26 Blonde Girl Names That Beam with Brightness

Blonde girl names include appellations that mean “golden,” “white,” “fair,” and, of course, “blond.” These bright names are perfect for baby girls who are born with a special head of hair. Scandinavian, Irish, German, and Welsh names are well represented among them as you might expect. One of the most popular blonde girl names today is Finley but there are so many other options to choose from that come from a variety of naming traditions.

We’ve rounded up the best of the best to share with you so that you have many possibilities that will work for your family. You might not know what color head of hair your child will have, but it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility of a blonde baby girl if you, yourself had blonde hair as a child. Take a look at these appellations for truly inspired and beautiful options.

Find the Most Attractive Blonde Girl Names for Your Daughter!


Blonde Girl Names

Anwen is a charming name of Welsh origin that means “very fair” and “beautiful.” It’s a popular choice across the UK, but it has yet to take hold here in the US. You can change that!


Blonde Girl Names

Aurelia is an absolute winning name of Latin origin, meaning “the golden one.” The root of the name is the Latin word aureus, which means “gold.” The name once belonged to golden coins in Ancient Rome. The name is on the rise in the US today.


Blonde Girl Names

A name of Irish Gaelic origin, Bevin is a name that means “fair lady” or “white lady.” It’s an Anglicization of the Irish name Bébhinn. It’s rarely heard outside of Ireland, but we think it’s a completely accessible choice and one of the best blonde girl names.


Blonde Girl Names

Bianca has been a popular appellation in the US since the 1970s. The name is of Italian origin and means “white.” The name is not only popular in Italy in Europe, in fact, it’s also popular across the continent.


Blonde Girl Names

Blake has become a very popular name for girls in recent years that would have been unthinkable a generation ago. The name is of English origin and somehow means both “fair-haired” and also “dark.”


Blonde Girl Names

Blanche is a vintage appellation that has not been popular in the US since the 1960s. The name is due for a comeback these days. It is of French origin and means “white.”


Blonde Girl Names

Another Irish darling, Blodwen is a spectacular option that means “white flower.” Rarely heard outside of the UK, it would make for a very unique option for a baby girl born in the US.


Blonde Girl Names

A cousin to the previous name, Bronwen means “white breast.” In Welsh mythology, Bronwen was the daughter of Llyr, the god of the sea. The name is well-worn in Wales today but it would sound exotic for a baby girl born in the US.


Blonde Girl Names

Candace, an ancient title of a dynasty of Ethiopian queens that are mentioned in the New Testament, is of Latin origin and means “white” and “pure.” The name has a history of popularity in the US but it has fallen from favor over the last couple of decades. It’s one of the most established blonde girl names in the US.


Blonde Girl Names

Another one of the blonde girl names from Welsh, Delwen is an appellation that means “pretty” and “fair.” The name is newly popular in Wales today but it’s seldom heard across the pond.


Blonde Girl Names

Elvira is a name of Spanish origin, meaning “white” and “fair.” The name was a very popular option in the US until the introduction of the Mistress of the Dark. The name fell from fashion by 1981 and it has yet to return to its former glory.


Blonde Girl Names

Fenalla is a Celtic name that means “white-shouldered one.” The name would be an excellent alternative to Fiona.


Blonde Girl Names

In Irish and Scottish mythology, the Fianna were independent bands of warriors. Fianna is of Irish origin ane means “fair” or “white.” If you’re torn between Fiona and Brianna, you get the best of both in this charming appellation.

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Blonde Girl Names

A wildly popular choice since 2005, Finley has proven a surprise hit of a name. The name is derived from Irish and Scottish elements that mean “fair-haired hero.” It’s one of the best blonde girl names that can actually go to boys as well.


Blonde Girl Names

Not as popular for girls as it is for boys, Finn is another unisex option of Irish origin. The name simply means “fair.” It belonged to a hero of Irish mythology and folklore named Finn McCool.


Blonde Girl Names

Fiona is a name of Scottish and Gaelic origin that means “fair.” The name began to trend in the 1990s thanks to the genius, singer-songwriter Fiona Apple. The name has slightly dipped in popularity since 2015, but she’s still going strong.


Blonde Girl Names

One of the exotic-sounding blonde girl names, Flavia is actually an established choice that was popularized in ancient Rome by a clan that used the appellation. The name was once a mildly popular option in the US in the late 19th century. Let’s bring her back! The name means “golden” and “blond.”


Blonde Girl Names

Firtha is one of the blonde girl names of Norse origin. It’s related to Frida and means “fair” and “beautiful.” The name has been in circulation for centuries in Europe as it comes from Old Norse. Unfortunately, the name has not translated for American parents and it’s never been popular in the US.


Blonde Girl Names

Galatea can be traced to ancient Greek myth when it was used for a character carved by mythical sculptor Pygmalion of an ideal woman. She was said to have been carved from ivory which gives this name its enchanting meaning: “she who is milk-white.”


Blonde Girl Names

Gaynor is a Welsh name that’s related to the mega-popular Cornish name, Jennifer. Its androgynous sound belies its meaning, “soft” and “white” and “smooth.” This name is popular in Wales but you’ll seldom hear it as a given name in the US today.


Blonde Girl Names

There are clearly a lot of blonde girl names that hail from Wales. Glenda is yet another. This magical appellation means “fair and good.” It’s just like the witch from The Wizard of Oz.


Blonde Girl Names

Goldie is an absolutely winning name that’s been off the popularity charts since the 1950s. Why has this name not returned to favor? It is derived from a Yiddish name that means… “gold.” This perfectly charming name deserves to be on more birth certificates these days.


Blonde Girl Names

We were not kidding when we said there are a lot of Welsh blonde girl names. Gwenda is related to Glenda and means “fair and good.” This name was once popular in the US but has been MIA since the early 1950s.


Blonde Girl Names

A name of Japanese origin, Hiroko is a name that can mean “fair” depending on the kanji used to construct the name. The name is very common among Japanese families today.


26 Blonde Girl Names That Beam with Brightness | Discover the brightest blonde girl names for your daughter.

Keelan is the Anglicized, phonetic form of the more traditionally-spelled Irish name, Caelan. It’s one of the blonde girl names that can easily go to a boy as well. The name means “slendor and fair.”

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Blonde Girl Names

Curiously, Linnet has never been a popular option for girls in the US. This French name means “flaxen hair.” Don’t confuse this name with Lynette, it’s a totally different appellation.

Now you know the best blonde girl names available to you. We hope you discovered some exciting appellations that will work for your daughter. Blonde babies are just so special so it’s only right to celebrate it with names that hold unique meanings to match. Happy baby name hunting!

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