hold symbolic meaning that is likely important to you. Happy tattooing!

And if you’re really into astrology, take a look at the astrology-inspired tattoos below! They are absolutely amazing!

Astrology is such a blast because it allows us to consider the outside impact of celestial bodies on our daily lives. According to astrologers, we can look to the stars for insights into why we behave the way we behave, feel the way we feel, and have certain characteristics. Whether or not you are into astrology, we know you appreciate great design. We looked at some of the most creative tattoos based on signs of the zodiac to understand a bit more about how horoscopes might inform a person of a certain sign’s decisions. For instance, a lot of Aquariuses get tattoos that incorporate water into the design. Of all the signs, they get tattoos that incorporate their element into them. It’s not a surprising trend, but it was a pretty interesting discovery. Here are our 25 favorite astrology inspired tattoo designs. These tattoos are truly stellar.

30. Watercolor Leo Lion

This stunning watercolor tattoo of a lion, which features fine line work on the lion’s face and a more abstract but highly colorful mane done in the watercolor style, is a perfect Leo tattoo. What’s more, is that it works as both a beautiful astrology-related tattoo as well as its own gorgeous work of body art.

29. A Crowned Aries

If you were born March 21 – April 19, your star sign is Aries. Aries is the cardinal fire sign and is often symbolically represented by the “V” shaped horns of a ram. This ram tattoo is done beautifully with black and grey shading. The crown that floats over the ram’s head is similar to the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat’s crown motif.

28. A Luscious Leo

If you were born April 20 – May 20, your star sign is Leo. Leos are fearless leaders and the life of every party. This powerful yet playful looking Leo tattoo is remarkable for a number of reasons but primarily we loved how the constellation is worked into the design. Flowers have been incorporated into the lion’s mane and it is altogether stunning.

27. A Colorful Cancer Constellation

If you were born June 21 – July 22, your star sign is Cancer. Cancerians are ruled by the moon which means that their emotions wax and wane in a similar fashion. This watercolor tattoo with the constellation outlined in vibrant color is fabulous. Cancers are known for being secretive and guarded and this colorful tattoo really makes a statement. As we went through tattoos by different star sign, we found that Cancerians are some of the least likely people to get an astrology-inspired tattoo.

26. An Excellent Aries Constellation

This subtle Aries tattoo, placed perfectly on a collarbone, references the constellation Aries and not just the sign’s symbol — the ram — which makes it feel unique and special. That said, the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians associated the constellation with a ram, so it’s more on-point than you’d think.

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25. A Fighting Jupiter for Sagittarius

If you were born November 22 – December 21, your star sign is Sagittarius. Sagittarians are often symbolized by an archer and often you will see arrows or bow and arrows as choices for Saggitarian tattoo designs. However, this person has chosen the fighting God, Jupiter to use as their inspiration. This stunning design also incorporates the constellation and the overall effect is a bold one.

24. A Piscine Dotwork Tattoo

If you were born February 19 – March 20, your star sign is Pisces. People born under Pisces are said to be like two fishes tied together but swimming in opposite directions. The constant push and pull of emotions is typical in Pisceans. What’s not so typical is koi fish being used as the symbol for this sign. Koi fish are a common tattoo design, but you don’t often see them used in astrology tattoos.

23. A Stinging Scorpio

If you were born October 23 – November 21, your star sign is Scorpio. One of the most mysterious and vilified signs, Scorpios are thought to be like scorpions because they are considered dangerous and can sting you at any moment. For a Scorpio, the reputation proceeds you, so it’s no shock that many Scorpios get big scorpions tattooed on their body. This scorpion has been executed beautifully.

22. A Picasso Worthy Taurus


If you were born April 20 – May 20, your star sign is Taurus. Taureans love to indulge in pleasure and equally enjoy stability and security. This incredible Taurus tattoo is essentially a line drawing, but its bold design and intricate linework give it so much character.

21. A Gemini Double

If you were born May 21 – June 20, your star sign is Gemini. Geminis are generally symbolized by twins because of the duality of their personalities. This tattoo reimagines the twins as sharing the same head but having two separate faces. The top of the head is occupied by a nest with eggs and a bird. Could these symbolize ideas? This breathtaking design is as smart as it is beautiful.

20. The Virgo Constellation

If you were born August 23 – September 22, your star sign is Virgo. Virgos are symbolized by a Virgin because of their virtuous and pure nature. This Virgo tattoo imagines the constellation full of sea creatures and seashells. We love the intricate little lines and stars. What a beauty.

19. The Libra Balance

If you were born September 23 – October 22, your star sign is Libra. Libras are fun-loving and value fairness above all else. Because they appreciate balance, a scale is often a symbol for the sign. This beautiful, detailed, and balanced scale with a small wreath at its base is as charming as any Libran.

18. Aquarius Personified

This Aquarian thought they’d show their Aquarian pride! Aquarius is another truth-sayer who loves to spill the tea. The cool color palette of blue, green, and purple is accentuated by pops of gold in the form of coins and jewelry. This fun design is like a caricature of an Aquarian.

17. A Capricorn Mermaid

If you were born December 22 – January 19, your star sign is Capricorn. Capricorns are often associated with goats because they’re strategic climbers. Reserved, patient, and ambitious, this tattoo design is very much in the Capricorn wheelhouse. The tattoo artist has done an excellent job giving the tail of the mermaid texture with dots and lines that look like stars.

