Bob Saget Gives Relationship Advice to Nikki Glaser in Posthumous Cameo

Bob Saget‘s gift of humor continues to live on.

Saget, who passed away in January, made a cameo on Nikki Glaser‘s show Welcome Home Nikki Glaser this past Sunday night. In the episode, which was filmed before Saget’s death at the age of 65 on January 9, he appeared via FaceTime to give Glaser some important dating advice. 

Bob Saget Gives Relationship Advice to Nikki Glaser in Posthumous Cameo

Glaser, 38, asked Saget about his own love life and wondered if she should reunite with on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Convy.

“I’ve been dating recently, and I’m thinking about getting back together with my ex-boyfriend,” Glaser explained. “But I’m also like, ‘Should I go back out there?'”

The conversation then pivoted to Saget’s relationship with wife Kelly Rizzo, and how he knew she was “the one.”

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“I didn’t think I was gonna meet anybody ever again,” he said. “We met through a mutual friend and then two weeks later, we were in Vegas on our first date.”

Glaser questioned what the age difference between Saget and Rizzo is, which he joked was “84 years.”

After Glaser laughed at the joke, Saget asked the big question: “Do you love your ex?”

Responded Glaser, “Yes, but my issue with him is that I need us to be able to communicate better. And I feel like we don’t have the tools for that.”

Glaser said how the sole thing that continued to unite her and Convy together was “the sex,” before Saget quipped, “Even I would like to have sex with him.”

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Before signing off, Saget and Glaser shared a sweet moment. “I love you, Bob,” Glaser said. “I’ll do anything for you.”

“I love you, too,” Saget replied, before joking, “Tell your mom I miss her. She’ll know what I mean!”

When Saget’s death was revealed, Glaser released a song, titled “Song for Bob,” about their friendship and the heartbreaking loss.

“Here’s a song about the world’s friend, Bob Saget,” she captioned the Instagram post sharing the song. “I was recording a bunch of songs last week that my friend @mattpondpa wrote for me. It was just for fun and to see if I could do it and I didn’t intend to release anything because I’m so new to this, but then Monday happened and this song materialized and I’m proud of it.” 

Some of the lyrics in the memorial tune call Saget the “king of fatherhood,” and “someone to trust.” “When I was down you brought me up,” Glaser sang.

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