16. The Stars Align in Aquarius

If you were born January 20 – February 18, your star sign is Aquarius. Aquarians are often symbolized by “water-bearers” in which the water is truth and Aquarians seek to make it flow forth. This majestic looking tattoo has a lot going on. The water-bearer has been turned over and a constellation spills out. Aquarians are governed by Saturn and Uranus and this design incorporates Saturn.

15. A Ram for Aries

In general, Aries is the most real there is because they often lack subtlety and instead are brutally honest. This ram skull is in-your-face and bold. The texture the tattoo artist has achieved on the horns is truly amazing.

14. Many Signs, One Tattoo

This absolutely jaw-dropping tattoo may look like a straightforward Pisces piece thanks to the fish, but the constellations actually refer to Aries (the blue constellation) and Virgo (the purple constellation). At least we think so. The artist has tagged Aquarius and Taurus in their caption, so it may be that this tattoo refers to several signs through its imagery. We love the colors and the matching constellations. This is a watercolor tattoo (and an astrology-related tattoo) done right!

13. An Ocean Goat for Capricorn

This imaginative tattoo design feels like it could have been an Albrecht Dürer print. Dark, mysterious, and expertly rendered, this tattoo design would have a proud home any Capricorn.

12. A Modern Capricorn

This unique and dare we say edgy take on the Capricorn symbol (the sea-goat, duh!) really caught our eye. Despite being a plain black tattoo, the rough-edges and boldness really make this ink stand out. A conversation tattoo for sure, but one that also subtly telegraphs its astrological bonafides.

11. A Leo in Virgo

For many people who really get into Astrology, there is more than just your star sign. You also have a moon sign which is the position of the moon at your birth. This person’s star sign (sometimes called Sun sign) is in Leo and their moon is in Virgo. They have combined aspects of both into a whimsical tattoo with a lion for Leo and a Virgo constellation.

10. True Taurus Energy

This Tauras tattoo features a bull skull with floral accents and a constellation. Taureans can be frighteningly fierce and then serenely gentle just like their symbol, the bull. It’s no coincidence that this tattoo is a little scary but so harmonious that it’s tranquil.

9. A Stellar Sagittarius

We’ve got another archer on our hands and this one is far out. Sagittarians are known to wear their heart on their sleeve. This person has tattooed a sleeve on their sleeve. This cosmic tattoo features a bunch of radical colors and the planet, Jupiter which governs this sign.

8. A Steady Libra

Librans are known to see both sides of an argument. This makes their entire lives a balancing act. This clever tattoo for Libra features a hand balancing a spoon on a finger. Done with primarily black ink it’s a subtle design that most Librans shouldn’t have a hard time choosing, but do.

7. A Dazzling Scorpio

Wow! Take a look at the bold colors employed for this Scorpio tattoo. This scorpion is formed around a constellation that’s dotted with stars. The crescent moon between the scorpion’s pinchers has been filled with hundreds of dots of color that make it appear almost metallic and shimmery.

6. A Cancer Hand Poke Tattoo

Hand Poke or Stick and Poke tattooing is a technique of tattooing that works in the same way as a tattoo gun, but instead of a machine delivering fast pokes over and over, the needle is operated by hand. This simple, yet stunning Cancer design incorporates a crab. We mentioned earlier that Cancers are the least likely sign to get Astrology tattoos. Perhaps many Cancers are put off by their symbols: the crab, or the astrological symbol which looks like a sideways “69.” Crabs are great Cancers! More like this, please.

5. Perfect Pisces Masterpiece

This chest piece tattoo is breathtaking. It’s actually a cover-up tattoo, but that’s a secret. Many Pisceans are plagued by conflicting desires and extreme temperament. Life can feel overwhelming at times for those of this sign and this tattoo manages to capture the bliss and complexities of Piscean life.

4. Capricorns Mean Business

Capricorns are out in this world getting some of the absolute best astrology tattoos. This dark and broody ocean goat with its tail wrapped around a staff is magnificent. The staff is topped by the Sun cradled inside the moon. The linework and shading is something to behold.

3. A Gentle Gemini Tattoo


Geminis are known to be excellent talkers. In this design that aims to illustrate the duality in a Gemini’s personality has cleverly included two mouths. This light and airy tattoo design is just perfect for a Gemini which is an air sign.

2. All the Signs

Hand tattoos are a bit controversial because they’re so visible and impossible to miss. This absolutely showstopping tattoo was based on an ancient sketch completed by an astrologist nearly 2,400 years ago. Intricate line work that radiates away from the center of the tattoo really draws focus to the sun. Just wow.

1. All of Astrology (or Just A Lot) in One Tattoo

This intricate and beautiful tattoo references the Virgo, Sagittarius, and Taurus signs, according to the artist. We love how this tattoo easily blends a subtle, minimalist style (the stars and constellations) with a more ornate and even traditional style (the nymphs). We also live for the little pops of color. This tattoo says, “I know my stuff when it comes to astrology!”

Astrology and the symbols associated with each sign make for great tattoo inspiration. Tattoos are forms of personal expression and for many, their sign is something to be proud of and display. If astrologists are to be believed, the stars, moon, sun and other celestial bodies play a big role in our lives.


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